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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Intro
  3. Design
    1. Design
    2. Stand
    3. Borders
    4. Thickness
  4. Picture Quality
    1. Contrast
    2. Black Uniformity
    3. Gray Uniformity
    4. Viewing Angle
    5. Average Room
    6. Bright Room
    7. 3D
    8. Pixels
  5. Motion
    1. Motion Blur
    2. Motion Interpolation
  6. Inputs
    1. Input Lag
    2. Side Inputs
    3. Rear Inputs
  7. Smart Features
    1. Smart TV
    2. Remote
  8. Conclusion
  9. Q&A
Reviewed on Oct 20, 2014

Samsung H6203

Usage Ratings - Version 0.9
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Test Benches: test

  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2015
  • 0.9: Winter 2014
  • 0.8: Winter 2013
Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
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This tv has been discontinued.
It was replaced by the Samsung J6300

The Samsung H6203 LED TV has the same great picture as the pricier H6350. However, the build quality is poor and the software features are significantly slower.

  • Great picture quality. The blacks are great in a dark room and the screen doesn't reflect a lot of light in a bright one.
  • Low amount of motion blur. This TV is great for gaming.
  • Very slow smart TV features. Every software feature, from the web browser to USB playback, is slow to respond.
  • Cheap and ugly build. The TV is very thick and has large borders.
  • Limited viewing angle. The colors change when you view them from the sides.

Test Results
Picture Quality 7.2
Motion 8.5
Inputs 7.9
Smart Features 7.0

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Samsung H6203 Design

The Samsung H6203 looks more like a budget TV than a mid-level one like the H6350. The borders are wide and the TV is very thick.

Samsung H6203 Stand

The stand doesn't swivel. It isn't fancy but it does the job.

Samsung H6203 Borders

0.98" (2.54 cm)

Samsung H6203 Thickness

3.86" (9.8 cm)


Picture Quality

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Score components:
4k : No
9.4 Contrast
Samsung H6203 Contrast
Black : 0.022 cd/m2
White : 107.3 cd/m2
Contrast : 4877 : 1

The contrast ratio is great. The blacks are deep and the out of the box calibration was not far off.

9.0 Black Uniformity
Samsung H6203 Black Uniformity

The uniformity of a black screen is great. No flashlighting or clouding issues at all.

5.5 Gray Uniformity
Samsung H6203 Gray Uniformity

The gray uniformity is average-good. No darker spots (except corners), but it does have some apparent vertical bands. This isn't an issue under normal usage, though.

6.3 Viewing Angle
Viewing Angle : 23 °

If you watch TV at more than 30° off axis, you will lose a bit of picture quality. This isn't a big issue though.

8.5 Average Room
Samsung H6203 Average Room
Reflection : 1.8 %
Surface Type : Semi-gloss

It reflects slightly less light than the average TV. The screen finish is semi-gloss, similar to nearly all TVs in this price range. A few lights on is not a problem, even during the day.

7.4 Bright Room
Samsung H6203 Bright Room
Max white : 235.4 cd/m2

The Samsung H6203 can't get as bright as the Samsung H6350. It doesn't perform as well in a very bright room, but it should be more than enough if you have a 1-2 windows.

0 3D
3D : No


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Score components:
8.5 Motion Blur
Samsung H6203 Motion Blur

This TV has very low motion blur. It is great for sports and video games. The blur trail is short.

Motion Interpolation
Samsung H6203 Motion Interpolation Picture
Motion Interpolation : Yes


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Score components:
7.9 Input Lag
Samsung H6203 Input Lag
Input Lag : 44 ms

Like nearly all Samsung TVs, the input lag under Game or PC mode is in the mid 40 ms range. This is not very low, but it is good enough for almost every gamer.

Side Inputs

Rear Inputs
Samsung H6203 Rear Inputs

1 Composite In
1 Component In
1 Ethernet
1 RF It
1 Headphone Out
1 Digital Optical Audio Out


Smart Features

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Score components:
  • 100% Smart TV
7.0 Smart TV
Samsung H6203 Smart TV

It doesn't have the full smart TV interface like the Samsung H6350. Only the Apps tab. Also, the processor is not as fast, so every feature (apps, USB, web browser, etc) is slow. Even the picture settings menu is not as responsive.

Samsung H6203 Remote

The Samsung H6203 comes with a basic remote. This is not ideal for browsing the web because you have to move the cursor with the arrows.


7.5Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
If you don't care about the design of your TV or the smart features, get this Samsung H6203. It has the same great picture quality as the Samsung H6350, but it is cheaper.
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Questions & Answers

What are the recommended settings for the picture that you have? I've been playing around but can't stick with just one setting.
The settings that we used are posted in a sub page of this review.
Is there an ideal picture setting for this model and size?
Try the calibration settings that we posted in a sub page of this review.
In the "Calibration Settings" section, you mention for the white balance that "You don't need to copy these settings, though, because they are panel dependent." Do you have some suggestions on how to white balance accurately?
You need a tool for that. At least a basic colorimeter, which starts at about $100.
Is this a true 120hz panel TV? Not a 60hz, right?
Yes, it is a real 120Hz TV.
I snagged this TV at Walmart tonight during Black Friday sales. On the way out I noticed a 58" model, un58h5202 for $698, regular price. However, their sale tomorrow at 6 AM is 30% off select regularly priced Samsung TVs, which if this is valid it would drop the price to $488. But I can't find any info on the 5202 model aside from one site that said it's a new TV out of Samsung's warehouse this month, and as such there are few-to-no user reviews. Sold by Walmart, Best Buy, and other various retailers. Do you know anything about this set?
That one is a model made for Black Friday with only one goal in mind: to provide a TV that is as cheap as possible. Don't expect a good TV or one that lasts. It is priced really low for a reason.
Can I connect a keyboard to it?
Yes, via USB.
Do you know the panel codes for the H6203, and do the different panels really make a difference?
Our 55" was US01. The 65" is MH01, 60": HH01, 50": AH01, 46": TD01 and 40": TD01 or UF04. We don't expect the differences between sizes to be significant.
So video games can be played with motion interpolation turned on, and the TV will just have longer input lag, correct?
Yes, this is correct. Some gamers do that, but usually just for slower-paced games where input lag isn't critical.
Hi, thank you so much for your reviews. I know the H6203 has USB ports, so will I be able to hook up a camera, and would I be able to use Skype on it? I'm considering it mainly for games with Xbox One. What would be the best settings for games, and how do you turn the game mode on? Thank you for your time.
We didn't test Skype with a camera on it. It should work, but keep in mind that this TV's software apps are really slow. Game mode is found under System>General. You can copy the rest of the settings that we posted in our review.
I am looking at either the H6203 or the H6350 - the 6350 being $150 more than the 6203. Is it worth the extra $150 for the 6350? My uses will be movies and TV - no games, in a somewhat bright room. My current TV is almost seven years old, so it's an upgrade either way.
The picture quality is the same, so go for the cheaper H6203 (unless you care about the speed of the apps or the design of the bezel).
Would you suggest this over the Sony W600b?
Yes, for the picture quality - assuming you don't mind the thicker TV and slow apps.
What are your thoughts on the 55 inch version of the H6203 series compared to the Vizio M552i-B2?
The 55" Vizio M Series has an IPS panel (unlike the other sizes), so it is quite different from the Samsung UN55H6203. In a dark room, the UN55H6203 is definitely better than the Vizio M552i-B2 (deeper blacks). However, the color accuracy at an angle is better on the M552i-B2. So if you have a bright room, get the Vizio M552i-B2. Otherwise, get the Samsung UN55H6203.
Is it true that the Samsung H6203 60" LED has no Anynet+(HDMI-CEC)? How about the Samsung H6350?
The H6203 doesn't have that feature. The H6350 does.
Great site, thank you for all of the input, it is very helpful. I have the UN60H6203 and find it perfect for my needs. I have done a little "Googling", and want to know if there is a remote with a QWERTY keyboard that would work with this set. Is there a keyboard that can be connected? I know Samsung makes a qwerty keyboard remote but am having trouble determining if it is compatible with this set. Thanks in advance.
Not that I know of, but you should be able to use a USB wireless keyboard on it.
I am dead split on buying the UN55H6203 from Samsung or the Vizio e550i-b2. Mainly it's a TV for video games, GTA, or Call Of Duty. It also will be watched as a general TV when guests come over and hang out. It will be in a basement which is normally lit or dim most of the time. Any advice? Is the difference in input lag enough to make up for the better Samsung picture?
The difference in terms of input lag is not significant, unless you really only play competitively. Most people can't notice an input lag lower than 50 ms anyway. Therefore, get the UN55H6203 (assuming you don't care about the slow smart features or the thicker bezel).
Is there a difference between the H6203 reviewed here and the H6201 available now at Costco?
Not that we know of.
Does motion interpolation automatically turn off on all TVs equipped with it when playing video games, even if the TV is not set on game or PC mode?
No, you need to turn it off manually via the Auto Motion Plus setting when not in Game/PC mode.
I want to get a Samsung 6203 and mount it at 42 inches from the floor to the bottom of the tv. Would this be too high? Would it affect the viewing angle?
It depends on the size of the TV, but that is a little bit high. 30-36 inches from the floor would be better (unless your wall mount can tilt the TV down, of course).
Great site. I just brought this 50" h6200 home. I would say that if you were going to wall-mount this TV, then you'd be better served with a Vizio or something different, because of the inputs. My bad for not paying attention to that before I bought it. They stick straight out of the back, instead of downward facing or even on the side. Nice TV, but I will be returning it, as it's not one for a flat wall mount. It might be helpful if you added that to the negatives on this model.
True, this could be an issue when all the inputs are facing the back. Thanks for bringing awareness to this.
The work you are doing is so valuable! It would be nice if you had a donate or support button for people to give you money. We are buying at Costco and cannot support through your links.
I am glad you found our website useful. We don't have a way to accept donations right now, but if enough people request it, we might add one. But for now, don't worry about it and just enjoy your new TV!
I got this TV back recently and I'm still trying to figure out the best settings for sports and movies. The picture quality is great in general, but when I watch sports I see there is a blurry effect sometimes - especially when a snap is made in the NFL or there is a quick outlet pass in NBA. Either the ball looks blurry or the movement of players' hands is blurry. Does this have anything to do with the settings?
It depends on the amount of blur. All TVs have blur (check our motion blur tests for proof), so you can't be too picky about it. With that said, try playing with the Auto Motion Plus setting. Turning it on will reduce blur and increase fluidity, but at the cost of artifacts (ball disappearing, for example).
What type of panel is on the UN55h6203? IPS, VA, TN? Is there a way I can turn off the Trumotion/MCI/soap effect when I play games?
It is VA. Of course you can turn off the soap opera effect. Just turn on Game mode (under System -> General) and 'Auto Motion Plus' will be disabled by default.
Really awesome site! I've done my research but now I am more confused. I was at Best Buy yesterday and saw the Samsung h6203 stacked on top of the sony w600b - both 40". No brainer that the Sony looked so much better. Samsung's color was washed out like there's an Instagram filter. BB guy also said Sony was definitely better. Your review says that h6203 has the same picture quality as h6350, which you rate above the Sony. Am I missing something? Bad panel? Soap opera mode? Angle?
The angle could be the issue, because both of these TVs lose saturation at an angle (colors are more white/washed out). However, the problem is most likely the calibration. In retail stores, TVs are not calibrated, so it is very hard to compare them. The H6203 that we tested was better than our W600B, but not by much. Both are a good choice, so just go with the cheaper of the two.
What about ARC capability on the 6203?
No, the TV doesn't support it.
I am looking at UN65H6203 and the Vizio M652I-B2. I can get both for the same price right now, which is just shy of $1,000. Which would you recommend and why? The TV will be in the family room and is used for TV and movies only. It may be used for internet applications, but not on a regular basis. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
They are very close. The UN65H6203 has a slight edge due to its better uniformity. But honestly, you probably won't see a difference (assuming both are calibrated properly).
Would you recommend the UN50H6203 Samsung or the Samsung PN51F5300? I am not a gamer, and smart features are not important, as I have an Apple TV.
The PN51F5300 has a lot of glare and it cannot get bright. If you have a dark room and don't mind plasma's downsides, go for that one. You will appreciate the better picture quality. Otherwise, get the UN50H6203. It is more versatile.
The current price difference between the 40 inch H6350 and H6203 is $70. I don't care about smart features, but for $70, is it worth the upgrade?
For the slimmer bezel, yes. But if you really only care about the picture quality, no.
What is the size of the TV stand? I need to know in order to buy a TV stand. I just bought a 55" TV.
We didn't measure the stand, but it fit on a table with a width of 30".
Since this does not have the ARC connection, and I have to use the optical cable connection to the my soundbar, the universal TV remote does not control my volume. How can I fix this?
You may be able to program the remote to control your soundbar. Check out the 'Setting Up the Universal Remote Control' section of the manual for instructions detailing how to do this.
Have you tried measuring the input lag on HDMI 2 vs the others? It has the DVI label, so perhaps it has less processing.
Yes, it is the same as HDMI 1. 44ms is not really an issue, though.
What is the speed of the wired Ethernet connector? Would it be worthwhile to run a cable with 1G speed? Would there be any improvement over using the built-in wireless?
We haven't tested that, but it is probably just a 100 MBit/s interface, because they are trying to keep the cost low on this TV. The bottleneck is not the connection to the local network when streaming; it is either the low bit-rate of the media or your internet connection.
I am stuck on trying to decide if I should get the H6203, H6400, or H7150. As far are picture quality, how do they compare? Is it worth getting the H7150 for $100 more, or is it worth getting the H6400 for $400 more over the H6203?
In terms of picture quality only, the H6203 is the same as the H6400. The H7150 is better than both, especially in terms of uniformity and screen finish. So, if you only care about picture quality, don't upgrade to the H6400, but the upgrade to the H7150 is worth it.
I apprecieate the great reviews. For the same amount of money, would you opt for a 50" H6203 or a 50" Vizio E5001-B1. I mainly watch sports, movies, and video games.
They are very similar, and both are good. If they are about the same price, the H6203 has a slight advantage because it has the motion interpolation feature. Its apps are slower than the Vizio, though, so you could go for the Vizio if you prefer.
Is the H6203 remote slow, even for the non-smart features like the volume up/down and channel up/down? How much slower is it than the faster ones?
For simple things, you won't really notice a difference. The lagginess is more when navigating the menus / using the onscreen keyboard.
You've said many times (other than the thick bezel and slower smart features) that the H6203 panel has virtually the same quality and performance as the H6350. However, your official review claims that the brightness cannot match the H6350. How much of a difference is this, really? Shouldn't this also be a key factor in choosing whether or not to spend the additional $200, especially for a well-lit room?
If your room is really bright, then yes, you will appreciate the H6350 more (it gets about 40% brighter). But the H6203 is bright enough for 1-2 windows. If you have more than that, get the H6350.
Thank you for your comprehensive reviews. I purchased the LG LB5900, which became detective. Is the Samsung H6203 picture quality noticeably better? Both are 60". I appreciate your recommendation.
The 60" LB5900 is a bit different (in a good way) than the 47" that we reviewed, because it is not IPS. The H6203 is still better, but mostly only in terms of uniformity. It is worth getting the H6203 instead if your LB5900 is defective, but don't expect a very big difference.
We purchased the Samsung UN55H6203 TV for our big gift. Now we would like to add a wireless keyboard. We just purchased a Samsung VG-KBD2000 model. It will not sync. Is it the wrong one, and if it is, what one do we need? Thank you
No, this keyboard won't work. You need an USB wireless keyboard, not one that uses Bluetooth.
If the viewing angle, for example, is 22 degrees, is this plus or minus 11 degrees or 22 degrees off-center?
22 degrees off-center.
I am thinking about getting a 32" H6203 for my bedroom. I wanted to know if this model will work well with Roku 3, or if I should get the H6350 instead. Looking to avoid breaking the bank. Want a great TV.
Either TV will work fine with the Roku 3. Both of those TVs have the same picture quality. The main difference is that the 6350 has a prettier design and better smart functions. Since you're planning on using a Roku, that won't matter, so the 6203 will work fine.
You guys are the best!!! Please help. I am torn between buying a UN46H5203 VS. UN46H6203 VS. UN50EH5000. I would prefer the best picture quality - not dark colors, but colors that pop. Which one would you recommend? Thank you in advance for your help.
Unfortunately, we did not test the EH5000, but the other two TVs are very similar. We calibrate for a fairly realistic picture, so we can't quite say which will pop the most, but they both have good contrast, which is important for overall picture quality.
The H6203 has the least motion blur, which is good for watching sports or playing video games. The H5203 has more motion blur, but will still work just fine for watching movies or non-sports TV. Overall, the H6203 is the best bet, but you should pick whichever best fits your needs, based on their relative strengths and weaknesses.
Which TV would you recommend for gaming, the H5203 or the H6203? And which of them has better picture quality?
For gaming, the H6203's lower amount of motion blur makes it a better choice. Overall, the two have very similar picture quality, but the H6203 has very slightly better contrast. The H5203 has slightly better uniformity, but that's not enough to sway the decision its way. Pick the H6203.
Hello. I'm torn between the Samsung H6203 and Sony KDL40W600B. Main use for this will be watching movies and sports. I like the soap opera effect. Which one should I get? Thank You.
Only the H6203 has the motion interpolation feature, which is what creates the soap opera effect. The two TVs are very similar apart from that, so the H6203 will be the better choice for your needs.
I'm looking for a TV with little motion blur. This seems like a very good one, especially when Motion Interpolation is enabled. However, I cannot find this exact model in the local shops. I did find the UE55H6240AWXXN. Does that one have the same panel and same motion blur values? How does it work in general with Samsung product numbering? Do all H62XX TVs have the same panel?
The model numbers vary by region of release. In this case, it seems the H6240 is a European model TV. Often these different models turn out to be the same as, or at least similar to, similarly-named models from other regions. In this case, the aesthetic differences between the 6240 and 6203 indicate that they are not similar.
My 55" 6203 developed a pinkish tint after three months. At first, when viewed about 22 degrees off center, I noticed the colors would not be as bright, but still looked good. I know that is normal. Now the entire panel has a light pinkish tint when viewed from that angle. Is that normal, or does the set have a problem?
Main board and cable have been replaced. Techs don't know what the problem might be. Now Geek Squad is sending a calibrator at their expense. Under the circumstances, will that do any good?
This is the first time we've heard of this problem, and we don't know what the solution would be. Since you only see the tint at an angle, we think it's unlikely that a calibration will change anything.
I am wondering what your thoughts were on buying either the Samsung 60" H6203 or the Vizio 60" E600i. Assume both are ~$800 brand new, and viewing is in a fairly dark bedroom with light blocking drapes closed. Don't really care about apps; the only thing I might want to do is stream videos or something from my computer network.
They are both very similar picture quality-wise, so you could go either way. But the H6203 has more processing features, including the motion interpolation feature that the E is lacking. Therefore, if they are the same price, get the UN60H6203.
I'm no TV expert, but I'm contemplating getting the HU6950 40" 4k LED SMART TV or the 50" H6203 LED SMART TV, both by Samsung. The latter is bigger and in fact cheaper than the former. Thoughts? Suggestions?
Get the bigger and cheaper one. 4k is not worth it for a 40", unless you plan on using it as a computer monitor. You will appreciate the bigger TV instead.
Planning on buying the 40" Samsung H6203 for gaming and watching action movies. I had a Vizio 32" M series and it sounds horrible. When I first got it I could barely hear it and had to crank the volume up and it sounded like an echo in a cave the higher it got. I finally figured out a fix for that and it now sounds like a normal TV, other than when I go higher volume; now I get a high pitch buzz or screech. I can't stand it anymore, so I am trading it out. How is the sound on the Samsung? Also, I read all about the panel lottery and that anything that starts with a T, U, or W is a Samsung panel. What would be the difference between the three panel letters, or are they exactly the same?
The different panels are relatively the same. As for the sound, we didn't test that this year, so we can't comment on it (we wanted to focus on the picture quality instead).
I am trying to decide between the UN55H6203 and the Panasonic TC-55AS530U. They are both going to be $599 on Black Friday.
Unfortunately, we didn't test that Panasonic TV, so we can't compare them.
Hello, I would like to watch movies on my external hard drive. When it says that USB playback is slow, does that mean that the TV is slow to load the files on the external drive, or is the actual playback of the movies slow? Thank you!
The playback works fine. The interface is just laggy in finding and navigating to the files.
I just got the 40 inch of this set and love it so far. I used your recommended settings, spot on. My only question is can I turn off the speaker with a slash symbol when the TV is muted? I don't need constant reminding that the TV volume is off. It seems to reappear and move location every time a sound would have been played.
Instead of pressing the Mute button, bring the volume down to 0.
What is the size difference of the bezel between the Samsung H6203 and the Samsung H6350?
Check out our pictures. The frame around the screen is about 0.5" thinner, and the depth is 2" thinner.
There seems to be a debate. Is the H6203 edge lit or direct lit?
There is no way to know for sure without opening it. I would bet it is direct lit, because the TV is really thick.
Thanks for the review. I had a question: as the stand doesn't swivel for the TV, can it be replaced by any known swivel stand?
I don't think so, but you can buy a low profile lazy susan to put under the TV, like this one.
For the audio out, is that 2.5 or 3.5mm jack?
I have a Samsung 55 inch LED 6203 Smart TV. When reading the details of the privacy statements (for internet setup), there is reference to a built-in camera that uses gestures and facial recognition. It states that you can cover the camera to disable it, but no location for the camera is given. Can you provide that info?
The H6203 does not have a built-in camera. The language you're seeing in the privacy statement is likely the same as you'd get with a model that does come with a camera.
Which is better for gaming and Blu-ray movies, the Samsung 6203 or the Vizio 4k P502ui-B1e?
You'll actually be better off with the Samsung H6203. Both TVs have good contrast, and the Vizio P has 4k and also better color uniformity than the H6203, which are both nice. The H6203 has less motion blur, though, which is important for playing video games. Considering it also typically costs less than the Vizio P, that makes it the easy choice for a gaming TV.
A smart TV that is not connected to the internet would not receive firmware or otherwise updates, but I gather those updates don't affect the TV viewing quality. Is that correct?
They can. Sometimes there can be issues with video processing that are ironed out by firmware updates, which, depending on your TV's settings, could lead to improved performance and picture. But we don't know of any such game-changing updates for the H6203, and for the most part, it's probably unlikely that you'd see huge differences in picture before and after an update.
Since this is a 120 hz TV, does that mean you don't have to enable anything to get a judder-free 24p signal?
You'll need to enable 'Film Mode,' which you can find in the 'Picture Options' menu.
On the Samsung H6203, how can I fit the whole screen on a SD channel that broadcasts in letterboxed 4:3? I can stretch the picture horizontally, but this keeps the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Is there a way to zoom in?
You should be able to do it by going to the Picture Menu -> Picture Size, and then choosing one of the Zoom options. Keep in mind that this will distort the image and cut portions of it out of the frame.
Hi, Just had my Samsung 60" 6203 delivered. I exchanged from a 65" LG 5200 because it wasn't a smart TV and I'll have to spend some time adjusting the picture to my liking. None of the settings out of the box work for me - and the settings listed here don't either. The picture is too dark or too vibrant with way too much color - especially the red. I like my picture to look as normal as possible with nice solid (somewhat bright) colors that are not too dull or too warm (I like the warm color as a skin tone but not so much for background), and I also don't like so much color that it looks fake or unnatural.
If anyone has any suggestions on settings for picture quality that produces the best true-to-normal picture with the least amount of blur, please let me know. I haven't noticed much of a difference in the smaller 60" as far as blur, but it is slightly better. Most of my problem is getting a setting that fits in with most of the shows/movies I watch. I think I have found a good setting, and then turn the channel only to find it looks bad with too much color or fuzzy faces (does this have anything to do with the contrast/sharp settings?
I noticed a lot of talk of different panel versions, so I wanted to list the ones I have from the box and see if anyone has any feedback on just how good it is, or if there are any problems?
Version - GH02 Model - UN60H6203AFXZA (says it's made in Mexico)
Also wanted to mention that the design really isn't all that bad. It is wider, but doesn't really look all that bad and the base doesn't bother me either. The smart hub does work a little slow for bringing up Netflix/Amazon or other apps - but it's really not an issue at all.
My only big disappointment at this point is the LG had much better sound. I could hear the deeper bass and it really made a difference in listening quality. If I do keep this TV, I will definitely have to get a soundbar. Too bad Samsung didn't use the same speaker setup as the LG5200. If I decide not to keep the Samsung, I might go with LG again just for the sound quality - as long as it has good picture quality too.
If anyone can help on the pic settings - I would really appreciate it - or suggest a good-sounding (not too expensive) soundbar to go with the 6203.
Did you copy our white balance settings? Those are unit-specific, so using those could explain why the colors look off to you. The rest of our settings will be good for any H6203 TV, though increasing the backlight setting would help make the picture look less dull. Try enabling 'Digital Clean View' in order to cut down on the fuzziness (though it is also possible that the fuzziness is related to the 'Sharpness' setting.
There's really not that big of a difference between panels. It's not something the average person is going to notice, so it's nothing to worry about.
And unfortunately, we do not currently review soundbars, so we can't offer you any specific recommendations for one..
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.