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Razer Naga Trinity Mouse Review

Tested using Methodology v0.8.1
Reviewed Dec 11, 2019 at 08:55 am
Razer Naga Trinity Picture
Test Methodology v0.8.1
Mixed Usage
Video Games (FPS)
Video Games (MMO)
Ultra-Light Gaming
Connectivity Wired

The Razer Naga Trinity is a great, versatile gaming mouse thanks to its swappable side panel design. Whether you play FPS or MMO games, you'll find a button layout that's good for you. This is a wired-only mouse with very low latency, which is great. It's also compatible with Razer Synapse 3, which allows a great amount of customization. However, it's a bit bulky, so it won't be great for traveling or if you have smaller hands. Nevertheless, the Naga Trinity is very well-built and great for gamers who like a wider and taller body.

Our Verdict

7.7 Mixed Usage

Very good for mixed usage. This mouse offers multiple button layouts and is versatile for different types of games, or even to use at the office. It's on the bulkier side, so it won't be ideal for people with smaller hands. It performs very well and there are a lot of customization options inside its app.

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7.6 Office/Multimedia

Good for office use. It has many programmable buttons, but it's on the bulkier side, so it isn't recommended for smaller hands. There's also no left-handed variant as of now. It has good ergonomics if you like to use the palm or claw grips.

5.0 Travel

Sub-par for traveling. This mouse is too bulky and can't be used wirelessly, which isn't ideal for travel.

7.9 Video Games (FPS)

Very good for video games like FPS. The wired connection offers a very low latency, which is amazing and the mouse offers great ergonomics for people that can palm or claw-grip the mouse. However, the mouse is rather heavy and the cable is a bit stiff, which can create some drag when moving the mouse. It's also a bit big for smaller hands. On the upside, it's also customizable, as you can choose the side panel button layout you prefer depending on the games you play.

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9.1 Video Games (MMO)

Excellent for MMOs. This mouse has very low latency and you can choose to get up to 19 programmable buttons. The mouse has good ergonomics and feels good in the hand, but might be a bit bulky for smaller hands.

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6.4 Ultra-Light Gaming

The Naga Trinity isn't the smallest or lightest mouse. If you're looking for a very light gaming mouse, there are better options.

  • 7.7 Mixed Usage
  • 7.6 Office/Multimedia
  • 5.0 Travel
  • 7.9 Video Games (FPS)
  • 9.1 Video Games (MMO)
  • 6.4 Ultra-Light Gaming
  • Great gaming design.
  • Multiple button-layouts; customizable.
  • Very well-built design.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Not recommended for small hands.
  • Rigid cable.
  • Not suitable for traveling due to wired-only use and size.
  1. Update 12/20/2019: Converted to Test Bench 0.8.1.

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Test Results

perceptual testing image

The Razer Naga Trinity has a very gaming-oriented look. You have RGB zones on the logo, wheel, and side buttons. It's not too flashy if you choose the side accessory with only two buttons.

Maximum Weight With Wire
148 g
Maximum Weight Without Wire
120 g
Minimum Weight Without Wire
115 g

The two side button FPS panel is the lightest one if you want to reduce the Razer Naga Trinity's weight. However, it's still a fairly heavy mouse.

Length 4.7" (11.9 cm)
Height 1.7" (4.3 cm)
Width 2.8" (7.2 cm)
22.46 Cu. Inch (368 Cu. centimeter)
Cable/Receiver Storing

The Razer Naga Trinity is fairly big and there's no pouch to carry around the different side panels. This mouse isn't very travel-friendly.

Build Quality

The Razer Naga Trinity is very well-built. Although it's entirely made of plastic, it feels sturdy. The swappable side panels hold well in place, but there's a little wobble on the mouse wheel. However, this is probably due to the ability to tilt it.

Comfort Of Use
Grip Width
68 mm

The ergonomics of this mouse are great. It's made for right-handed people, and the overall feel depends on which side panel you use. With the 12-button one, some buttons are harder to reach. Due to its large format, this mouse is better used in palm or claw grip and isn't recommended for people with smaller hands.

Palm Grip: Hand Size Recommendation
Palm Grip: Small Hand
Palm Grip: Medium Hand
Palm Grip: Large Hand
Palm Grip: X.Large Hand

This grip is unsuitable for small hands, as you won't reach all the buttons, and extra large hands, as they'll extend beyond the mouse.

Claw Grip: Hand Size Recommendation
Claw Grip: Small Hand
Claw Grip: Medium Hand
Claw Grip: Large Hand
Claw Grip: X.Large Hand

This grip is suitable for most hand sizes, but small hands might have trouble reaching some buttons.

Fingertip Grip: Hand Size Recommendation
Fingertip Grip: Small Hand
Fingertip Grip: Medium Hand
Fingertip Grip: Large Hand
Fingertip Grip: X.Large Hand

Due to its large format, the mouse is hard to grip with fingertips if you have a small or medium-sized hand.

Battery Type
No Batteries
Use When Charging
On/Off Activation

The Razer Naga Trinity is a wired-only mouse and can't be used wirelessly.

Cable Length 7.0 ft (2.1 m)
Port Type: Mouse End
No Port
Port Type: PC End

The Razer Naga Trinity's braided cable is fairly rigid and isn't the most flexible. There are some folding marks on the cable because of the way it's packaged, which can be bothersome when using the mouse.

In The Box

  • Razer Naga Trinity mouse
  • 3x swappable side panels
  • Manuals

Sensor Technology
Optical (LED)
Works On Glass
Click Latency
Click Latency: Receiver
Click Latency: Bluetooth
Click Latency: Wired
6 ms

The Razer Naga Trinity's wired click latency is very low and is optimal for gamers.

Minimum CPI (DPI)
100 CPI (DPI)
Maximum CPI (DPI)
16000 CPI (DPI)
CPI (DPI) Adjustment Steps
50 CPI (DPI)
CPI (DPI) Error
2.4 %
Mouse Acceleration
Lift Off Distance
1.2 mm
Maximum Polling Rate
1000 Hz

The Razer Naga Trinity's DPI range is excellent and allows you to customize the mouse sensitivity to your preference. Also, thanks to the very high polling rate, the cursor fluidity is great and accurate. This will be great for any use, but especially for competitive gamers.

Buttons Activation
Number Of Buttons
Number Of Programmable Inputs
Profile Switching Button
CPI (DPI) Switching Button

The Razer Naga comes with three different side panels that offer different button layouts. You can get up to 20 total buttons using the 12-button panel, which is great for MMOs. You can easily set their function in the app and switch between DPI settings and profiles.

Mouse Wheel
Vertical Wheel
Vertical Wheel Incremented
Vertical Wheel Unlock Button
Vertical Wheel Tilt
Horizontal Wheel
Horizontal Wheel Incremented
No horizontal Wheel

The Razer Naga Trinity's wheel is decent. It has a nice incremented feeling and also has the ability to tilt for extra inputs.

Operating System And Software
Operating System And Software
Compatible Software Option
Software Name Razer Synapse 3
Software Windows Compatibility
Software macOS Compatibility
Account Needed
On-Board Memory
CPI (DPI) Adjustment
Polling Rate Adjustment
Profile Configuration
RGB On/Off

The Naga Trinity is compatible with the Razer Synapse 3 software, which allows many customization options. You can play around with the RGB lightning and set the performance settings to your preference. If you like to play different games with different settings, it's quite easy to save profiles and switch between them. There's also a function to calibrate your mouse to a Razer mousepad, but we didn't test this. The settings are saved inside the mouse's on-board memory, so you won't lose them if you plug it into a new computer.

Operating System And Software
Mouse Compatibility
Windows Compatibility Fully
macOS Compatibility Partially

Great compatibility, including full Windows support; however, the Razer Synapse 3 software isn't compatible with macOS, so the customization options aren't available. However, you're still able to plug in and use your mouse with macOS devices, though you'll be limited to the default settings.

Compared to other mice

The Razer Naga Trinity is an outstanding wired gaming mouse. It has amazingly low wired latency and its design is suitable for multiple game genres as you can easily switch its side panel to suit your needs. However, people with small hands might prefer another option and this mouse's cable is quite stiff and prone to kinks. See our recommendations for the best wired mouse, the best gaming mouse, and the best mouse. If you're interested in Razer products, also check out the best Razer mice.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming

The Razer Naga Trinity and the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming are both great MMO mice. The Naga has a unique design with three optional panels to give you your choice between two, six, or 12 additional buttons. Both mice can only be used wired, though the cable on the Logitech is slightly less rigid. The Logitech can be used comfortably in both palm and claw grip by everyone except those with small hands, but isn't recommended at all for fingertip grip due to its shape. On the other hand, the Razer is best for medium and large hands in palm grip, everyone except those with small hands in claw grip, and only larger hands for fingertip grip.

Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB

The Razer Naga Trinity and the Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB are both great mice for MMO gaming. The Naga features a unique design with three optional side panels to make it suitable for all types of games from FPS to MMOs, while the Corsair features a more traditional MMO style with 12 additional buttons on the side. Unfortunately, the Naga is a bit larger and people with small hands will have a tough time getting a comfortable grip; the Corsair should be comfortable for small hands in both palm and claw grip, though very large hands may have a difficult time with palm grip.

Logitech G502 Hero

The Razer Naga Trinity and the Logitech G502 Hero are both great gaming mice. They're wired right-handed mice that aren't recommended in any grip for people with small hands, though people with large hands should be able to use them both comfortably in any grip type. The Naga Trinity has a unique design with three optional side panels to give you the option of two, six, or 12 additional side buttons, while the Logitech has six programmable side buttons.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

The Razer Naga Trinity and the Razer DeathAdder Elite are both great gaming mice, but for different purposes. The Naga Trinity has three optional side panels to give you your choice of a more standard two-button layout, a more MMO-centric layout with 12 more buttons, or a circular 6-button layout. They're both designed for right-handed use, though the DeathAdder will be better in palm grip for small or very large hands as the Naga is quite a bit wider, and has a palm rest on the right side.

Razer Mamba Elite

The Razer Naga Trinity and the Razer Mamba Elite are both great gaming mice. The Naga has a unique design with three swappable side panels to give you the option between 2, 6, or 12 additional side buttons. Meanwhile, the Mamba Elite has two side buttons. People with smaller hands may find the Mamba Elite more comfortable, as the Naga isn't recommended in any grip type for small hands. They both have very low latency and wide customizable CPI range, which is excellent.

Razer Basilisk

The Razer Naga Trinity and the Razer Baslisk are both great wired gaming mice. The Naga has a unique design with three optional side panels to give you the choice between two, six, or 12 additional side buttons. On the other hand, the Basilisk has three side buttons. However, if you have small hands, you will likely be better off with the Basilisk, as the Naga is larger and may be tough to get a comfortable fit with. In terms of performance, they both have a wide customizable CPI range and a very low latency, which is great.

SteelSeries Rival 500

The Razer Naga Trinity is a more versatile gaming mouse than the SteelSeries Rival 500. While the Rival 500 is meant for MMO gaming and is likely too heavy for most FPS gamers, the Naga Trinity is a bit lighter and has a unique design with swappable side panels so you can change the number of programmable buttons available depending on the type of game you're playing. The Rival 500 is better suited for people with small hands, but the Naga Trinity has a much lower click latency.

UtechSmart VENUS

The Razer Naga Trinity is a much better wired MMO gaming mouse than the UtechSmart VENUS. The Razer has a unique design with swappable side buttons, making it a great choice for both MMO as well as FPS games. It also has more programmable buttons, with its MMO panel installed, as its mouse wheel has L/T tilt buttons. The Razer may also be a better choice if you have very large hands and use a claw grip. On the other hand, the VENUS has weight optimization and a better and more consistent sensor.


While both the Razer Naga Trinity and the Corsair GLAIVE PRO have swappable side panels, the Naga's three side panels feature a different amount of programmable buttons, while the Corsair's side panels offer different grip textures and shapes, including a thumb rest. Both of these mice are wired, and while the slightly lighter weight Corsair is better for FPS gaming, the Naga gives you the option to add 12 programmable side buttons, which is better for MMO games. The Corsair is a better option if you have small hands, while the Naga is best suited for medium or large hands.

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