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Sony W850B LED TV Calibration Settings

As usual, we calibrate our TVs to have a picture that is as close as possible to the original source, which also corresponds to the lowest input lag. Our settings thus work best for gaming and high bit rate movies (like Blu-ray). For lower-quality content, you will need to enable a few processing settings to compensate for the noise.

Game mode on the Sony W850B has the lowest input lag.

Sony W850B Calibration Settings 1

Game-Original disables most settings by default, which is exactly what we want. Note that we also deactivated the light sensor, which is why a backlight of 1 was bright enough for our test (111.1 cd/m2)

Sony W850B Calibration Settings 2

The color temperature of Warm2 was the closest to 6500K, as usual.

Sony W850B Calibration Settings 3

If you play games, you will probably want to set MotionFlow to Impulse (see the Q&A section of our review to see why).

Sony W850B Calibration Settings 4

In advanced settings, everything is off. Some people might prefer to decrease the gamma a little bit. A value of 0 is the equivalent of 2.2.

Sony W850B Calibration Settings 5

The white balance was a little bit off by default, but not by much.

Sony W850B Calibration Settings 6
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Questions & Answers

What are the best calibration settings for watching sports?
Use the Sports scene, but copy every setting that we posted.
I've read that the 3D on the Sony W850B is not good compared to other televisions that have active 3D. Are there settings that can improve the 3D quality?
Not really. The crosstalk issues can't be removed.
Where is the Eco setting on the 60w850b? I'm not able to see it?
It is not in the normal menu of the picture settings. Go to the smart menu interface. There is a settings button at the top right. You should be able to find it under that.
Isn't it recommended that you adjust sharpness to 0?
It depends on the TV/mode. Usually, either 0 or 50 equals no sharpness processing.
I just wanted to say that I'm glad I found this website. It was very helpful. I had a 55" Vizio LCD, and wanted to get a 60" LED now that prices have come down. I ended up getting the Sony KDL60W850B over the Samsung H7150. My main issue was reflection, and I discovered that matte screens aren't used anymore. The Samsung did have slightly better picture color, but it had a high-gloss sheen that I couldn't get myself to accept. The Sony W850B with the semi-gloss screen was almost as good as my LCD with the matte screen. I'm very happy with the Sony W850B. It has good color, minimal reflection, and the motion flow is the best I've seen. It works very well in bright rooms. This is the TV to get!
A glossy finish can help cut down on the amount of ambient light reflected by the screen, but it won't be right for every setup (particularly when the source of light is directly opposite the screen), or for every viewer. It sounds like you picked the right model for your needs and setup. Enjoy your new TV!
What were the settings for Dot Noise Reduction, Reality Creation, and Resolution? I think the TV just got a firmware update two days ago, so these might be new. Any guidance on these settings would be appreciated. These settings appear just above noise filtering.
All of these turned off. You can turn them on if you have low-quality media, though.
After I copied your calibration settings it made my TV really dark. Is there something wrong with my TV?
No, that is normal. We calibrate TVs for a completely dark room. If you have a brighter room, increase 'Backlight'. That setting is a personal preference.
Is a backlight setting of 1 really bright enough for watching Blu-ray movies?
We calibrate our TVs for a pitch black room, with a target white luminance of 100 cd/m2. Most people would probably find that too dark, so you should set the backlight setting to whatever level gives you a picture you like. Your viewing situation very well could call for a brighter backlight.
When using impulse mode, what is the max brightness level (cd/m2) that can be obtained, and is it enough for viewing SD content in a fairly bright room?
We haven't measured it, unfortunately, but it is substantially dimmer, so it won't be enough in a very bright room.
What is the best source for getting all that I can out of this TV? I am not a tech head but I want to get my money's worth out of it. I can't even find the web browser.
Calibration is the most important element, so be sure to do that. As for navigating the TV's smart features, you can find our video review and walkthrough of Sony's smart capabilities here. Once you've got your picture set up and you know your way around the smart platform a little bit, the only thing left to do is enjoy.
I noticed in your settings you were able to turn on the MotionFlow settings. However, I can't enable any MotionFlow settings in game mode. How can I get around this?
There is two game picture modes on the w850b, 'Game-Standard' and 'Game-Original'. The one we used to calibrate the w850b was 'Game-Original'. Make sure to select this one and see if it works. If not, try to do a firmware update. If your TV is already up to date, then a new firmware could have changed how MotionFlow/Impulse mode is working (we don't have the TV in hands anymore so we can't test it). Another possibility would be that the impulse mode would requires specific frequencies. In that case, try a few different games to see if it is always the same. Let us know how it goes.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.