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Sony W800B LED TV Calibration Settings

We put the scene to Game to have the lowest input lag, as well as a more natural picture (it disables most processing settings by default).

Sony W800B Calibration Settings 1

The brightness was good out of the box. We reduced the backlight setting to 2 to hit our 100 cd/m2 white target, but you can set this to your preference depending on the amount of light in your room.

Sony W800B Calibration Settings 2

As with most TVs, the color temperature of Warm2 was the closest to 6500K.

Sony W800B Calibration Settings 3

The other settings are disabled. Smooth gradation is an anti aliasing feature. If you want the lowest amount of motion blur, set the MotionFlow setting to Impulse (check out why in our review).

Sony W800B Calibration Settings 4

In advanced settings, everything is turned off.

Sony W800B Calibration Settings 5 Sony W800B Calibration Settings 6

As for the white balance, it was pretty close out of the box. The gamma curve was also very flat.

Sony W800B Calibration Settings 7




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