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Our Motion Score And Tests

Score distribution

How motion looks on a TV is a complex subject. We define this category as anything related to moving pictures. This includes motion blur and different kind of judder issues. A TV performing well in this category should display frames smoothly, yet clearly.

Test results

Our tests

Response Time

What it is: Amount of blur in fast motion.
When it matters: Sports, video games.
Score components:
Score distribution

Our response time test evaluates TVs for how blurry movement will look on the screen. Given the amount of movement sports have back and forth across the screen, a TV’s amount of motion blur is a big factor in how good sports and video games are going to look.

Most people shouldn’t have problems unless a TV has a particularly high amount of motion blur, but there is a fair number of people who are somewhat sensitive to seeing blur, and for whom this test takes on a bit more importance. For that reason, we consider this test very important for evaluating a TV for sports or video games. 

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Image Flicker

What it is: How noticeable flicker is on the screen, when all optional flicker has been disabled.
When it matters: All usages, but particularly when viewing fast motion (such as in sports and video games) or when using the TV as a PC monitor.
Score components:
Score distribution

The image flicker test focuses on the type of blur caused by eye tracking over a static frame. It is most significant when following objects on the screen, such as for sports or video games. A lack of flicker causes smoother-looking movement with more blur, but flicker can also be used to improve fast motion. As a result, this test is more useful to determine a TVs performance for sports or video games. 

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Judder-free 24p

What it is: Whether 24p content can play without any judder.
When it matters: Only 24p content (mostly just movies).
Score distribution

This set of tests verifies whether a TV can play 24 fps movies without judder. If you watch movies and are bothered by this kind of judder, these results will be pretty important. If you don’t watch movies or aren’t bothered by this kind of judder, don’t worry about these.

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Motion interpolation

What it is: Also known as the 'Soap Opera Effect'. It's an optional feature that increases the frame rate of the video, smoothing movement.
When it matters: If you like the look of smoothed video. Not everyone does.

These tests verify whether a TV can use motion interpolation to smooth movement. If you like high frame rates and want all videos to have that smoothed-over look, you should make sure your TV can interpolate the media that you watch. If you hate the ‘soap opera effect,’ or just don’t care about making video extra smooth, don’t worry about these tests.

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What is not included

A few elements that you might care about are not included in this score:

  • Screen tearing: Screen tearing issues are related to a frame timing mismatch between the source and the screen. We don’t know of any TVs with a V-sync option to correct this sort of problem.
  • Judder caused by poor USB playback by the TV
  • Frame skipping caused by motion interpolation
  • Frame skipping caused by poor playback by the TV’s apps

If you feel there is an item missing that should be included, please let us know in the Q&A section.



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