Sony W800C LED TV Calibration Settings

Use the custom picture mode of the Sony W800C. It has the best default values for the calibration settings for almost every usage, including movies and sports. For gaming, Game has lower input lag.

Sony W800C Calibration Settings 1

The W800C can't get very bright, but you can increase the luminosity by increasing Brightness.

Sony W800C Calibration Settings 2

Unless you are watching DVDs or heavily compressed videos, leave every noise reduction option off.

Sony W800C Calibration Settings 3

You can control the soap opera effect, as well as the backlight flickering, by using the Motionflow setting. See the Q&A section of our review for more details.

Sony W800C Calibration Settings 4 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 5 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 9 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 10 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 11 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 12 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 19 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 13 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 14 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 15 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 16 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 17 Sony W800C Calibration Settings 18

Expert 1 color temperature was the closest to D6500k, but it needed a little adjustment.

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Questions & Answers

Hi. Should I consider buying the 2014 Sony KDL50W800B or the 2015 Sony KDL50W800C for gaming?
The Sony W800B, definitely. The input lag is lower and there's less blur, so it's a better gaming TV.
What's the difference between all the different color gamma adjustment points? I noticed the scale goes from 1-10, so which one is the most accurate?
They are all active at the same time, so you need to enter all of them. For example, 1 correspond to the values of a 10% white (aka, dark gray), 2 of a 20% white (slightly brighter gray), etc.
What would be the best settings for gaming on ps4?
To start with, make sure you select the 'Game' picture mode. This will cut down the input lag as much as possible. Then adjust 'Brightness' to maximum and increase the 'Clearness' slider under 'Motion' - 'Motionflow' to a level where you are comfortable with the overall brightness of the TV. Doing so will minimize blur in fast action sequences. Copy the rest of the settings from this page and you should be good to go.
I noticed flickering when watching streaming Netflix last night. The screen seemed to darken and then lighten over and over during different scenes. It's not clear from this writing how to adjust for that. Please help.
In the settings menu, go to 'TV' -> 'Picture & Display' -> 'Picture Adjustments' and disable the 'Light sensor' feature. That should stop the backlight from changing itself.
I am using your settings but i see a blueish outline around the face line of people. Like the cheeks and forehead. Any help would be appreciated.
It may be because of our white balance settings. Reset the 'Adv Color Temperature' and see if it helps. When you copy our settings, just don't do the 10 points white balance.
Hello and thank you for the excellent and constructive information. I just bought the Sony kdl50w800c and looked at your calibration settings. There are multiple settings and photos for Color Gamma RGB Offset - is there a particular setting that you recommend? We will be using this TV to primarily watch sports, movies and netflix/hbo.
You need to enter all the settings from 1 to 10 in the 'Multi point (10p)' section. This is what was needed for our color calibration but it is important to know that those settings a unique to each TV. Try them and see if it is better for you. If not, just reset them. All the other settings on the page are good for every kind of contents.
Hey guys! Just bought this TV and absolutely love it, looks great! Are these settings what you guys would recommend for gaming? I put it on game mode and the colors look really really dull. I'd appreciate any input! Thanks!
Yes, we suggest those settings for all contents. It may seem dull at first and may need a few days to get accustom to but they offer a great level of nuances and details. In the end, it's a matter of preferences so if you enjoy brighter and more saturated colors, change the picture mode to 'Normal' first and see if it's any better for you. Then feel free to make any other adjustments if it is still not to your taste.
This is a great website but I have recently realised that model numbers seem slightly different outside of US. I have just bought a kdl-43w805cbu in the UK. I am pretty sure this is the w800c you are talking about here, but I would appreciate your confirmation before I mess with the picture settings. Appreciate that you are U.S. focused, but I would greatly appreciate a response, as this will help lots of others with same question, I think. Thanks, and great site.
Yes, that looks like the same model. The settings should work fine.
With the new firmware update from August, do the calibration settings all stay the same?
Yes, the settings all stay the same.
How does the 3D side-by-side or over-under work? Do you need special glasses or programming to see it? Why does this TV not have the 2D to 3D conversion? Will there be an update for this? Thank you.
You'll need active 3D glasses to watch 3D. As for which setting you choose, you'll need to match the 3D content you're watching. If you don't do that, the 3D won't work.
Sony didn't include that feature in its 3D TVs this year, and we don't know whether they would in an update. Odds are that they won't, as that feature probably requires specific chips in the TV.
Does the picture settings only apply to HDMI sources? Is it possible to adjust settings on the Android TV similar to HDMI sources? Or is the setting applied to all (TV, HDMI, Android TV)?
You need to set settings for each individual source, and you can change the settings for the TV's smart features as well.
Hey guys great job with the site it's the best one out there. I just picked up a Sony 55w800c and set the calibration to the settings you posted. In the motion tab in your screenshot at the bottom there is a setting called 'Film mode' set to high. My set doesn't have that setting. In its place is one called 'CineMotion.' What exactly is that? I presume it's the same setting with a different name, but if it's not, should I still set it to high? Thanks.
We expect that it accomplishes the same thing, so yes, High will work fine.
I have an occasional dimming in the screen brightness. I have read about the ECO setting but can not locate it in the settings menu. In addition, when we turn on the TV, we get a brief "TV on standby mode" message. We sometimes listen to music from our cable box, so we turn the screen off. The TV turns itself off, however, and I can't locate the setting for this either. Thanks.
You can change both of those by going to 'Settings' -> 'TV' -> 'Power' and setting the options to whatever you like,
I'm slightly confused by these calibration settings, mainly just the Color Gamma Adjustment Points and the offset values for each level. Are these just different settings for preference? For example, is the first image with 1 point in Color Gamma Adjustment (and corresponding offset values) just a different setting than the last image with 10 points? Thanks.
All those values are active at the same time so to work correctly all 'points' values have to be entered (1 to 10). We use a precise tool called a spectro-photometer that read the color values of the TV so they can be compared to the Rec. 709 color space HDTV industry standard. The values you see for each 'points', are the adjustments needed to get to/closer to that standard. There is no preferences in those adjustments.
I have a flashlighting effect at the bottom center of the screen that interferes when viewing dark scenes. I have read that this is common with LED sets, but it really impacts viewing enjoyment. Can this be resolved at all?
You can try to massage this part of the screen with a soft cloth. We managed to fix some problems like this but it doesn't work all the time. Although this kind of problem is common for LED TVs, the w800c we got had a good black uniformity.
Is there a pattern test disc that would help calibrate all settings, like color and brightness, etc? Step by step? I would be great if this TV had a settings wizard that helped with the calibration.
Our favorite calibration disc is the Disney World of Wonder disc. It has plenty of test patterns, good explanations of what each test is for, and instructions to guide you through the process.
Unfortunately, you can't do proper color adjustments without a colorimeter and calibration software, but there are some color adjustments available on this disc to at least do a limited job of correcting issues.
I just bought the kdl55w800c Sony Bravia 3D. I am having an issue with motion blur when I watch hockey. Is there a setting I can do to remove the motion blur?
Unfortunately, there is no setting to reduce true motion blur but you can always try the 'Game' picture mode. It will disable extra processing of the TV and may correct the problem. If that is of no help, outside game mode, try to activate the 'Motionflow' setting with a low custom value (experiment with the sliders). Also it has no direct effect on motion blur but you can try to turn On both 'Random noise reduction' and 'Digital noise reduction'. That could clear up the picture some more.
I've been unable to find a solution to watching dark red scenes. The picture will lose all detail and everything looks kind of smeared, no matter what picture settings I try. Any recommendation? Thanks.
Too much saturation could lead to problems like this. When playing such a scene, cycle through the different picture mode to see if that is a problem with all of them. Make sure you don't have unusual color settings under 'Adv. color temperature'. Reset the values there to make sure. Then if you still have a problem with dark red scenes try different content to confirm it isn't a problem with the source. Adjusting 'R-Gain' to a lower value under the 'Basic - Adv. Color temperature' will lower the red only but the other suggestions should be tried first.
Does it support hard disks connected through USB?
Yes, it works, but one of our visitors mention that the reading might not be very smooth.
How do I connect a chip reader to the Sony Bravia 43w800c.
You can connect an SD Card reader to the TV, and plug your SD chip into that. Under 'Apps' there is 'Gallery' to play photos off an SD card.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.