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LG LF6000 LED TV Calibration Settings

If you plan on playing video games or using this TV as a PC monitor, set the label of your input to PC to get lower input lag and chroma 4:4:4. And then copy the rest of our calibration settings below:

LG LF6000 Calibration Settings 2

We used the Expert1 picture mode. We have a dark room for testing, so we lowered the backlight to 44. Feel free to increase this as much as you need. We also lowered 'Contrast' a little bit to flatten the gamma curve.

LG LF6000 Calibration Settings 3

If you are streaming, or watching cable or DVDs, turn on 'Noise Reduction'.

LG LF6000 Calibration Settings 4

If you find our settings too yellow, change 'Color Temperature' to something that you prefer.

LG LF6000 Calibration Settings 5 LG LF6000 Calibration Settings 6

These are the 2pt white balance values. We don't recommend copying these values, because each unit is different.




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