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Sony W600B LED TV Calibration Settings

First, we changed the scene to set it to Game. This reduces input lag and disables most unwanted options by default.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 1

The picture mode 'Game-Original' has most options disabled, so the picture displayed is as close to the source as possible. If you want to change the luminosity of the screen, change the Backlight setting. The steps are big, though, so a value of 2 was the closest to our 100 cd / m2 target, even if the result was 91 cd / m2. When set to the max, we measured 233 cd / m2.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 2

The color temperature of Warm2 was the closest to 6500K.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 3

The other settings are disabled.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 4

In advanced settings, everything is turned off.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 5

'LED Motion Mode' reduces the blur considerably, without increasing the lag. Check out the Q&A section of our review for more details and a picture.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 6

As for the white balance, it was missing a bit of blue by default, so we reduced the gain on the red and green channel.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 7




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