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Test Bench 1.3


See the previous 1.2 changelog.

See next 1.4 changelog.  


  • Removed Ultra-Light Gaming usage.


Sensor Latency (New Box)

  • Added a video of the sensor latency impact.
  • Added a graph of the timing of the sensor latency.
  • Added a graph of the sensor latency changes based on the CPI setting.
  • Added the average delay for the first movement.
  • Added the average delay for the half movement.
  • Added the average delay for the full movement.

New box :

Comfort Of Use

  • Modified Ambidextrous: Now makes a distinction between shape and shape and button symmetry.
  • Renamed Left-Handed to clarify intention.
  • Removed Right-handed to remove contradiction with ambidextrous.

 Previous box :

New modified box :

Wireless Versatility

  • Added Maximum Of Paired Devices (multi-device pairing).

Previous box :

New modified box :

Additional Buttons

  • Removed any aspect of the main left/right click to evaluate only what makes a better MMO/MOBA mouse.

Previous box :

New modified box :

Compatible Software Option

  • Added choice of No RGB for RGB On/Off so mice without lighting wouldn't be penalized.

77 Mice Updated So Far

We are retesting popular models first. So far, the test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.

52 Mice Planned To Be Updated

We are also planning to retest the following products over the course of the next few weeks: