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Samsung H6203 LED TV Calibration Settings

If you want to play video games or use this TV as a computer monitor, set the input name to PC or turn on Game mode on the Samsung H6203. For other usage, Movie mode is a better preset.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 1

The default values for the brightness and contrast were spot on. If you want to change how bright the TV is, don't touch the brightness setting. Change the backlight setting instead. Also, if you want full control, you need to deactivate ECO mode under the System tab.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 2

Like almost every Samsung TV, Warm2 is the color temperature closest to the D6500k standard. If you are watching cable or DVDs, turn on Digital Clean View to improve picture quality. Auto Motion Plus is the setting that will create the soap opera effect.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 3

Everything under Advanced Settings is good by default.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 4

The white balance was not far off out of the box. You don't need to copy these settings though, because they are panel dependent.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 5




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