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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Intro
  3. Design
    1. Design
    2. Stand
    3. Borders
    4. Thickness
  4. Picture Quality
    1. Contrast
    2. Black Uniformity
    3. Gray Uniformity
    4. Viewing Angle
    5. Average Room
    6. Bright Room
    7. 3D
    8. Pixels
  5. Motion
    1. Motion Blur
    2. Motion Interpolation
  6. Inputs
    1. Input Lag
    2. Side Inputs
    3. Rear Inputs
  7. Smart Features
    1. Smart TV
    2. Remote
  8. Conclusion
  9. Q&A
Reviewed on Apr 23, 2014

Toshiba L1400U

Usage Ratings - Version 0.9
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Test Benches: test

  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2015
  • 0.9: Winter 2014
  • 0.8: Winter 2013
Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
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This tv has been discontinued.

The Toshiba L1400U LED TV is a bugdet TV without any extra features. The picture quality for the price isn't bad, but it has noticeable motion blur and uniformity issues.

  • Great contrast ratio for the price.
  • Low amount of reflection.
  • Noticeable motion blur, so it isn't the best for sports or video games.
  • Color calibration out of the box is very off. Even after spending quite some time adjusting it, it was still far from perfect.
  • Uniformity issues with both dark and gray screens.

Test Results
Picture Quality 6.6
Motion 5.0
Inputs 8.5
Smart Features 4.0

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Toshiba L1400U Design

The design of the Toshiba L1400U is simple. The borders are thin and the depth is quite good for an LED.

Toshiba L1400U Stand

With the wide base, the stand is pretty sturdy. It does not swivel. The 32" model has a different stand.

Toshiba L1400U Borders

0.63" (1.6 cm)

Toshiba L1400U Thickness

1.65" (4.2 cm)


Picture Quality

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Score components:
4k : No
8.6 Contrast
Toshiba L1400U Contrast
Black : 0.031 cd/m2
White : 101.2 cd/m2
Contrast : 3265 : 1

For the price, the contrast ratio is surprisingly good. However, the colors are a bit off. The 32" model also has a lower resolution of 720p instead of 1080p.

7.5 Black Uniformity
Toshiba L1400U Black Uniformity

Some visible spots can be seen in a dark room when displaying a black picture, although it shouldn't be a major issue.

3.0 Gray Uniformity
Toshiba L1400U Gray Uniformity

The gray uniformity is quite bad, with a lot of darker spots. The top left and bottom left parts of the screen are noticeably darker.

6.6 Viewing Angle
Viewing Angle : 25 °

At about 25 °, the colors change and lose saturation. You can still see the picture, but it isn't as good.

9.0 Average Room
Toshiba L1400U Average Room
Reflection : 1.7 %
Surface Type : Semi-gloss

The semi-matte screen has low reflection. You will not notice any indirect reflections; just the direct ones.

6.3 Bright Room
Toshiba L1400U Bright Room
Max white : 156 cd/m2

It doesn't get very bright for an LED, though. It should still be sufficient for most rooms, but it will be an issue in a veranda.

0 3D
3D : No


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Score components:
5.0 Motion Blur
Toshiba L1400U Motion Blur

Fast-moving objects are blurry, leaving a very long trail behind them. Do not get this TV for gaming or for watching sports.

Motion Interpolation
Motion Interpolation : N/A


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Score components:
8.5 Input Lag
Toshiba L1400U Input Lag
Input Lag : 36.3 ms

The input lag is low. Game mode didn't have a lower input lag than other modes.

Side Inputs
Toshiba L1400U Side Inputs


Rear Inputs
Toshiba L1400U Rear Inputs

1 RF In
1 Component In
1 Composite In
1 Digital Audio Out


Smart Features

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Score components:
  • 100% Smart TV
4.0 Smart TV

It doesn't have a Smart TV interface. The USB port can only read photo and music files, not videos.



6.4Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
If you have a tight budget, the Toshiba L1400U LED TV will fit the bill. Do not expect perfect picture quality, though. Fast-moving objects have a very long blur trail and the uniformity of the screen has a few problems.
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Questions & Answers

How do you play a movie from a usb drive?
You can't.
I want this tv for my ps4? It is not good?
No, it is not a good TV for gaming because it has too much motion blur. If you want a cheap alternative, check out the Vizio E500i-B1.
Can I connect a sound bar?
Do the Toshiba l400u and Sony KDL48W600B have the soap opera effect? I'm thinking on buy sony by your recommendation and my girlfriend has an LG LA6200 and I liked it. What do u think? I'm really trying to get the best choice, I normally play on my ps4 and xbox 360 and play movies on MKV thru USB port on my LG 32LD460. What do u think? My tv is old but I play my games really good, where can i find input lag, or motion blur of my actual LG TV?
That Toshiba and Sony TVs do not have the soap opera effect feature. We haven't test your old TV so we cannot compare it. The Sony KDL48W600B will fit your needs but keep in mind that if you plug in a large USB drive into it, it will take a while to list all the files (it is kind of a bug on their part).
Is there a power switch on the TV console?
Yes. There is a power button on the right side of the TV.
Hi! I think the review has little typo in it - input lag is 33.6 in description and rating while on screenshot it's 36.3.
Thanks for pointing this out! It is fixed now.
What is best 32 inch TV in all brand?
It depends on your budget. The Samsung UN32H6350 is really good.
Any other alternative cheap 50 inch? Actually I am playing on a LG ld60 LCD without problem.
There isn't one as cheap as this Toshiba. But if you are willing to sacrifice 2 inches and pay a little bit more, the Sony KDL48W600B is a really great for gaming.
Could you guys do some Insignia reviews please? Just curious to see how they stack up in comparison, I really like how you guys provide analysis!
Insignia is Best Buy's brand name. They don't produce their own panels, but buy them from other manufacturers. Unfortunately, we don't have plans to test them because they aren't very popular. We don't have time to test every TVs, so we prioritize them by popularity.
Can Chromecast be used on the Toshiba 40L1400?
Will this tv leave a blur trail when playing video games? I just got the Samsung 6350 and I hate PC mode. The picture looks terrible when it's on that setting and on standard the input lag is bad :(. I was going to return it and just get this if since the input lag isn't bad on standard.
Yes, the motion blur trail is longer on this TV than the H6350 that we reviewed. What don't you like when the H6350 is set to PC? This is what we used and it is what produces the picture closest to the source.
How do I connect the Toshiba 50l1400u to a Pioneer receiver model # vsx-4043?
Use the digital optical audio out connection of the TV.
How can you connect to a network, or connect a laptop, to the Toshiba 40L1400U?
Aside from being able to open photos and music files via USB, the L1400U does not have any smart capabilities. You will need to use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to the TV, and the TV itself cannot connect to your network.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.