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LG LF5800 LED TV Calibration Settings

If you are watching movies, TV shows, or sports, set the picture mode of the LG LF5800 LED TV to 'Expert1' to gain full control over the calibration settings. For gaming, select 'Game' instead to get a lower input lag time of 49.6ms.

LG LF5800 Calibration Settings 1

To make the screen brighter, increase 'Backlight', not 'Brightness'.

LG LF5800 Calibration Settings 2

When watching SD channnels or DVDs, turn on 'Noise Reduction' to get rid of some of the noise. You might need to change 'Black Level' if you are sending a full 0-255 HDMI signal.

LG LF5800 Calibration Settings 3

Disable 'Dynamic Contrast.' Otherwise, the picture looks too processed.

LG LF5800 Calibration Settings 4 LG LF5800 Calibration Settings 5

Above, you can find the results of our 2pt white balance calibration.

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Questions & Answers

I just bought the new LG LF5800 and there are two broad bands of grey on each side of the screen. I have followed all settings as advised, but can't get rid of them.
What are you watching? If you're watching DVDs or standard definition TV, it's normal to see bars on the size of the screen. If you don't mind cropping the image to get rid of the bars, press the 'Ratio' button on the remote and then choose 'Zoom.'
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.