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Vizio E Series LED TV Calibration Settings

The Vizio E Series has a very limited set of features, so the calibration of the picture quality is very straightforward.

Vizio E Series Calibration Settings 1

First, disable the Auto Brightness Control, unless you want the luminosity of the screen to change according to the ambient light of the room. You can control how bright the screen is by using the Backlight setting. We set it to 31 to achieve our target of 100 cd/m2

Vizio E Series Calibration Settings 2

In Advanced Picture, as usual, we disabled everything. See the Q&A section of our review to see why we disabled the Active LED Zones feature. We also explain there what the Motion Blur Reduction feature does. If you are using low quality content (like cable or streaming), you might want to enable the noise reduction features.

Vizio E Series Calibration Settings 3

We only do a 2 point grayscale calibration for our reviews, so we only touched the offset and gain of RGB. It was pretty far off by default.

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Questions & Answers

Can you reset the settings to default?
Yes. You can reset the whole TV.
You have the sharpness set to zero. Does this mean artifacts appear at any higher level? How is the clarity of the TV with the sharpness set to zero, for both 1080p and 720p content?
Artifacts were visible at around 60 and higher. For 720p content though, you might want to turn it up a bit more than that, depending on your preference.
I just bought the E-Series 65" at Wal-Mart during their one-hour guarantee. Should I use the picture settings you have mapped out here? Or should I do something different to get the best picture quality.
Yes, you can use them on your TV.
What picture mode did you start with?
How do I make a picture fit the screen?
The best way to make a picture fit the screen is to watch content that takes advantage of your TV's full 1080p resolution. If you want to stretch lower-resolution content to fit your TV's screen, you can press the "Wide" button in the bottom left corner of the remote and choose a setting that will stretch or zoom to fit the image to your screen. Note that this will either distort or crop the image you see.
I have a VIZIO E Series 55" Smart TV. The picture is dark; what adjustments can I make? My wife has an older VIZIO 32" which has perfect picture, compared to the one I just purchased.
Disable 'Auto Brightness Control' and bring up 'Backlight'.
How much variation do you normally see across different units of the same television model line? I just received a new Vizio E550i-B2 and plugged in your settings, and it looks kinda awful - now admittedly you didn't apparently handle that specific model, but is it normal to be so far off? I also tried CNET's detailed settings for the exact model, Vizio E550i-B2, and they are worse. I don't think the TV is defective, because some of the other presets look fine. Great site, and thanks for providing this service!
It depends on which part. The only thing that should vary by unit are the color tuner values. All the rest should be the same on all units. What exactly don't you like about the picture? Don't forget that our goal (and also CNET's goal) is to calibrate a TV to remove all the processing, so the picture looks as close to the original source as possible.
What would be the best gaming settings for this TV, and should I set the PS4 hdmi output [RBG & Y pb/ CB Pr/ Cr] to full or keep it on Automatic(Limited)?
The settings that we posted are good for gaming. As for the PS4, leave it on automatic. That way the PS4 will display the source as it is, and won't convert it unnecessarily. In the case that the source has a limited range, your TV will expand it automatically.
I have a Vizio e series 50 " TV. The picture is ok, but the whites are too strong. How do I tone the whites down without losing the TV's sharpness or contrast?
Turn off 'Black Detail' and 'Auto Brightness Control'. Then, reduce 'Backlight' until you like it. Do not touch 'Contrast' or 'Brightness'.
I have a Vizio e400i-b2 and was wondering if your calibrations would be too far off for such a smaller size. Having trouble finding settings for this TV online. Thank you; love this site.
You can copy everything except for the white balance values.
This is an amazing site. How do I donate money?
We don't accept donations at the moment. Just enjoy your new TV!
I just bought the Vizio E55-C2. How do I get 1080p display rather than 720p?
It is automatic and depends of the source material. If the source is 1080p (like when you watch a bluray), it will be displayed as is in it's native 1080p resolution. If the source is at a lower resolution (like cable TV and DVD) , the signal will be converted (upscaled) to 1080p. The 'Info' button on the remote will show you the resolution of the incoming signal on top of the screen. You can't change that unless you change the incoming signal.
What is the point of all the advanced settings on this TV if the picture looks better with all of them disabled? Are there certain circumstances where you will want to turn on one or more of them? I understand about the Active LED zones, in that it probably works great on smaller TVs, but I am interested in the Motion Blur, Black Detail, and the two Reduce Noise options.
Some are for marketing only, some are for selling more in store, and some are valid, but only for lower-quality content. Keep in mind that our goal is to have a TV that accurately reproduces the picture given, not one that messes with it. 'Black Detail' is a software processing feature that accentuates the contrast (not the real white-to-black contrast, but of the dark grays). 'Motion Blur Reduction' is a backlight flickering feature (see the Q&A section of our review for details and a picture). The two noise reduction features work, but soften the picture when it is high-quality.
What are the best picture settings for a Vizio E70-C3??
Our preferred settings for the 2015 E-series TVs can be found here.
I'd like your readers to know that the "motion blur reduction" feature mentioned in your Vizio E series review is only available on models sized 50 inches or larger. It is not available on the 42", 40", or smaller. Though the review mentions you're reviewing one of the larger TVs, it should be mentioned prominently that the feature is not available throughout the product line. Great site though! Info on motion blur and input lag is hard to find.
Thanks for pointing that out!
I recently purchased the E600i-B3 and have calibrated it with the help of your site. I must say it looks a heck of a lot better. However, is there a way to reduce the washed-out colors it gets when viewed from an angle?
Unfortunately, your TV's panel is a VA, which means it is going to look a bit washed-out when viewed from the sides. There's nothing to be done about this problem.
Our P50HDTV 20A is showing 480 P resolution and is shrunk to 6 inches on each side (It was fine last night when it was turned off - I woke up to this today). How to get it back to 1080p stretch format? No side buttons on TV unit.
There should be a "WIDE" button on the remote that came with the TV, and you should be able to use that to adjust the picture to fit the screen.
The color is too blue and too yellow. What do I adjust?
Pick the color temperature closest to what you want. After that, if it still isn't as you would like, go in the color tuner and change the gain/offset of the color that you are not happy with.
I dont have HD cable. I have standard satellite. I'm going into the TV using a coaxial cable from the DIRECTV box. No matter what settings I try, everything looks washed out and just too soft. Can you recommend any settings for an analog input?
The TV cannot significantly improve a low-quality signal. SD channels will look blurry on any TV, no matter the settings. That said, use our settings, but turn on 'Reduce Block Noise' and 'Reduce Signal Noise'. You might also want to increase the Sharpness to about halfway.
We just brought a Vizio from Walmart and Netflix isn't working. Please help.
You should verify that your network connection is working by trying to use a different app, like YouTube. If your connection is fine and it is still not working, try resetting your TV to factory default settings. This will delete any data, preferences, and calibration settings on your TV, so be sure to take a note of all settings that you want to keep. Once the reset is complete, try inputting your Netflix information and connecting to the app.
I just bought the Vizio E600i-B3. Two questions: I usually watch in a totally dark room at night. Should I alter your recommended setting to anything specific? Also, would your Color Tuner settings vary from TV to TV of the same model? Thanks for the help!
Our settings should work well for dark rooms. You might want to adjust the backlight to be a bit brighter (depending on your own tastes), but apart from that everything should be fine.
Color tuner values do indeed vary between units. You'll need to adjust those for your specific unit to get the best picture quality.
I just bought a D series model D32h-CO Vizio 32 inch LED TV. What's the best calibrations for everything?? Thanks!
We haven't tested the D-series, but we expect it's pretty similar to the E-series. We recommend using our 2015 E-series settings, which you can find here.
Is the sharpness set to 0 a personal preference, or does that seem to be the "correct" setting for the E600i-B3?
A 0 setting for sharpness means there is no sharpness processing added to the picture, which is what we look for when calibrating the TV to display images as close as possible to what is intended by the source. That said, there isn't really a "correct" sharpness setting. You should set it to whatever gets you an image you like.
I'm a huge fan of Vizio, thank you for reviewing them! Do you plan on reviewing the M and P series?
The review of the M Series is now up. For the P Series, we will probably review it in a couple of weeks.
The 11-point white balance settings keep resetting to 0 when the TV is turned off. The color tuner stays set. What am I doing wrong?
We haven't been able to reproduce this problem, so you should contact Vizio directly for assistance.
I recently bought the 42" E420i-BO, and as pointed out by another reader on 1/7/15, this set doesn't have a "Motion Blur Reduction" setting. Given that I can't turn "motion blurring" off, does that mean it is "on" by default? I haven't hooked up a Blu-ray player to the set yet to watch 24p content, but now I'm worried when I do that I'm gonna see the "soap opera affect" while watching movies since I have no way to turn motion blurring "off" because this setting is missing (or not available). Why would this setting be missing on the smaller E series sets?
'Motion Blur Reduction' is not the same thing as the soap opera effect. Don't worry about this; your TV cannot create that effect. 'Motion Blur Reduction' is using a pulse to control the backlight to reduce the apparent motion blur. It doesn't smooth the movement like the soap opera effect. What is missing on the smaller E Series is simply the ability to control the pulse of the backlight.
Just got the E420i-B0 today and applied these settings. They look very good, and this TV looks great to me. I have seen and tried a couple of other sets of picture settings for these models online, and you guys by far offer the very best of the bunch. I was curious, though, about the color tuner. Would the same settings you have be OK for the 42 inch as well? I have never had an option to set anything like this before this TV, so it is kind of lost on me. Also, is there anything else you might recommend doing differently with the 42? Thank you.
There will be an amount of variation in color tuner values between sizes of a model, and then also by each individual unit. Generally, the ideal settings will be pretty close to each other, but could require a little tweaking. Other than that, there's nothing special you'll need to do. Enjoy your new TV!
I bought a Vizio E500i-b1 but it had uniformity issues. I returned it for a new one and it looks better. But I noticed the picture settings are different. Under 'More Picture' there is a Clear Action Setting, which before was Motion Blur Reduction, and a Game Low Latency setting. I dont even think there was a 'More Picture' option before, I think it was Advanced Picture. Any reason why the same model has different settings?
We've been told that a firmware update was released that added those features to the Vizio E, so that would be the likely reason why you're noticing different settings.
I get this "local dimming" problem on my new Vizio E600i-B3. Is there a way to turn off this feature so that I don't get that bleed through dimming into the picture? Thank you.
Turn off 'Active LED Zones' to disable the local dimming.
I just want to thank you for your website, it was very helpful in our purchase of our Samsung H6400 48 in. TV. However, I have detected some sound quality problems already. I have also purchased a Sony CT770 sound bar to go with the TV, and I've noticed the sound quality is very muffled when it comes to people speaking on TV shows and to downloaded shows from Amazon. The bass sounds fine, but I can't hear when there is dialog going on in movies and TV shows. Is there a way I can adjust the settings for clearer sound quality?
How are you connecting your sound bar to your TV? The TV should just passthrough the signal, so any problem is probably in the sound bar itself.
Is there any way I can limit/decrease uniformity issues? I watch a lot of sports and the LED backlights are visible and distracting.
Not really. It is less apparent when you increase the 'Backlight' setting, but this doesn't completely hide the problem.
Would similar settings work with the D-series? I just purchased the brand new 39" D39h-CO for only $278. Can't beat the price. The picture is actually pretty good, but I'm sure the factory settings could be improved upon.
We haven't tested it ourselves, but we expect that those settings would look good on a D-series TV.
Just bought Vizio E65. Set to all your settings, but when trying to watch playoffs yesterday, background people look blurry. Picture only looks good & not great when someone is shown up close. Could the problem be the new sound bar too close to TV or because TV is in a basement? My old Sharp Aquos in living room had way better picture.
The Vizio E isn't the best for cable TV. That said, it might help to set 'Reduce Block Noise' to high. Also, verify if your cable box is able to output a 1080p resolution. If it is able to, set it so. If not, select 1080i only. You can increase 'Sharpness' too but avoid extreme values, it can bring some other problems. The fact that you use a sound bar near the TV or that the TV is in the basement won't alter the picture quality.
Should these same picture settings apply to streaming with apps, such as Netflix and Amazon?
These settings are meant to get a picture that is as close to that intended by the source media as possible. For streaming, you may want to enable "Reduce Block Noise" as well. This can help filter out the block artifacts caused by the compression of the videos.
You mention your backlight is set to 31 to reach your target of 100 cd/m2. I have NO clue what 100 cd/m2 is, but I set my TV to all your recommended settings anyway. 31 looks too dark to me. Do you think the picture may be negatively altered if I set it to maybe 50, 75, or 88 as it's set to in the standard setting?
The cd/m2 number refers to the luminosity, which means how bright/intense the backlight is. The higher the luminosity, the brighter the light of the TV. Our target of 100 cd/m2 is good for completely dark rooms, but won't be ideal for everyone or for every setup. You can use any value for the backlight without impacting the picture quality, so feel free to use 88 if you want.
I have a E420i-B0 and I'm having adjustment problems.
1) When trying to adjust the color tuner, my values won't go below 0.
2)It seems that when making adjustments one starts in "calibrated" and this actually creates a new custom mode which can be deleted, but how can the TV be reset to factory defaults?
The E 60" that we tested might have had a different firmware version than yours, which could explain why you cannot put negative values for the color tuner. Don't worry; these values are unit dependent anyway, so copying them isn't recommended.
As for resetting, you have a couple of options. You can reset an individual calibration setting by going to Picture -> Picture Mode and then choosing "Reset Picture Mode." You can reset the entire TV (all settings, not just calibration settings) by going to System -> Reset and Admin -> Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
Normal color temperature on my 60" E looks way too warm to me, with beige skies and golden light on everything in outdoor scenes. I've looked up 6500k examples and my TV looks much warmer. Is it possible my TV is off compared to yours? "Computer" setting looks closer to 6500k, but a bit blown-out. "Cool" obviously looks way too blue. Having a lot of trouble finding the right settings here for true 6500k white.
It's possible that your TV is off, but it's more likely that you have not adjusted to the look of the TV. Try watching your TV with the 'Normal' color temperature for a few days to see if it begins to look better. If it doesn't, your best bet will be to just pick the color temperature you like the best and use that.
You could also get a colorimeter and color adjustment software. Those would let you properly adjust the color balance until you achieved the right look. It's probably not worth it to do this with a Vizio E, though, so you might as well use a preset.
I bought a new Vizio E600i-B3 smart TV yesterday and it worked fine last night. This morning I turned it on and there is a black strip across the top. I tried using the wide button and nothing happened. Any ideas?
It sounds like your TV may have a panel defect, in which case you would have to exchange it for a new one. You can also send us an email with a photo of the problem if you'd like us to take a look at it.
I have to agree with your review on the Vizio E55. It is a terrific TV and outstanding value! Tough to beat. I don't understand your calibration settings though. The Backlight setting needs to be around 89 and Sharpness at least 50, or the TV appears lifeless and dead. A slight reduction of Red offset (-3) and gain (-6) dials it in quite nicely.
We calibrate our TVs to get an image that is as close as possible to what is intended by the source, which is why we turned the Sharpness processing off. We also have a target luminance that we try to hit (we set it for viewing in a very dark room), which is why our backlight is a bit dimmer. It won't be right for everyone, so it's good that you've tweaked the settings to find a look that you prefer.
Also, color settings will vary from unit to unit, so the settings you choose for your TV will not be right for others.
How do I reduce the redness of the TV?
Your best bet would be to choose either the 'Cool' or 'Computer' color temperature in the 'Advanced Picture' menu. These settings are bluer, so the redness issue should go away.
Why do I get blue highlights in actors hair during certain scenes?
Try using our calibration settings and see if the issue persists. If it does, send us an email and we'll help you figure out a solution.
I switched to the middle color temp setting because I just couldn't get used to warm. The picture looks good, but even with a low backlight, the whites really bloom and explode at 77 contrast. Should I turn down contrast further?
First, make sure Black Detail is off. Next, you should adjust either the gamma setting or the contrast. Lowering the contrast could help, but will result in reduced range for the TV, which is definitely a downside.
Do you know which exact processing features game mode disables on an E65-C3, and which features still work with it on?
'Film Mode,' and 'Reduce Motion Blur/Judder' are disabled. The rest of the features still work.
I have a Vizio E55-C1 TV. The remote turns it on but only sometimes and the same with turning it off. I have unplugged for a couple of minutes and held the power button on the back for 30 seconds. I was trying to reset the TV without using the remote. Any help?
If you haven't done it yet, try new batteries first. You might also try the remote from a few different angles to make sure it is not just a problem with the signal field of view. Even if the remote have some problems, it seems like you could still be able to use it to reset the TV. Hit the Menu button then go to System -> Reset and Admin -> Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
I just bought Vizio e series 70" tv and when I'm watching the movies why does it feel like I'm watching the soap opera? I need advice because the picture moves very slow.
The 70" Vizio E has the SOE (soap opera effect). In the Menu, set 'Reduce Judder' and 'Reduce Motion Blur' to 0.
Why does our 32" E-Series only display streaming content from Amazon Prime in 720p? Our larger 45" sony TV and computer all stream the same content in full 1080p.
It might be because of a poor wi-fi connection. You can confirm that if you try the TV closer to your router. If it works better this way and that the routing is possible, use an ethernet cable instead of wi-fi.
I have the E-series 24" class edition, I use it for PC gaming. Is there a way to turn off the motion blur?
Unfortunately the Motion Blur Reduction feature is only available on the 50" and larger models. Also motion blur isn't an added feature, it is an unfortunate effect of how all TVs operate. The Motion Blur Reduction feature (black frame insertion) pulses the backlight, which reduces motion blur due to eye tracking on 'sample and hold' style screens.
Question about color temperature. I am used to pretty cool color temp, but every thing I have read online says that "normal" would be the more accurate setting here. With normal, It seems to me like the whites have a kind of golden or summer-like feel (Skies, clouds, etc). With 'Cool,' the whites seem more "white" to me. Is this just something you have to adjust to, or is it more of a personal preference with this setting? I am going for "close to the source" as far as picture quality goes. Thank you, great info provided here.
Everything related to the picture you get from your TV should be set to your personal preference, but there is also an adjustment period involved when changing your color temperature settings. We calibrate our TVs for a color temperature of D6500k, which is a film industry standard. Try out the Normal color temperature, and if after a few days you decide you're not a fan, switch the color temperature to Cool.
When there is a 'darker' picture on my television, the picture gets very pixly. Especially with the red tones. Is this correctable?
Darker pictures normally look a bit grainy, so what you're experiencing might be normal. It's also possible the issue is related to the source you're using. The higher the source's quality is, the less likely you are to see noise.
For a source like TV or streaming video, you can try enabling "Reduce Signal Noise" and "Reduce Block Noise" in the Advanced Picture menu, as that can help eliminate artifacts created by the videos' compression.
I have my first high-def TV, a Vizio E-series, 24-inch. I've made all the recommended adjustments and, overall, find the picture less defined and color less saturated than my previous inexpensive standard-def TV. Is this something I just need to adapt to?
Assuming you are coming from an old CRT TV, this is normal. CRT TVs are better than today's TVs in some respects, like contrast or motion blur. That said, your new TV shouldn't look bad. Are you watching a high definition source? If not, the TV needs to convert the signal from standard definition to high definition and it will result in a slight blur.
Any tips for getting used to a lower backlight? I had a 40" TV before this one and had the backlight on full blast with no issues. With a 60" TV, however, that is causing me a ton of eye strain. Anything below 70, however, looks faded out to me. I keep bouncing back and forth. Some sites say you can up the contrast for a brighter picture with less backlight. True? Great settings otherwise, by the way. Thanks.
It can take some time to adjust to a different look. Increasing 'Contrast' and reducing 'Backlight' will indeed increase the effective contrast ratio of the TV, while maintaining the same white luminosity (it depends on the values, of course). However, that isn't without consequences. Changing the contrast can clip the whites or produce an uneven gamma curve. You are better off just getting used to a lower backlight. You should also make sure that the Clear Action setting is disabled, as that introduces flickering which might be straining your eyes.
I have had my 65 inch Vizio E-series TV for about four months, and just yesterday my sound began to cut in and out. I have it run through a Sony surround sound system, and it has been working fine until yesterday. Any suggestions?
Try unplugging your TV from the sound system and then plugging it back in. Make sure the cables are properly inserted. If that doesn't work, you should unplug both your TV and your sound system from power and let them sit for about a minute, then plug them back in and see if the issue has been resolved.
If none of that has worked, you should call Vizio for assistance, as your TV is still under warranty.
Should I use RGB or the ycbrxxxx setting for this TV using HDMI from a Sony Blu-ray player? The RGB setting seems to have richer blacks, but the other is brighter and more vivid.
Blu-rays are encoded in YCBCr, so you should choose that to better match the source.
I used spears and munsil calibration disc for e500i-b1 and the correct settings are so far off of what your settings are. For example the contrast set above 44 had such bad clipping. I also noticed that normal color mode was way to warm. Computer color mode seemed the best starting point
Are you sure you are noticing clipping when the contrast is too high? We haven't seen a recent TV actually clip the whites, they usually just look washed out instead, which messes up the gamma curve but isn't as bad as clipping. Thanks for sharing your experience, it could help people with a E500i-B1 too.
We just bought the Vizio E40-C2. We just have direct TV and do not get HD from our antenna. We're in an RV. Even though I've checked off all the boxes for 1080p on the direct TV settings, every time the TV comes on it says 420p at the top. Is there someplace on the TV to change the settings or what. The picture isn't that great. I haven't tried settings from your recommendations yet, because I think we need to get the resolution right first. Thank you.
Since the TV reports the resolution of the incoming signal, the receiver might be the problem. If you do have DirecTV make sure your receiver is HD (not standard resolution), that it is connected with an HDMI cable and that you have HD channels in your package because some channels aren't HD. If you still can't get higher resolutions to show up, turn off and unplug all your devices, connect them again and try once more. At that point, contact DirecTV support if you still can't see resolutions higher than 420p.
Hey there! Thank you so much for all of your help! My wife, parents, and in-laws went in together last year and bought me a 70 inch Vizio for my birthday (Oct. 2014). I'm not exactly sure which model is mine but the book says - Model: E600i-B3 & E700i-B3. I am really wanting to make my picture as best as it can be! I've been searching all over the Internet trying to find help. Are the settings that you posted on this page the ones I should use? I would appreciate any help you can give me! Thank you very much!
Yes. This is the settings for your TV. Take note that the 2 point grayscale is unique to each TVs so just don't do this part (or try if it's any better and reset if it's not).
Does the e48 have the function that will cause the tv to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time being on other than the sleep mode.
No. This is only doable using the 'Sleep timer' (up to 180 minutes). There is also an 'Auto Power' mode that will turn off the TV 10 minutes after there is no signal detected.
Just want to thank you all for all the great information. It was invaluable to my decision making. I have applied the settings recommended above, however my only complaint is that the screen appears a bit dim. How should I go about fixing this without compromising the rest of the picture? Also, because I am an avid sports watcher, I wanted to know if there are any additional tweaks I should perform to ensure the best picture when watching. Thanks again!
It's simple: increase the 'Backlight'. This only affects the luminosity of the screen. Ours is dark because we calibrate in a dark room. As for sports, you don't need to do anything specifically.
Vizio e550i-b2: what is the input lag? And is it good enough to just play in 1080p, or is game mode necessary?
We measured 29.7 ms in our test of the 60" Vizio E Series' input lag, and the TV did not need to be in Game Mode to hit that number. We expect the 55" TV would have very similar numbers, though different sizes of the same model do rarely have different input lag times.
Is it better to turn on or off the active LED zones and Motion Blur for gaming?
The motion blur reduction feature will work great for gaming, and will not affect your TV's input lag. The active LED zones feature, likewise, should not have an effect, though we don't recommend using it as it doesn't work very well.
I just bought a Vizio E series TV. On bright pictures there is a 'spot' of grayish that appears in the same place. Is this damage, or is this something that can be adjusted for? It is not consistent at all!
It sounds like your TV has a uniformity problem. Just return the TV in exchange for a new unit. There's no point trying to fix it when you've only just purchased it.
I lost my controller and my volume is extremely low. How do I turn up my Vizio E-series LED HDTV?
If your TV does not have volume buttons on the back of the TV (most Vizio E-series TVs don't), you'll need to get a different remote and use that to adjust the volume. You can find a variety of compatible remotes at electronics stores, or online. This one is specifically for Vizio TVs, and would work with your E-series model.
How do I set up a Wii U with a one-year-old Vizio 32 inch TV?
Using our calibration settings should get you good quality picture. You might want to increase the backlight, depending on your room's lighting and your taste. Apart from that, just connect the console to the TV with an HDMI cable, set your TV to that input, and enjoy.
I'm coming from a 42inch LCD tv. I recently purchased the VIZIO 50" E50-C1. My immediate reaction is that everything is too bright with a slight blur to it. My DVR menus look soft and the text is not crisp. How can I reduce the overall washed-out look? The DVR is pushing 1080i and the pixelated fast movements of live TV are annoying. I may return if your settings don't help. Any guidance would be appreciated.
Copy all of our settings exactly and see it that helps. If you did copy them, it might be that you just need a bit of time to adjust. Wait a couple of days and see if you get used to the look. If not, email us back and we'll help you figure it out.
My PC monitor has an exact 6500k setting and the Vizio E600i-b3 I bought is much warmer than my monitor when the TV is on normal and my monitor is on 6500k. A great test for this is Casino Royale and the slight sepia tone in the opening bathroom fight. Unfortunately the Vizio's medium color temp setting "computer" is higher than 6500k judging by eye. I feel like I wasted a lot of money on a TV that can't do proper color.
The 'Normal' temperature is warmer than 6500k, which is why we reduced the gain for red and green, but not blue, in our 2-pt. balance. This got us a cooler profile.
I have a VIZIO E390-B1E. I tried all the Q&A and your settings, but I can't rid the picture of pink highlights in blonde, brunette, and gray hair. Please help.
Try switching to different color temperatures and see if that corrects your issue. If that doesn't work, you'll need to either use a calibration tool to correct your colors, or else get a professional calibration done.
Hello, same guy as the 6500k question here. Thanks for the answer. It's good to know normal is a little warm and I'm not going insane. Can I ask: could one do a similar thing to what you suggest and start on the middle color setting and then tone down blue in the color tuner? I did that (-22 gain) and the picture matches pretty well with my 6500k monitor.
Yes, that would get similar results.
I followed your guide, however, I have a problem with orange skin. I have to drop the color from 50 to 32. Any idea what is going on?
Change 'Color Temperature' to something colder than 'Normal'.
I have the same problem as another user. I just bought a Vizio E55-C2 today and all of the apps work EXCEPT Netflix. The Netflix app does not even come up. All of the other apps work fine and the network works fine. It's just the Netflix app that will not work. The screen just goes blank and after a few seconds returns to the previous screen.
We haven't experienced that issue with any of our Vizio TVs, including our E60-C3.
Try doing the following. Press the Vizio button on your remote and then select 'Yahoo Profile.' Open 'System Settings' and then 'Restore Factory Settings.' Complete the process and then try using the Netflix app.
If that doesn't work, contact Vizio support for assistance.
Why vizio e series do not have volume control buttons?
There is only a power/input button on the TV itself. You need to use the remote to control volume. It's a choice of design made by Vizio.
A few years ago, a friend gave me a Vizio VL260M. The sound was very tinny; had no bass and no depth. I went to Costco the other day looking for a tv with a center base footprint for a small-width table and got a Vizio E28h-C1. It, too, has tinny sound, even though the guide says it has great sound in surround mode. I've tried adjusting audio, but get no improvement. Any suggestions other than attaching speakers? And with speakers, will the sound be the same? Thanks for a reply.
There is no way of significantly improving the sound of a TV. You will need to buy a set of external speakers. Even the cheapest ones should be an improvement. Usually, people opt for a sound bar and they put it below their TVs.
Just purchased a Vizio 65" e-series smart tv and noticed when the screen goes dark we can see a lot of snow. Other than that the picture is great. Not sure what the issue is, is there a way to fix this or do we need to return the tv and go with something else?
To a certain degree, it is normal to see more artifacts in black scenes. If the source isn't of good quality, then it will be worse. Since the Vizio E struggles some with lower resolution contents that could also amplify the problem. Try to see if the problem persists with a different source like with a bluray player. If the problem occur only with lower resolution contents, enable both options under the 'Reduce Noise' menu. If you can, setup your connected devices so they upscale any low resolutions instead of the TV.
Bought a Vizio M43-C1 to replace a sharp because the color was getting bad. Maybe. Tried a new sharp first and couldn't get the colors right and this Vizio isn't a lot better. Every channel is different and needs adjusting. Color ranges from great to horrid, too bright to too dark. Source is DISH ViP722. Any ideas?
It is normal for channels to look different but you should still be able to reach a happy medium. If you have already tried our settings and 3 different TVs with the same issue, then you might try with a different source and see if it's any different. If not, then your dish might be the problem and you should call your service provider costumer support.
We have a Vizio 60" E series smart TV. Is there any way we can make the picture the same size as the screen? It doesn't widen all the way.
First, make sure your input devices are set to display in a 16:9 format. Then set the TV aspect ratio to normal (use the rectangle button on the remote). That should display the source signal as it is intended. Some movies are wider than 16:9 and will add black bars on top and bottom of the screen. Some other materials of standard definition (480p) will add bars on the left and right side of the screen. Although they are intended to be watched like this, you are always able to change the aspect ratio to get rid of the black bars by either zooming in or stretching the picture.
I have a Vizio 60 inch and I wanna know what the default lip synch settings are because my settings are way off. Please help.
The default value of 'Lip Synch' is 0. Resetting the TV to factory default could fix this problem. Also verify if the source device have a lip synch setting that can be adjusted.
I have a 55 inch Vizio smart TV and on the right side of the screen there's a line where the color slightly changed and i can't get it off of there. How do i make the screen all the same color?
If you have entered custom values in 'Picture' - 'Color Calibration' - 'Color Tuner' then reset all values to default. If that doesn't fix the problem, try a different source with a different HDMI cable and different HDMI port. Next step would be to try a factory reset of the TV (under 'Settings' - 'Factory Reset'). At this point, if the line is still there, it might be a defect and you should contact Vizio.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.