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LG LF5600 LED TV Calibration Settings

We used the Expert1 picture mode for our review of the LG LF5600. This mode has good defaults and lets you adjust more options. For gaming, you can use any mode because all modes have about the same input lag.

LG LF5600 Calibration Settings 1

'Backlight' is a personal preference and depends on the amount of light in your room, so feel free to increase it more than us.

LG LF5600 Calibration Settings 2

We recommend both noise reduction features when watching anything other than near lossless content, as it helps a little bit with removing the noise. Turn on 'Real Cinema' when watching Blu-rays, to remove judder.

LG LF5600 Calibration Settings 3

We disabled 'Dynamic Contrast' so as to not crush the shadows. We also set 'Color Temperature' to Warm2 to be closer to a 6500k white balance.

LG LF5600 Calibration Settings 4 LG LF5600 Calibration Settings 5

We don't recommend that you copy our 2-pt. grayscale calibration, as this varies by individual unit.

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Questions & Answers

Could you guys offer thoughts on the LG 43LF5400? Thanks.
We haven't reviewed it. We expect it's like a cheaper version of the LF5600, so expect similar, but slightly worse picture quality to what you see with the 5600.
These settings are fine for 32LF5610 model?
Yes, they should work fine.
I plugged the USB in to watch movies, then I only found music and pictures lists, no movie list. Why is that??
This TV's USB playback is limited to audio and photos, so video files won't work.

Update 08/25/2016: It now seems, after someone pointed this out to us, that under a new firmware update, it is now possible to also play some video files.

Does this TV support discrete input select and discrete power on and off?
I want to play music but I can't get a usb pop-up menu. What do I do?
The USB menu should appear when you insert a USB key in the back of the TV. If you don't get it, press 'Settings' on the remote then 'USB'. If that still doesn't work, try with a different USB key.
However, my LG 32LF5600 received yesterday can play video in RMVB and MP4 format. Would it be an enhanced model? It only playback but no record function.
Sound more like a firmware update that added more video file formats compatibility. Thank you for letting us know, we have updated our answer to reflect the new information.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.