Reviewed on Jun 13, 2014

Samsung H6400

Usage Ratings - Version 0.9
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  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2015
  • 0.9: Winter 2014
  • 0.8: Winter 2013
Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
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This tv has been discontinued.
It was replaced by the Samsung J6300

The Samsung H6400 LED TV is the same TV as the H6350, but with 3D, a better remote, and a slightly different design. The picture quality is the same, which is really good, apart from the limited viewing angle.

  • Great picture quality, both in dark and bright rooms.
  • Handles motion very well and has low input lag. This great for playing video games.
  • The frame has a clear plastic around it which feels a bit flimsy and increases the thickness of the borders.
  • Limited viewing angle. The colors change when viewed from the side.
  • Slight gray uniformity issues.

Test Results
Picture Quality 7.5
Motion 8.5
Inputs 7.9
Smart Features 9.0

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Samsung H6400 Design

Look wise, the Samsung H6400 is almost exactly the same as the Samsung H6350. However, there is a clear border added around the frame (see following picture). That piece is flimsy and a bit useless.

Samsung H6400 Stand

The stand can swivel about 20 degrees.

Samsung H6400 Borders

0.75" (1.9 cm)

Samsung H6400 Thickness

1.89" (4.8 cm)


Picture Quality

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Score components:
4k : No
9.3 Contrast
Samsung H6400 Contrast
Black : 0.023 cd/m2
White : 108.1 cd/m2
Contrast : 4700 : 1

As expected for a Samsung LED TV, the contrast ratio is great. The colors out of the box were also very good (see the next page for our full calibration settings).

8.5 Black Uniformity
Samsung H6400 Black Uniformity

The backlight uniformity is great, but there was one clouding spot in the top left corner.

6.0 Gray Uniformity
Samsung H6400 Gray Uniformity

The uniformity of gray is more problematic, but in this price range, you can't get much better than this. You will need to upgrade to the Samsung H7150 for better uniformity.

6.3 Viewing Angle
Viewing Angle : 23 °

The colors lose saturation when you view it off-axis. It isn't a deal breaker, but something to keep in mind if you have a really wide room.

8.5 Average Room
Samsung H6400 Average Room
Reflection : 1.8 %
Surface Type : Semi-gloss

It has a semi-gloss finish, so the reflections are more blurred than on the glossy screen of the pricier Samsung H7150. It reflects a little bit more, though, but it is definitely not an issue.

8.4 Bright Room
Samsung H6400 Bright Room
Max white : 304.7 cd/m2

The Samsung H6400 can get very bright. You will have no problem with the screen, even if your room has a lot of windows.

10 3D
Samsung H6400 3D Picture
3D : Yes


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Score components:
8.5 Motion Blur
Samsung H6400 Motion Blur

The motion blur is very limited. The trail is short and the strobed backlight is effective.

Motion Interpolation
Samsung H6400 Motion Interpolation Picture
Motion Interpolation : Yes


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Score components:
7.9 Input Lag
Samsung H6400 Input Lag
Input Lag : 44 ms

Pretty much all Samsung TVs have the same input lag when you set the input type to PC or turn on Game mode. 44ms is not noticeable even for fast games.

Side Inputs
Samsung H6400 Side Inputs

1 RF In

Rear Inputs
Samsung H6400 Rear Inputs

1 Audio Out
1 Ethernet
1 Component In
1 Composite In
1 Digital Out
1 IR Out


Smart Features

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Score components:
  • 100% Smart TV
9.0 Smart TV
Samsung H6400 Smart TV

Samsung's smart TV interface is great, with tons of apps and features. It is a lot faster than Sony's, especially for big USB drives. Check out our full review of Samsung's 2014 Smart TV platform.

Samsung H6400 Remote

The remote alone is worth the upgrade, compared to the cheaper Samsung H6350, as long as you plan on using the smart TV features a lot. You can control the cursor by just pointing at the TV.


7.8Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
The picture quality of the Samsung H6400 is exactly the same as the cheaper H6350. It is worth the small premium if you plan on using the web browser a lot, simply for the better remote. The 3D is just a bonus.
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Questions & Answers

I am eagerly awaiting the review of the Samsung UN48H6400 so that I can decide between the Samsung and the Sony KDL50W800B. When will the review be up?
It has been delayed. Next week, probably. It isn't our priority because it is basically like the H6350, but with 3D and a better remote.
Update: The review is up now. The picture quality is indeed the same.
Is the Samsung H6400 compatible with Apple iOS devices, such as iPads, iPhones, Macbook? And can I connect my computer to this TV wirelessly? Thanks!
No. Samsung Smart TVs support Miracast for wireless mirroring, which, unfortunately, Apple devices do not support. Instead, Apple devices support AirPlay, which is proprietary to Apple and works with only an Apple TV. There is an app, though, which allows you to control the TV. It's called "Samsung SmartView".
Does the UN48H6400 have Bluetooth? Would I be able to sync my wireless Skullcandy Headphones (Bluetooth capable) or bluetooth speaker bar to the TV unit? Thanks in advance.
Yes it has Bluetooth and does support external Bluetooth speakers. I don't know if it will work with yours, though, because sometimes not all devices are compatible.
Why is the h6400 video gaming rated a 8.4 and the h7150 rated a 7.9?
Look at the motion blur picture. Which one looks better? This is a bit subjective, but the lower backlight scanning frequency creates a more distinct picture, so we gave it a higher rating. Let us know if you disagree with this.
Update: We decided to only include the trail of blur in our motion score and remove the backlight component. They now both have the same motion blur score.
Hi, I am messaging you from the UK. Reviewers here (such as HDTV Test and AVForums) have pointed out that the H6400 has a direct backlight, while the F6400 is edge lit. Therefore, screen uniformity is reported to be better on the H6400. I wonder if the US H6400 incorporates this direct backlight? Thanks in advance.
It is hard to say if it is really direct lit, but it is definitely thicker than last year's F6400, so it could be.
I just bought this TV yesterday. I have a problem with 3D movies. I download the movie via torrent and play it from USB. It shows two screens, but when I enable the 3D it becomes one, image like all 3D pictures have. The movie is Frozen. I downloaded this movie because it is a big hit in 3D. I never experienced 3D before on a 3D LED TV. I saw a demo video in a showroom and it seems the object came out of the TV, but when I watch this movie on this TV there is no feeling of 3D as there was with the demo. Please help. Is there any issue with the TV, or something else? Thanks in advance.
It depends on the encoding of the torrent that you downloaded. Some are OU (over, under), others SBS (side by side). For active 3D TVs (like this Samsung), it matters a little bit less, but OU have more better depth resolution (same amount of depth, but more gradation). When you activate 3D on the TV, make sure you choose the 3D type according to the torrent's encoding that you downloaded. The amount of depth that you perceive depends on your TV size to viewing distance ratio.
I just bought the H6400 after comparing it with the LG LB7200 as you suggested, and it's really cool and has great picture quality. But there are 2 issues : 1) Its 3D has good resolution, but it's really painful to use it for even 15 minutes! Is there anything I can do to minimize that eye strain? Like getting OU or SBS types? Or anything else? 2- Is there a better picture setting that I can edit for better picture?
1) Over-Under (OU) is slightly better in terms of crosstalk. This will help, but your eye strain is probably caused by the flickering of the screen. There isn't much you can do with that. It is an issue found in all active 3D TVs. Some people are more affected by this than others.
2) Try our posted calibration settings. They are a good start, but some tweaking can be required, depending on your preferences.
I am choosing between 55" LG LB670V and Samsung H6400. 3d quality is pretty important but not the most. Smart features isn't useful at all. What are your recommendations about these models?
Assuming the LG is similar to the LB6300 that we tested (but with 3D added), the 2D picture quality of the Samsung is better (mostly in term of contrast ratio, so blacks in a dark room). The Samsung also reflects less. However, the LG has a better viewing angle and 3D (because it is passive). So it is ultimately a trade-off. Go with what you prefer, but most people should opt for the Samsung.
Thanks for the review. I purchased h6400 after viewing your review. Does the h6400 have a dedicated gaming mode? If yes, where do I find it?
Yes. There are two ways to do it. In our reviews, we set the input type to PC (see our configuration settings). The other option that some gamers prefer is to turn on 'Game Mode', under System -> General.
I have a Samsung TV that is approx three yrs old and has started clicking and won't turn on. I have read that this seems to be a common problem with Samsung TVs. Are the newer ones affected as well?
Hard to tell, because these problems take a few years to show up. Hopefully Samsung learned from their mistake with the class action lawsuit that they had a few years ago.
When the TV is in PC mode, what picture settings do you have available to you, and can you get a fairly accurate, natural looking picture like the TV's movie preset?
Check out the pictures of our calibration settings. Everything grayed out is not available. This is actually the most natural looking picture you can get, because it doesn't have any processing done to the picture. The only downside is if you have low quality content, as all the flaws will be exposed.
Which is better in terms of picture quality, 3D, and for browsing the internet: the Samsung f6400 or h6400?
Same picture quality, but the H6400 has the updated smart TV interface (slightly faster).
I notice the 6400 has Micro Dimming, whereas the 63xx does not. Are you sure that the lack of micro dimming is not having an effect on darker scenes? What about with Dynamic Contrast set to Low (which seems to be a popular choice even with people who use a meter)? Are you sure that Micro Dimming is not making small optimizations to the darker shades of colours that make it pop just that extra bit more? Thanks
Micro Dimming and Dynamic Contrast on the H6400 is software only. This means the actual contrast of the panel is still the same, so a pure white and a pure black will be exactly the same. Instead, what they do is shift the colors in-between. Dark gray will be darker and light white whiter. Don't confuse this with the gamma curve, though. The gamma setting shifts everything in one direction only.
With that said, does it make the picture better? This is, of course, a personal preference. From the calibration side, no, because it messes with the original picture. If the movie was supposed to look that way, they would have edited it to make it so. That's why purists always turn that off. For the average person, the initial reaction to an overly-contrasted picture is quite positive. This is why retail stores always set that option to the maximum. After a while, though, most people prefer a more normal look because it is too fake otherwise (which explains why movies are not edited that way from the start).
BTW, the H6350 also has the Dynamic Contrast setting, so you can have the same effect.
I'm getting horizontal lines across my H6400. It's like the backlight is bleeding through. What do you think the issue could be?
It depends on what it looks like, but it is most likely a defect. Call Samsung and send them pictures.
I am in the market and am close to buying an LED. I have it narrowed down to three, but I am sort of at an impasse. It is for our master bedroom, which a long rectangle in shape, where the TV and bed will be on the two most distant ends. Approx. viewing distance is 17 feet away. My wife will mostly use this for her primetime shows at night and the news. The three sets are Sony KDL70W850B, Samsung UN75H6350, and UN75H7150. I don't watch 3D, which the first and third sets support, but still may benefit from it. Pricing ranges from around $2,100, $2,750 and $3,750. I am tempted to go with the Sony, as it seems like the best bang for the buck financially, but there must be more to it than that. Additionally, in my case, there is no gaming use, no heavy movies, and there is (and only) an absolute straight-on viewing angle. Can I at least eliminate one of the Samsungs, or should it come down to just those two? The 5" less of screen space may be a factor, but I haven't put a lot on that yet. Should I? I like a super clear picture, and I don't like a lot of "panel issues", but my intended usage needs are on the limited side of normal. Is there one I can knock out easily? Every time I try to commit to the H7150, the one I originally leaned toward, I can't justify its price of almost double the Sony for this intended room and purpose. Any recommendations?
If they were all the same price or you didn't really mind the price, obviously the answer would be to go for the Samsung UN75H7150. It is better than the UN75H6350 (3D, better screen finish, remote and build) and 5" bigger than the Sony KDL70W850B (which has worse software features, 3D and screen finish, but a similar picture quality). But the price difference is huge, as you mentioned. You can nearly buy two Sonys for its price. It is very hard to justify this, especially since the picture quality is just as good (besides the screen finish and 3D). Unfortunately, the 70" W850B is a lot more prone to uniformity issues than the 60" that we tested. If you don't want to risk that, get the UN75H6350 instead.
I'm very interested in this TV to upgrade my entertainment setup. My question is about the spider-like stand. Is it possible to replace the TV stand with a smaller one? Maybe one from another old Samsung TV, for example. The stand is an inch bigger than the place I intend to put the TV.
Unfortunately, that likely will not be possible. Even different sizes of the same model can have different stands, so it's unlikely that you will be able to reuse an old stand for a new TV. Another option could be to purchase a mount to put your TV on your wall, assuming your current setup would allow for it.
Thanks for the review. You note that grey uniformity could have been better, but is the best one you can find in the price range. Yet the Sony W600B, which costs less, gets a better score from you.
Thanks for pointing that out. Our score was a little bit off. We readjusted it to better reflect this.
Lets say I walk into a store and I intend to purchase the H6400. How do I determine the manufacturing date of Samsung H6400? I want to be sure I am not buying an old piece but a fresh piece. What do you suggest would be some of the key checks that I should do in the store itself before I zero in on the correct H6400 piece?
There is a sticker on the box with the panel version. But if you want the manufactured date, you will have to look at the back of the panel.
Thank you for your excellent reviews. I bought a Samsung UN60H6400 based on what I learned from your website. Can you point me to picture settings for the H6400? I tried what I got from Cnet but the picture is very dull. Thanks in advance.
The settings that we used are posted on page three of this review.
How can you change the input to "PC" ? Is it using "PC" for all types of use (movies, tv, games) recommended?
Check out our video review of the H6350. Mid-way through it we show you how. Pressing enter for a long time is the equivalent of pressing options on the H6400 remote. We recommend that mode for games and movies, but not for TV. TV broadcast, even HD channels, have a too-low quality that require that you enable a few processing options to remove some of the artifacts.
Is it possible to have the following settings for gaming, with a brightness of at least 120cd/m2, and input lag of 44msec. *Game mode - on *Motion Plus - off *LED Clear Motion - on *Backlight - maximum *Contrast - maximum (assuming no clipping)
No. When game mode is set, motion plus cannot be set so the 'LED Clear Motion' option is unavailable.
I love the no-nonsense review approach of your website. It has been the most visited site for me these past few weeks. I'm on the lookout for a TV, primarily for movie and occasional sports watching. I wanted to get a plasma, but with Panasonic and Samsung announcing end of their plasmas I don't want to risk the possibility of not finding spares/service. Hence I'm left with the daunting task of finding a good LED TV. Based on all my research, I've narrowed it down to the following TVs, based on my budget and space for a maximum 50" screen (listed in the current order of preference) 1. Samsung UN48H6400 2. Sony KDL‑46W950B 3. Sony KDL-50W800B. My question: Which of these three TVs are best for movies? If there is a TV that I've missed, please help in pointing me in that direction.
You have the same order as us (except for #2, because it isn't available in the US). Get the Samsung UN48H6400.
I have a Samsung H6400, and to me it seems the sound is ever so slightly consistently ahead of the image when watching through an HDMI-connected set-top-box. Is there any option to adjust this? I know older models had a hidden menu.
This isn't a setting found in the service menu. It is probably caused by the TV's input lag. Turning on Game mode (System->General->Game Mode) should solve this.
When will you review the Samsung JU6400? I'd love to see how this compares to the H6400.
Our review should be up next week.
Considering the main difference between the H6400 and the H6300 is the remote, would it be better to purchase a cheaper Roku box to gain the same benefits?
Yes, as long as you don't care about 3D.
It looks as though there's a UN40H6400 as well. How come this isn't shown?
It was released a few weeks after the others, so we missed it. Thanks for pointing out this error. It has been added.
Is there a difference between F6400 and H6400 model 40"? Mainly to be used for gaming. Also, what would be a better choice between these models and a Sony KDL40W600B?
The UN40H6400 has updated software and slightly better uniformity. Otherwise, the picture quality is about the same, as is the input lag. The picture quality of the KDL40W600B is slightly inferior is most respects, but it has lower input lag. The software features are a lot more limited. If money is not a factor, the UN40H6400 is the best choice. If you are tight on the money though, the KDL40W600B is still very good.
For the motion rating of 9 out of 10, is that with all motion settings turned off, including the backlight scanning setting?
Our motion score and picture is taken with all motion processing turned off. There is still backlight scanning present, though, because the TV uses a PWM to control its luminosity.
Does the Samsung H6400 have true 5.1 optical output?
We haven't tested that, so we don't know. Last year's Samsung TVs didn't, so it is unlikely.
So the input lag is 44ms in pc mode, 78ms in normal mode, and what is the input lag in gaming mode?
The input lag is the same in PC or Game mode. We used PC mode for our review because it disables even more settings by default, which is what we wanted.
I have picked up a UN40H6400 and am waiting for delivery. However, I'm of two minds, as I am a serious gamer. My question is whether the input lag is noticeable on the Samsung? Will it affect my gaming and viewing experience?
Turn on Game mode and the input lag shouldn't be a problem. Very few gamers notice an input lag lower than 50 ms. Don't worry about it and try out your new TV once it is delivered.
I have a twofold question: First off, is the plastic "ring" around the TV removable (or what about the silver piece underneath the Sony W800B)? Without directly damaging the TV, of course. Second, which would you say is a better deal out of the Samsung H6400 and the Sony KDL55W800B? My impression is that the 3D feature is better with the Samsung and that the contrast/picture quality is slightly better with the Sony. Is that somewhat accurate of an assessment? Thank you for your time!
1) Probably yes for the Samsung, but I don't think the Sony's is. On the H6400, it is really just cosmetic and the only thing that holds it together is glue. So if you have a heat gun, it will probably go away easily.
2) It is very, very close. The 3D is indeed better on the Samsung. 2D is about the same, but the Sony has better software processing (if you like that). Sony has lower input lag, but Samsung has better smart features. If you don't care about the smart functions or 3D, go for the KDL55W800B.
On the Samsung website there is a new version called UA instead of UN. Would you please let us know what are the differences?
The first letter U means it is an LED TV. The second letter is the country/region/market. N is North America, A is for Australia and E for Europe (these regions span a few countries, for example UA can be found in the Philippines). Usually there are just differences in country regulations.
I was curious to find out what the required viewing distance for 3D on the Samsung model UN55H6400? I have a small to medium sized room and want to find out if I am going to need to sit way across my room or would a couple of feet would be fine?
Eight feet would be good for a 55" TV. It is ultimately a personal preference though. For watching 3D content on a TV that size, some people find sitting closer than that will give them headaches.
Looking for a TV for my basement and am looking at the Samsung F5500 or the H6400 series. Which is the better of the two?
The H6400 is obviously better in every respect, but it is also pricier. If you don't need the extra features (3D, fancy remote, 24p playback and motion interpolation), the F5500 will be good enough for you.
How can I watch analygraph 3D on my h6400? Is it possible to watch on this TV?
The 3D should be either full frame, top-bottom (Over Under) or side by side (SBS). Analygraph 3D works, but you need analygraph glasses to match (not the ones provided with the TV).
Should I be worried about the HD01 panel for the 60 inch 6400? Also, I went into a retail store and the picture for the Samsung TVs in general looked dull, or not as bright as other brands. Someone mentioned that it could be due to Eco-mode, but I'm not sure.
No, there's really no need to worry about the kind of panel in your TV. Yes, there are some differences between panels, but they tend to be quite small, and the average person isn't going to notice them.
As for your retail experience, don't worry. It's impossible to properly compare TVs in a retail environment. The TVs are all calibrated differently (the settings are chosen to make people want to buy the most expensive TVs), and special footage is used to accentuate certain qualities over others. The H6400 has great picture quality, and would be a good choice for your TV.
Is the H6400's picture quality as brilliant and crisp as others have mentioned? Also, does it have a pip, picture in picture mode?
Yes the picture quality is good, and it does support PIP.
Is a clear motion rate of 400 good enough for normal TV shows, even 1080p, regardless of how fast the motion is?
The clear motion rate number means nothing. It is only for marketing. To answer your question: yes, this TV handles fast motion well.
My current TV (LG 37" from 6 years ago) is sitting in my living room connected to my desktop computer via HDMI cable. It plays TV shows and movies stored on my hard drives both in HD and SD formats. I am looking to replace my old TV with Samsung's H6400. The concept remains the same: the TV will be connected to my PC, which serves as a media player. My main concern is that reports advise that you put the H6400 in "PC mode". With "PC mode" enabled, however; the TV operates merely as a monitor. Isn't it possible to connect it to a computer in a way that I won't miss out on the excellent picture processing that Samsung provides?
Sure, you can use any mode you want. Movie is a good one, and will let you control the processing that you want. Set it to Movie mode, then copy all the settings that we posted. From there, you can turn on what you want (Digital Clean View and Mpeg Noise Filter are popular).
Congrats to your very nice site and the UNIQUE content! Nice to see a page that is not just mangling press releases / data sheets and pretending to have done a review. I have another important figure to measure: The wattage. Please include it for different brightness/profiles - as the manufacturer-provided values are often quite optimistic. Thank you!
Thanks for the feedback. We added it to our list of things to test in 2015 (we don't want to change our test bench mid-year, because it makes it harder to compare TVs).
Would you recommend your 60h6400 calibration settings for someone that watches a lot of sports via Directv, or are they strictly for movies and gaming?
For sports, set it to Movie mode and copy the settings. Then, enable 'Digital Clean View'. If you want the smoothest look, set 'Auto Motion Plus' to 'Smooth' (beware, though; this sometimes adds artifacts to fast moving images).
I am really on the edge between the H6350 and the H6400 (40 Inch) for my bedroom. Besides the 3D and the remote, I take it that the PQ is pretty much the same between the two? The price difference is $178 over at Amazon... it's going to be a hard choice. I rarely watch 3D stuff. I do enjoy the smart TV feature with Netflix and HBO GO, but I've been fine with the traditional Samsung remote. I mainly video game on PS4/Xbox One. Any suggestions, or anything else I may have overlooked?
Yes, same picture quality. If you don't really watch 3D and can live with the cheaper remote, same money by opting for the cheaper H6350.
I am contemplating getting a 55 or 60 in TV. After a quick review, I have narrowed it down to three different types: H6300 (best buy), H6350, and H6400. The difference in price between the three is 1250, 1300, and 1500 respectively. Are there any differences between the H6300 and H6350? If not, is the H6400 worth the $250 increase in price? Regarding the two different types of remotes: Is there a way to connect your TV remote to your cablebox (comcast)? If so, it seems like I would be missing some features, not having a number pad with the X1 platform. Would it be better to just use two remotes?
There is no difference that we know of between the H6300 and H6350. Don't forget that the H6400 also has 3D. As for the remote, there is an IR Extender provided to control other devices like your setup box (see owners manual). But you will be better off using your original cable box remote directly if you plan on using advanced features, or if you are used to it.
I'm considering both the h6400 and the h7150 in the 55" size. I'm a casual PS3 gamer and mainly play sports games online with friends, so not sure that is a huge factor in the decision. I see the 7150 has reflects less light, but the 6400 is a little cheaper. Anything I haven't noticed that should really push me toward the 7150 rather than the cheaper 6400? I have enjoyed your reviews!
The better gray uniformity is also a big plus for the H7150. Both TVs are great, but if you don't mind the extra cost, go for the H7150.
Is a 7' viewing distance good for a Samsung UN40h6400?
A little bit far, but still ok. We usually recommend six feet for a 40".
I liked the Sony W950B triluminous display, but as it has A poor contrast ratio and bad black uniformity, it does affect the dark picture. If I watch TV in a bright room, are the black uniformity issues minimized?
Yes, in a bright room, the contrast ratio and black uniformity are not that important.
Due to the lack of explicit info on the web, is this H6400 TV 24p compatible? And if yes, does it automatically detect the framerate of the movie and switch its panel to 24 fps? And my last question: is this feature still available when motion plus is on?
Yes to all of your questions. Just make sure the setting called 'Film Mode' is enabled and that your Blu-ray player outputs at 24p. The TV takes care of the rest.
I am in the market for a 65 smart LED 240hz television. I'm looking to spend $1,500 -$2,500; which TV is the best bang for my buck?
Get the Samsung UN65H7150.
Are you recommending that I keep my H6400 in game mode for ordinary viewing?
If you are always watching high bit-rate media (like Blu-rays), yes. But for cable, you will prefer setting it to Movie mode.
Would you suggest this TV for gaming on my Xbox One?
The Samsung H6400 is not a bad TV for gaming. But, if you want your TV primarily for gaming, you should get the Sony W800B or Sony W850B (depending on the size you're looking for). They have slightly worse uniformity, but both have lower input lag, which is good for gaming. You'll be fine if you choose the Samsung H6400, though, as its input lag is low enough.
I'm looking at the 50" H6400, but I'm unsure about how much I should be concerned by the panel manufacturer (seems to be only AUO or Sharp). Is it worth getting the smaller 48" in order to get a Samsung panel? Is there any discernible difference? The right seat of my couch is at an angle of roughly 23 degrees from the center of the TV. Occasional viewing will happen from larger angles, closer to 45 degrees, but that's mostly "passive" viewing (10% of time). Current TV is an LG IPS panel, but 60hz, making 24P content terrible.
In all likelihood, you won't be able to tell a difference between the panels, so there's no need to size down just for a Samsung panel.
I found one complaint regarding the Vizio E series restarting even when not using Smart Apps. That said, I am looking to buy the Samsung 48" 6350, but I do not want to have to keep switching from Game Mode to Film mode or Movie Mode. Can you define a port to specific settings (that would be nice), or does Game/PC mode still allow it to show a good picture for Movie viewing? I use Fios and Roku. Thanks Doug
Yes, you can assign different settings to different ports, and PC and Game mode do work well for movie viewing. Part of the appeal of those modes is that they shut off many of the TV's processing features, which will get you a picture that is close to what is intended by the source you are watching. This is what we, and most professional calibrators, try to achieve with our TVs.
The Samsung H6400 and the Sony W850B are now the same price at $1,199.00. Which is the better buy? 50% sports / 50% shows.
The two have similar picture quality. The W850B has less motion blur, but the H6400 has better smart capabilities, so pick whichever of those you prefer.
First of all, congratulations for the site and for the TV´s analysis impartiality. About Samsung's UN65H6400, what is the score of the 3D functionality and what is your comments about UN55H6400 3D? Once the UN65H6400 is a good TV, is it worth buying UN65H6400 instead of UN55JU7500? Thanks a lot.
It is great for 3D. It got 9/10 with very little cross-talk from time to time. The JU7500 is better overall, but if you don't care about 4k, the H6400 is still pretty good.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.