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Samsung JS9000 SUHD LED TV Calibration Settings

These are the picture calibration settings that we used in our review of the Samsung JS9000. You can copy these for every usage (sports, movies, etc), except for gaming, where you will also need to turn on 'Game Mode' under System - General.

Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 1

As mentioned in our review, Movie mode is a really good preset. If you find the picture too dark when using our settings, increase 'Backlight' as much as you want. It won't mess up the picture.

Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 2

If you are not used to a warm color tone, you might prefer something colder. We turned off 'Smart LED' for most of our tests, but if you like what it does, keep it on.

Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 3

The 'Auto' colorspace is not far off by default. 'Native' uses the wider color gamut of this TV, but for normal content, it will produce over-saturated colors.

Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 4 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 5 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 6 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 7 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 8 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 9 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 10 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 11 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 12 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 13 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 14 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 15 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 16 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 17 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 18 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 19 Samsung JS9000 Calibration Settings 20
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Questions & Answers

In regards to the settings: For Game Mode, we should duplicate every picture setting, just also make sure it's set to Game Mode?
But everything else (Sports/Movies, etc, etc) can be set to "Movie" mode?
Yes, exactly.
Does HDR content require any special settings on this TV? I've read that dynamic contrast should be on (normally it's recommended to be off) when viewing HDR content with color space set to native.
You need to enable 'Smart LED.' 'Dynamic contrast' isn't necessary, and yes, stick to the 'native' color space for now.
How do you get the UN48JS9000 in computer/PC mode?
Press 'Input,' then hover over the input you want to change. Press the down arrow and change the device type to 'PC.'
"If you are not used to a warm color tone, you might prefer something colder. We turned off 'Smart LED' for most of our tests, but if you like what it does, keep it on."
What does 'Smart LED' do?
It's the HDR/local dimming feature. It makes highlights in the image look a bit brighter, and darkens the blacks.
Could you tell me a setting for PC?
Make sure to enable 'UHD Color' and to set your HDMI input type to PC to get chroma 4:4:4 for sharper text. If you will be using the PC for work, you may want to change the 'Color Tone' to something cooler, like 'Warm 1' or other that you like best. For the rest, the settings posted here will work well for PC usage.
What about BD Wise settings with the Samsung UBD K8500 4k player, do you recommend using the BD Wise setting or the 2160p setting for 4K and Blu-ray disc playback.
We are still playing with the settings of the Samsung K8500 4k player and sometime still have problems just getting a signal to the TV, no matter if on a Samsung TV or not. Some have reported better luck by specifying a resolution instead of letting BD Wise do its job. We still have to play some more with the player to understand it better but it sure leave a cumbersome experience for now.
What white balance interval did you use for your review on the un65js9000?
We did both the 2 Point and 10 Point. For the 10 Point, all intervals are active at the same time so if you want to try our settings, enter all values.
On this TV, do we need to use the 'Auto Motion Plus' function? Any recommended settings for that option? I game a lot too and the game mode seems to drop the quality a bit.
Game mode disable some TV features like local dimming and 'Auto Motion Plus'. It makes a difference if you are used to those settings. But game mode is important to get the least amount of input lag for more responsive gaming. Using 'Auto Motion Plus' while gaming will bring the input lag too high and may become unplayable for many games. The best recommendation is to leave 'Auto Motion Plus' off and activate game mode when gaming.
How did you get to the 2 point and 10 point menus?
Menu > Advance Settings > White Balance
First off, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I bought the JS9000 last year with the expectation of having a television that is near future proof. However, with the introduction of the new standards (or so I believe) with HDR (1000 nits) it appears to me that the JS9000 is not true HDR, with 850 nits, according to 2016 standards. I am an avid gamer and with this in mind new gaming consoles come out with 4k resolution and HDR. I did a little of research and saw the new KS8000 and the similar model KS9500 have HDR. What are the differences between the newest models (KS8000 & KS9500) when compared to my JS9000? Also, is it a major difference where I have to really consider upgrading my television for a better experience when gaming?
The biggest difference is that the new KS8000 and KS9500 are more bright overall. But beside that, both the JS series and KS series are pretty much comparable and we don't feel that the upgrade would be a significant change. The JS9000 is still a very good TV that should perform good for a couple of years still.
Will you be evaluating the Samsung SEK-3500U and posting its picture settings? Since Samsung has released that that is the last UHD Evolution Kit, hu9000 sets and earlier could benefit from an eval.
Unfortunately we won't have time to do so (also, we don't have an HU9000 here to test it with).
I seen an article stating that the new JS9000 update gives you 0 input lag on PC mode but remains the same on game mode. Is this true? Should we use PC mode for gaming?
Unfortunately, we don't have the JS9000 in hands anymore but since even CRT monitors have slight input lag, the test methodology employed to get that result is probably bad or the equipment used is faulty.
Hi! First of all, thank you for all the great reviews and hard work you guys put into your site. I was wondering what calibration settings one should use with the JS9000 as a monitor with PC selected in the source type. Thank you.
For use as a computer monitor, select the 'PC Mode' and also turn on 'UHD Color' for the HDMI input you are using. After, you can use the rest of our calibration settings.
When are you going to rate the LG 65EG9600? would like to compare with the Samsung 65JS9000 to see before I buy.
The review of the LG 55" EG9600 is up now.
JS9000 tv keeps reverting to bdwise mode when switching from blu ray player to direct tv or even switching from a recording to live. I am using a Yamaha receiver to control input.
Try to turn off 'BD Wise' on both the TV and the Blu-ray player. IF turned off on both end, it should not change your setting.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.