iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 Keyboard Review

Tested using Methodology v0.8
Reviewed Mar 12, 2020 at 07:57 am
iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 Picture
Mixed usage
Connectivity Wireless
Compact (60%)

The iClever folding keyboard is an amazing wireless keyboard to use with mobile devices. It can connect via Bluetooth to practically any device and will offer a better tactile typing experience than typing on a touchscreen. It's also one of the smallest keyboards we've tested so far, especially since it can become even more compact when you fold it when you are on the move. The board has chiclet keys with very tactile rubber dome switches. It's surprisingly well-built and does a good job for what it's designed for, but won't be the best keyboard to work on during an actual full day at work.

Our Verdict

6.4 Mixed usage

The iClever folding keyboard is an okay overall keyboard. It's designed for people who are looking for a tactile keyboard to type on for their mobile devices. Its performance isn't suitable for gaming and its overall design won't be ergonomic enough for the office or programmers.

  • Well-built design.
  • Very small and portable.
  • Amazing versatility.
  • Not the best ergonomics.
  • Mediocre overall typing experience.
5.7 Gaming

Although the iClever folding keyboard has a very low pre-travel distance, this board isn't designed for gaming. You can't program macros, it doesn't have any backlighting and a Bluetooth connection is probably not the best for games, although we don't currently test for keyboard latency.

9.3 Mobile/Tablet

The iClever folding keyboard is an excellent keyboard to use with mobile devices. It's one of the smallest and most portable keyboards we've tested so far. It can be used with three devices simultaneously and switching between them is easy and works seamlessly.

6.9 Office

The iClever folding keyboard is a passable option for the office, although it might not be the most comfortable one. Its ergonomics are just okay, but some people will prefer having incline settings or an included wrist rest. On the upside, it's a very quiet keyboard that won't bother people around you and it's surprisingly well-built for its price point.

5.9 Programming

The iClever folding keyboard is sub-par for programming. It can't set macros, and its small factor might not be ideal for long periods of work. The overall typing quality isn't bad for what it's designed for, but won't be great for programmers.

  • 6.4 Mixed usage
  • 5.7 Gaming
  • 9.3 Mobile/Tablet
  • 6.9 Office
  • 5.9 Programming
  1. Updated Mar 12, 2020: Review published.
  2. Updated Mar 10, 2020: Early access published.

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Black Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08

Test Results

perceptual testing image
0.3" (0.7 cm)
Width 10.9" (27.7 cm)
Depth 3.4" (8.6 cm)
Weight 0.7 lbs (0.3 kg)

The iClever folding keyboard is one of the smallest keyboards we've reviewed yet. It's small to begin with, but you can even fold it into a more compact format (1x16.3x8.6cm), which makes it a very portable option. If you want a portable keyboard that can also act as a protective case, check out the Logitech Slim Folio Pro.

Build Quality

Surprisingly enough, the build quality of this very affordable keyboard is good. Even though its frame is made of plastic, the overall build feels fairly durable. There's some light metal protecting the hinges when the keyboard is folded. The board doesn't have too much flex and its folded form feels solid enough to survive a few accidental impacts.

Board Design
Incline Settings
Wrist Rest No

The ergonomics of the iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard are just okay. It's a simple straight board that doesn't have any incline setting or wrist rest, which is to be expected considering whats its intended use is.

Backlighting No
Color No Backlighting
Brightness Settings
Individually Backlit Keys

This keyboard doesn't have any backlighting, which might not be the best option if you're trying to get some work done late at night.

Yes (Charge Only)
Length 2.6 ft (0.8 m)
Connector (Keyboard side) Micro USB

This keyboard comes with a fairly short micro-USB cable, which can only be used for charging. Even when plugged in, you'll still need to be connected to your source via Bluetooth for the keyboard to work.

Wireless Versatility
Proprietary Receiver
Multi-Device Pairing
Battery Type

The iClever folding keyboard is very versatile thanks to its multi-device pairing. The board can be connected to three devices simultaneously and you can easily switch between them with a single tap. It has three buttons just over its trackpad that can be used to switch between devices or to enter the pairing mode if you hold the buttons down.

Extra Features
Media Keys
Hot Keys
Macro Programmable Keys
Extra Controls
USB Passthrough
Numpad No
Windows Key Lock

This board has media controls on hotkeys and also features a nice trackpad with two mice buttons as well. You can also lock the Windows key by pressing Fn + F11. This keyboard offers a lot of nice little features for its small size.

In The Box

  • iClever Folding Keyboard
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Carrying bag
  • Manuals

Typing Experience
Typing Experience
Key Switches
Rubber Dome
Actuation Force
39.3 gf
1.25 mm
Total Travel
1.57 mm

This keyboard features rubber dome switches that have a very short travel distance. The chiclet keys offer decent overall feedback thanks to a big tactile bump before the actuation point. If you're looking for a keyboard with less actuation force, then check out the Brydge 10.2 Keyboard for Apple iPad.

Typing Experience
Typing Quality

The typing quality of the iClever folding keyboard is not bad. The keys might feel small at first and you might hit some unwanted keys like the device #1 Bluetooth key instead of the backspace. The smaller form factor of the keyboard might require you to get used to its layout, but once you do, it gets quite natural to type on it. The keys feel decent but it can get quite tiring to type for long periods as there's no support whatsoever for your hands, wrists, and forearms. For a slightly better typing experience, check out the AmazonBasics K4R, which also has a built-in touchpad.

Typing Experience
Typing Noise
Very Quiet

The iClever folding keyboard is very quiet and can easily be used in crowded environments. If you need to work in a library or cafe, it shouldn't disturb people surround you.

Software and Operating System
Software and Operating System
Software No Software
Account Required
No Software
No Profile
Onboard Memory
Cloud Sync
Backlight Programming
Macro Programming
Software Windows Compatible
Software macOS Compatible

This keyboard doesn't have any customization software available.

Software and Operating System
Keyboard Compatibility
Windows Full
macOS Full
Linux Full
Android Partial
iOS Partial
iPadOS Partial

This keyboard is one of the most versatile ones we've tested so far. Thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility, it can be used with any operating system. However, with mobile devices, the trackpad is useless and the right Alt key doesn't work on Android.

Compared To Other Keyboards

The iClever folding keyboard is unique thanks to its design and very portable size. It's a great keyboard to use with mobile devices and tablets, and it features a useful trackpad if you want to control your media center from a distance without having to get up. It might not be as responsive or have an amazing typing experience like other keyboards we've reviewed, but it does a great job at what it's designed for. For more typical keyboards, check out our recommendations for the best keyboards, the best wireless keyboards, and the best mechanical keyboards.

Apple Magic Keyboard 2017

The iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 is more portable than the Apple Magic Keyboard 2017, but it's not as well-built and doesn't offer a nice typing experience. The iClever is mainly made to be used wirelessly with mobile devices and tablets, while the Apple keyboard goes well with an Apple computer. The typing quality of the Apple's scissor switches is also noticeably more satisfying than the rubber dome switches of the iClever.

Brydge 10.2 Keyboard for Apple iPad

The iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 is a bit better keyboard than the Brydge 10.2 Keyboard for Apple iPad. It can pair with up to three devices at once, it has a mouse pad on the side, and it's fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. The Brydge is fully compatible on iPadOS, and it offers a much better typing experience; plus it has white backlighting if you need to use it in a dark environment.

Fintie Soft TPU Keyboard Case For iPad 7th Gen

The iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 is much better than the Fintie Soft TPU Keyboard Case For iPad 7th Gen. It has multi-device pairing, it's fully compatible on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and the build quality is much better. If you prefer slightly bigger mobile keyboards, the Fintie's typing area is wider, and there's an extra row on top for dedicated media and cut/copy/paste keys.

AmazonBasics K4R

The AmazonBasics K4R and the iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 both have an integrated touchpad. The iClever is better for using with mobile devices, while the AmazonBasics is better for the office. The AmazonBasics' typing experience also feels noticeably heavier than the folding keyboard.

Logitech K780

The iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 and the Logitech K780 are very different keyboards for mobile use. The iClever is a better keyboard if you're on the move often, while the Logitech is better if you want a separate work station at your desk with a mobile device or tablet. The iClever is more portable and practical if you move a lot and need to work in tight spaces like on the train, but the K780 is a more typical office keyboard with better build quality and an overall better typing experience.

Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multidevice Keyboard

The iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 is a better option than the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multidevice Keyboard if you're looking for a portable option to use with mobile devices and tablets. It's much more portable thanks to its smaller and foldable design, but it doesn't have a dock for your devices like the K480 does. The iClever uses a rechargeable battery, while the Logitech uses two AAA disposable batteries. The rubber domes switches of the iClever also have almost half of the travel distance of the K480.

Logitech Keys-To-Go

The iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 is a better keyboard for mobile devices and tablets than the Logitech Keys-To-Go. Its unique folding design is more portable, although it doesn't feel as durable as the Logitech's design. On the other hand, the iClever has a trackpad and can be connected to three different Bluetooth devices. Its keys also offer a slightly better typing experience than the Logitech.

Logitech Slim Folio Pro

The iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 is very different than the Logitech Slim Folio Pro. The Logitech aims to be a protective case and a keyboard for an iPad, while the iClever isn't designed for any specific design. The iClever is also more portable thanks to its folding design and it can be connected to multiple devices simultaneously. There's also a built-in touchpad on the iClever.

Logitech K400 Plus

The iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08 is better than the Logitech K400 Plus for mobile devices, thanks to its Bluetooth support and better portability. The Logitech isn't designed for mobile devices, but it has better ergonomics due to its slight incline and it has a companion software that allows you to make some customizations to the keyboard.

Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

The Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is a better wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad than the iClever Tri-Folding Keyboard BK08. The Corsair feels better-built, has slightly better ergonomics, has customizable backlighting, can be used wired, offers a better typing experience, and has companion software. On the other hand, the iClever is better for taking around with you, thanks to its foldable design.

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