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Samsung H6203 LED TV Calibration Settings

If you want to play video games or use this TV as a computer monitor, set the input name to PC or turn on Game mode on the Samsung H6203. For other usage, Movie mode is a better preset.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 1

The default values for the brightness and contrast were spot on. If you want to change how bright the TV is, don't touch the brightness setting. Change the backlight setting instead. Also, if you want full control, you need to deactivate ECO mode under the System tab.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 2

Like almost every Samsung TV, Warm2 is the color temperature closest to the D6500k standard. If you are watching cable or DVDs, turn on Digital Clean View to improve picture quality. Auto Motion Plus is the setting that will create the soap opera effect.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 3

Everything under Advanced Settings is good by default.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 4

The white balance was not far off out of the box. You don't need to copy these settings though, because they are panel dependent.

Samsung H6203 Calibration Settings 5
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Questions & Answers

How to disable auto dimming?
It depends what you mean by auto dimming. For the whole screen dimming depending on the ambient lights, this is called ECO sensor, and it can be disabled under the System tab. For the screen dimming on an almost complete dark screen, this is called CE Dimming and it can't be turned off directly, but it is always off under Movie mode.
How do I get back to the picture settings that were set at the factory when tv was first set up?
At the bottom of the picture tab, there should be an option to reset the settings to their initial values.
Would you recommend these calibration settings for gaming on an Xbox one?
Yes. Those settings are meant to achieve picture that is as close to what is intended by the source as possible, and should work well for playing on an Xbox One. What's most important is that you don't forget to enable game mode. That will get you less input lag, which you will definitely want while you're playing.
How do you see a full screen when watching a soccer match? The score in the upper left corner is cut off.
In the Menu, go to 'Picture' -> 'Picture Size' and then choose '16:9' or 'Screen Fit' - whichever fits the content to the screen properly.
How do you get full-screen on Blu-rays?
You should be able to change the appearance of the video by going to the "Picture Size" menu and changing the selection to one of the other options. Note that changing the selection could distort or crop the video you are trying to watch.
How do I connect my Bose system? I want to use the Bose speakers (3,2,1 series) instead of the TV speakers. I own a Samsung H6203.
Just connect the speakers to the TV using one of the TV's audio-out options (Digital Audio/Optical is a simple way), open the Sound Menu and then go to 'Speaker Settings' -> 'TV Sound Output' and then choose 'Audio out.'
How do I zoom? The option is dark and I can't access it.
The Zoom options are only available when your TV detects a 480p or 480i signal. You won't be able to select them if the signal is higher-resolution.
Hello. Nice review and settings. I have this tv, how can I get 120hz connecting a pc with gtx 760? I tried hdmi cable with custom resolution but did not work, the max I can get is 75hz. Help me please, I want play my games 120 hz native. Thanks!
There are no Samsung TVs that accept a 120hz input at the moment. They are only able to display 120Hz internally via interpolating a 60hz or lower signal. You can see the full list of TVs that support a real 120Hz input here.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.