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LG UF7600 LED TV Calibration Settings

For every use except for PC or gaming, we recommend the Expert1 picture mode setting on the LG UF7600 4k TV. For gaming and PC, you will want lower input lag and chroma 4:4:4, which you can enable by selecting the PC icon for the HDMI input that you are using.

LG UF7600 Calibration Settings 1

The 'Just Scan' aspect ratio prevents any cropping of the picture.

LG UF7600 Calibration Settings 2

We calibrate for a dark room, so you might want to increase 'Backlight' if you find our settings too dark for your taste.

LG UF7600 Calibration Settings 3

'TruMotion' is the setting that creates the soap opera effect, but because it is only a 60hz TV, it won't add that effect to 60 hz signals.

LG UF7600 Calibration Settings 4

If you want more detail in the shadows, increase 'Gamma'.

LG UF7600 Calibration Settings 5 LG UF7600 Calibration Settings 6

You can find above the results of our 2pt. white balance calibration.




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