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LG LF6100 LED TV Calibration Settings

Unless you are playing video games, set the picture mode of the LG LF6100 LED TV to Expert1 to have full control over the calibration settings.

LG LF6100 Calibration Settings 1

Increase 'Backlight' as much as you want to get the picture brighter.

LG LF6100 Calibration Settings 2

Turning on 'Noise Reduction' could be useful for DVDs or highly compressed media. If you want the soap opera effect, turn on 'TruMotion'.

LG LF6100 Calibration Settings 3

As usual, we disable every processing setting.

LG LF6100 Calibration Settings 4 LG LF6100 Calibration Settings 5

These are our 2pt white balance calibration results.

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Questions & Answers

I want to put these settings in. Do you know how to put 20pt white balance settings in? Not sure were they go in the settings menu.
20PT WHITE BALANCEIRERedGreenBlue100 (130 Luminance)-300095-27-13-590-150585-6-8-9801-5-6751-14-15701-9-1665-6-23-2060-10-19-1155-16-22-1550-16-22-1545-17-21-1940-15-17-1435-17-20-1530-16-18-1725-15-16-1920-19-19-2415-22-18-2510-17-18-4859750
Where did you get these settings from? Keep in mind that settings for one TV won't be right for another. Each individual unit is different.
To input 20-pt settings, go to the 'Picture' menu -> 'Expert Control' -> 'White Balance.' Change 'Method' to '20 Point IRE,' and then enter the settings in the menu below.
Does the LG smart tv LF6100 have picture in picture?
No, it doesn't.
Is there any content that brings on screen blur more than others? I have the LF6100 and I cant find anything wrong with it, but not sure if it is the one.
Video games are easiest to notice blur with, followed by sports. You generally won't notice blur with movies or TV.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.