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Sony W600B LED TV Calibration Settings

First, we changed the scene to set it to Game. This reduces input lag and disables most unwanted options by default.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 1

The picture mode 'Game-Original' has most options disabled, so the picture displayed is as close to the source as possible. If you want to change the luminosity of the screen, change the Backlight setting. The steps are big, though, so a value of 2 was the closest to our 100 cd / m2 target, even if the result was 91 cd / m2. When set to the max, we measured 233 cd / m2.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 2

The color temperature of Warm2 was the closest to 6500K.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 3

The other settings are disabled.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 4

In advanced settings, everything is turned off.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 5

'LED Motion Mode' reduces the blur considerably, without increasing the lag. Check out the Q&A section of our review for more details and a picture.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 6

As for the white balance, it was missing a bit of blue by default, so we reduced the gain on the red and green channel.

Sony W600B Calibration Settings 7
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Questions & Answers

How can I get the most high definition image for movies (settings)?
The settings that we posted are good for Blu-rays. For lower-quality content, turn on Details and Edge Enhancer.
What would be the best calibration settings for gaming on PS4?
The ones that we posted should be good.
How can you adjust the MotionFLow 240 and X-Reality Pro settings on this unit? I can't find the settings.
This TV doesn't have the MotionFlow setting (motion interpolation). The X-Reality Pro is not a separate setting; it is the marketing name that encompass all their processing features (details enhancer, noise reduction, edge enhancer, etc).
I have the 40W600B and I use these settings for games. I copied the brightness, contrast, color, color temperature, and sharpness, and the picture is fantastic. Is it true that I should leave the white balance setting alone?
You should feel free to adjust the white balance settings if you'd like. We say not to use our settings because each individual unit will require unique adjustments, but finding the right balance for your TV will improve the color accuracy of the picture you are watching.
That said, you would need to invest in a colorimeter or in a professional calibration to get this done properly, and the default balance in conjunction with our settings gets you about 95% of the way to ideal picture anyway. In other words, you're probably best off leaving the white balance as it is.
If "LED Motion Mode" is enabled, do I have to adjust other settings to compensate for less light output?
Increase 'Backlight' and make sure the ECO sensor is disabled.
Can I watch two shows at the same time? I think it's called split screen.
Yes you can. Press Options on the remote, then select 'Twin Picture'.
In your settings, LED Motion Mode is disabled. Is this what you recommend doing? Would you do this and use these settings for sports and gaming?
This is personal preference. Most people will prefer it off, due to the darkness and flickering, even for sports or gaming. If you don't mind that, go for it.
Are these the best settings for watching sports?
Yes, they are also good for sports.
Does this TV have the Soap Opera effect?
No. It doesn't have that feature.
What setting in Game or Graphics gives me 4:4:4 chroma + lowest input lag + 0 overscan?
Both of these scenes should have all of that by default. For example, you can try the overscan using this test pattern: overscan-pattern.png.
What are the best audio settings for gaming? Music sounds great, but character voices sound very low.
Unfortunately, we do not currently test or calibrate for audio, and we no longer have our W600B, either.
These settings are great, but does the backlight increase the input lag or not?
No, it won't affect the input lag.
I want to buy this TV, but I want vivid colors and good blacks and little motion blur while playing PS4. Is this the right TV?
It is a budget/mid-level TV. As long as you don't have your expectations too high, you will be very happy with it.
I have the 48w600b and have been overall very happy with. The firmware updates have made the interface and boot times quicker as well. I don't use it for gaming, only cable (SD and HD) and streaming movies. I have one question and one issue though. Question: In the comments of your review, you talk about using the Cinema scene; however, in the settings here you specify to use the Game scene. Is the Game scene still the most accurate in my scenario? Issue: One of the issues I noticed from the beginning was in close-ups. Examples being close-ups Game of Thrones and the Blacklist, when the people talk or nod their head it seems like their facial features stay in one place while the rest of the face moves around. Hopefully I explained that well. Is there a setting I can adjust to correct this? Thank you for your informative site!
From an accurate point of view, 'Game' is better. But if you want to be able to play with more settings, 'Cinema' gives you more options.
The issue you are describing can be caused by a few things. Assuming you tried all the settings above, the main other cause of this is compression artifacts, caused by the source (which you can't do anything about, unless getting access to better content). Turning on the noise reductions features might help a little bit though.
Would these calibration settings work well for an HTPC that is also used as a gaming pc?
Good day. Great website. Awesome information. I tried your settings for sports viewing and it really did not look good at all. Is there a 'reference guide' to help me out, or any other way to figure out how best to 'calibrate' the machine?
There are calibration discs like 'Disney's World of Wonder' and the AVS HD 709 Calibration disc (or any number of other options) which have patterns and tests you can use for calibrating the TV, and which guide you through the process.
You can also email us to tell us what you did not like about the picture and we can recommend changes that might better suit your taste.
I am stuck between choosing this or the Samsung UN40J6200. Can you comment which you would recommend? (both are similarly priced) Which has a better viewing angle?
For movies, the picture quality is similar but the J6200 is more versatile. It has excellent motion handling and will be better for sports and video games. It is a little less bright than the w600b but it doesn't have much reflections. Viewing angles are about the same for both TVs. If you don't have more than one or two windows, get the J6200 or else get the w600b.
Even with HD service, the picture for TV broadcasts, DVDS, etc on the 40" W600B on Standard Setting, with the calibrations you suggest, seems very "muddy and murky" compared to my nine-year-old 20" CRT Sony Wega on Standard. Setting the W600B to "Vivid" helps a lot. Will this Vivid setting "burn out" the TV quickly?
No, you won't burn the TV out faster by watching content in Vivid mode.
Where do I go to check if I have the latest firmware update?
Press the 'Home' button on your remote, then select 'Help' -> 'Customer Support' -> 'Software Update.'
Your TV will then either begin to download an update or inform you that there are no new updates available for download.
I have a Sony Bravia W600B. What's the best picture settings while watching Netflix? Game mode is unavailable. Should I use the same settings on this page, but with cinema? Or general? Thanks
You can try the same setting that we use for the newer Sony W600D, it should match pretty closely the W600B. The setting page can be access here.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.