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The 4 Best Dell Monitors of 2022 Reviews

Best Dell Monitors

We've tested over 30 Dell monitors on our latest test bench. Dell releases a handful of monitors each year, usually towards the end of the year, and like many manufacturers, some of their most popular models tend to stay on the market for two to three years. Dell monitors range from basic 1080p monitors to the most advanced gaming or professional-grade monitors. Many Dell monitors target office users, and from Dell's website, it's even possible to buy monitors without stands or in kits, which is great if you want a multi-monitor setup on a mounting bracket.


Best Dell Monitors

  1. Best 4k Dell Office Monitor

    The best Dell monitor for work with a 4k resolution that we've tested is the Dell S2722QC. It's a great office monitor with a few standout features, including USB-C support with power delivery, so you can charge your laptop and use the screen with a single cable. It also has a built-in USB hub, so you can leave your mouse and keyboard connected to your monitor, eliminating the need for dongles or a separate USB dock if your laptop only has a few ports. It also supports picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture modes, meaning you can view multiple sources at once. It's especially useful if you've been working from home and have a business and personal PC at the same desk.

    It has great visibility in bright rooms, with high peak brightness and good reflection handling, so you don't have to worry about glare. It also has wide viewing angles, which is great if you often need to share your screen with someone else. Like most Dell monitors, it has excellent ergonomics and thin bezels, with a great stand that supports the monitor well. It's a great choice for a multi-monitor setup, as you can rotate it to portrait orientation in either direction, so you decide which way the down-facing inputs face. Unfortunately, it's not as well-suited for a dark room, especially if you prefer using a dark user interface, as it has low contrast, so blacks look gray in a dark room. It's a versatile monitor overall, and it's also the best Dell monitor for photo editing that we've tested.

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  2. Best 1080p Dell Gaming Monitor

    The best Dell monitor for gaming with a 1080p resolution that we've tested is the Dell Alienware AW2521H. This compact 25 inch model has a flat IPS panel, and like most Alienware monitors, the build quality is excellent, with a stand that offers an impressive amount of ergonomic adjustments. It has good reflection handling and great peak brightness, meaning visibility won't be an issue, even in bright, sunny rooms. It stands out for its incredible motion handling. It has a 360Hz refresh rate and superb response time, resulting in smooth and clear motion in fast-moving scenes, as well as amazing responsiveness. There's a backlight strobing, but it only works within a narrow refresh rate range, and it isn't usable simultaneously with variable refresh rate (VRR). It supports G-SYNC natively but isn't FreeSync compatible, which might disappoint those with an AMD graphics card.

    Unfortunately, while there's HDR support, there are some downsides because it can't display a wide color gamut, and the refresh rate at 10-bit color depth is limited to 300Hz over DisplayPort and 144Hz over HDMI. Also, despite having a better contrast ratio than most IPS panels, blacks still look grayish. On the bright side, it has a USB hub with four USB 3.0 ports, as well as an NVIDIA 'Reflex' feature that measures input lag and helps reduce it. Images remain accurate when viewed from the side thanks to its wide viewing angles, which is great for playing co-op games. Overall, this is the best Alienware monitor we've tested, and it's an excellent gaming monitor that should please most people.

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  3. Best 1440p Dell Gaming Monitor

    If you prefer a gaming monitor with a higher resolution, then the Dell S2721DGF is the best 1080p gaming monitor for Dell that we've tested. It's different from the Dell Alienware AW2521H because it's slightly bigger at 27 inches, and the higher 1440p resolution delivers a more immersive gaming experience. Although you won't get the same 360Hz refresh rate, it still has a high 165Hz refresh rate, and it has native FreeSync support with G-SYNC compatibility to reduce screen tearing. It also has an incredibly fast response time that results in almost no motion blur, and it remains quick even when gaming at 60Hz. Also, you won't notice any delay while gaming, thanks to its low input lag.

    Unfortunately, our unit has disappointing out-of-the-box accuracy, meaning you may need to get it calibrated to enjoy the most accurate colors, but this also may vary between units. It doesn't have an optional backlight strobing feature to reduce motion blur, but you likely won't need it anyway since the response time is so fast. It supports HDR10, but it doesn't add much because it doesn't get bright enough in HDR to make highlights pop, the contrast ratio is low, and even though it has a local dimming feature, it performs terribly and causes blooming around bright objects. Due to its IPS panel, it has wide viewing angles, and the excellent ergonomics make it easy to place in an ideal viewing position for co-op gaming. Overall, if you want a 1440p gaming monitor from Dell, you should be happy with this one.

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  4. Best Dell Ultrawide Monitor

    The best Dell monitor with an ultrawide screen that we've tested is the Dell S3422DWG. It's a very good 34 inch monitor with an ultrawide, 21:9 aspect ratio. This wide-format screen is great for gaming as it delivers a more immersive gaming experience. The gentle curve makes you feel like you're part of the action and gives you a bit of a competitive edge in some games, thanks to the wider field of view. It delivers a great gaming experience, with low input lag and FreeSync variable refresh rate support, for a responsive, nearly tear-free gaming experience. It also has a great response time, although there's some dark smearing behind fast-moving objects.

    It's also one of the best HDR monitors on the market. It has a high contrast ratio and good peak brightness in HDR, so blacks look black in a dark room, and bright highlights stand out in games without washing out the rest of the screen. It also has a great HDR color gamut, with excellent coverage of the DCI-P3 color space used by most current HDR content. It's also a good monitor for multitasking or office work, as the ultrawide format makes it easier to work with multiple windows open at once. Overall, it's a great choice if you're looking for an ultrawide monitor from Dell.

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Compared to other brands

  • Great ergonomics. Most Dell monitors have easily adjustable stands, allowing you to place the screen in the ideal viewing position. Many of them are designed with multi-monitor setups in mind.
  • Good quality. With very few exceptions, most Dell monitors have good build quality and are well-designed.
  • Good color accuracy. Dell monitors typically have good pre-calibration results and accurate colors.
  • Mediocre contrast. Almost all Dell monitors use IPS panels, which typically have mediocre contrast. There are a few exceptions, including the S3221QS and the S3220DGF.
  • Basic gaming performance. Besides their gaming-oriented Alienware lineup, most other models aren't versatile enough for competitive gamers.

Dell vs ASUS

ASUS monitors typically have better motion handling and are more gaming-oriented than Dell monitors, offering more advanced gaming features. Dell has a wider range of models and has some available in larger sizes and higher resolutions better suited for multitasking.

Dell vs LG

Dell monitors generally have much better ergonomics than LG and are generally better suited for office use. Most LG monitors we've tested offer better motion handling and more advanced gaming features.

Buying a Dell monitor is generally a pretty safe bet. Like most brands, they vary greatly in performance, but even cheaper models perform well for most uses. Whether you need an office monitor or a gaming model, you'll likely find it with Dell.


Dell's lineup ranges from very basic, cheaper models to more advanced professional monitors. Their naming scheme is very easy to understand, so you know almost exactly what you're getting just by the model number.

Dell model numbers start with a letter, which indicates the series:

  • P:​ Professional.
  • S: These monitors are typically for home offices or small businesses.
  • U: UltraSharp monitors.
  • UP: UltraSharp, with PremierColor.
  • AW: Stands for Alienware, which differentiates Dell's gaming monitors.

This is followed by a two-digit code that indicates the size, followed by two digits that indicate the model year. For example:

  • 3422: 34", 2022 model
  • 2721: 27", 2021 model
  • 2520: 25", 2020 model

Most Dell model numbers end with one or more letters, used to identify certain features. This isn't a complete list, but here are some of the most common suffixes:

  • H: 16:9 aspect ratio
  • W: Ultrawide aspect ratio
  • D: 1440p resolution
  • Q: 4k resolution
  • F: AMD FreeSync support
  • G: NVIDIA G-SYNC support

Recent Updates

  1. Apr 13, 2022: Verified our picks for accuracy and refreshed the text.

  2. Jan 13, 2022: Replaced the Dell S2721QS with the Dell S2722QC because it's newer and has a USB-C input; added the Dell S2721DGF as the 'Best 1440p Gaming Monitor' and renamed the Dell AW2521H as the 'Best 1080p Gaming Monitor'.

  3. Oct 07, 2021: Removed the Dell U3818DW, as it's no longer available. Added the Dell S3422DWG as the 'Best Dell Ultrawide Monitor'.

  4. Jul 09, 2021: Verified accuracy of picks. No change in recommendations.

  5. Apr 12, 2021: Minor text and structure changes. Replaced Dell Alienware AW2521HF with Dell Alienware AW2521H.


Dell monitors range from basic, small monitors great for students to the most advanced professional displays for photo editing, media creation, or general office use. They also have a few great gaming monitors in their Alienware lineup, but this isn't their main focus. Dell monitors are well-built, and almost all of them have great ergonomics. Dell is very consistent in their design language, with most models sharing a very similar style, and even the UI is consistent across lineups. Usually, buying a Dell monitor is a pretty safe bet.

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