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Samsung H7150 LED TV Calibration Settings

To reduce the input lag to a minimum, we set the input type to PC, as we do with all Samsung TVs. If you want to use a setting that processes the picture before displaying it, don't perform that step. We prefer to have those settings turned off so we can get the picture as close possible to what it was intended to be.

Samsung H7150 Calibration Settings 1

The brightness setting was off by just one point compared to the default value of 45. This is a bit rare for Samsung TVs. If you want to change the luminosity of the screen, play with the backlight setting instead of the brightness. Otherwise, you will reduce your contrast ratio and/or won't have a flat gamma curve.

Samsung H7150 Calibration Settings 2

In the advanced settings menu, most options are disabled because the input type was set to PC. As a side note, the Dynamic Contrast option does not actually increase the maximum contrast ratio of the panel. Instead, it is a software-only feature that changes the dark gray colors to be more black and the bright gray more white, (but the pure white and pure black don't change).

Samsung H7150 Calibration Settings 3

As for the white balance, it was almost perfect.

Samsung H7150 Calibration Settings 4

In the picture options menu, we only changed the color temperature to Standard. This was a first for us. Normally, for a Samsung TV, Warm2 is closer to 6500K than Standard. This TV is the exception.

Samsung H7150 Calibration Settings 5




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