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Sony X830C LED TV Calibration Settings

Choosing the correct picture mode has the biggest impact on the Sony X830C's calibration settings. We opted for 'Custom' to have full control over the settings. 'Game' is also a good choice if you want lower input lag or chroma 4:4:4.

Sony X830C Calibration Settings 1

Turning on 'Light sensor' can be helpful if you watch TV in a bright room during the day and in a darker one at night. The TV will adjust the luminosity by itself. But if your environment is constant, turn it off and use the 'Brightness' setting to control the luminosity instead.

Sony X830C Calibration Settings 2

The default settings are good under 'Custom'.

Sony X830C Calibration Settings 3

A sharpness of 50 means no sharpness added on this TV. Lowering it will blur the picture a bit.

Sony X830C Calibration Settings 4

Most people will probably prefer 'Motionflow' off. If you want the soap opera effect, turn it on and increase 'Smoothness'. 'Clearness' works to clarify the picture, but it also darkens the screen.

Sony X830C Calibration Settings 5 Sony X830C Calibration Settings 6

These are the 2-pt white balance calibration settings.




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