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Test Bench 0.8.1


See previous 0.8 changelog.

See next 1.0 changelog.  



  • Minimum weight without wire: Changed our test rules on weight optimization. A weight optimization that greatly affects the ergonomics of the mouse isn't taken into account.


  • Updated our click latency methodology to represent the latency when the click is pressed down.
  • Remeasured all click latency.

Usage ratings

  • Updated Video Games (FPS), and Ultra-Light Gaming ratings.


Note: We are currently unable to retest the Logitech G602, as we lost the proprietary receiver. If we find it we'll retest it and update the review.


34 Mice Updated

We have retested popular models. The test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.