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Samsung H6400 LED TV Calibration Settings

As usual, the first change was to set the input to PC. This disables all unwanted options by default, and also drops the input lag to a minimum.

Samsung H6400 Calibration Settings 1

The brightness setting was increased by only one. This isn't for the luminosity of the screen. If you want to change the luminosity of the screen, play with the backlight setting instead. Otherwise the picture quality will change.

Samsung H6400 Calibration Settings 2

In the advanced settings menu, everything is already disabled by the PC mode.

Samsung H6400 Calibration Settings 3

The white balance needed just a slight adjustment, because it was a bit too green.

Samsung H6400 Calibration Settings 4

The color temperature of Warm1 was the closest to our calibration standard of D6500k. If you watch SD content a lot, you might want to enable the digital clean view and filter options.

Samsung H6400 Calibration Settings 5
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Questions & Answers

Would you please help me figure out why my set looks fuzzy? I have it calibrated exactly as shown on here, but the picture is still fuzzy. It's the UN48H6350. Thanks.
What is your source? If you are watching SD channels, this is normal. Those will be blurry on every TV.
You say: "If you watch SD content a lot, you might want to enable the digital clean view and filter options". But these options are deactivated when the input is "PC". When this TV is connected to a computer via HDMI should the input by all means be set to "PC" or can it be something else? Thanks in advance.
If you want to turn on that setting, you indeed need to not set the input as PC. Remove the name and change the picture mode to Movie instead.
Would you please rate the sound quality of the h6400?
Unfortunately, we are not testing for sound this year. If you care about the sound quality, you should really invest in a separate system (surround sound speakers, or at least a sound bar).
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.