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Sony W950B LED TV Calibration Settings

The Sony W950B has the lowest input lag that we have seen, provided the scene is set to Game. This also deactivates most options by default, which is what we want.

Sony W950B Calibration Settings 1

We set the mode to Game-Original to have the picture as closes to the original as possible. Also, we disabled ECO mode in the settings menu, which is why we reduced the backlight setting to the minimum to hit our 100 cd / m2 target.

Sony W950B Calibration Settings 2

The color temperature of Warm2 was the closest to 6500K, as usual.

Sony W950B Calibration Settings 3

To have a picture as close to the original as possible, we disabled everything. MotionFlow is the setting that you want to play with to reduce the amount of blur / interpolate frames. Check out the different results in the Q&A section of our review.

Sony W950B Calibration Settings 4

In advanced settings, we turned everything off. If you plan on watching SD or broadcast HD content, don't do this. You might want to turn a few of these on, like the edge enhancer.

Sony W950B Calibration Settings 5 Sony W950B Calibration Settings 6

The white balance was almost perfect by default. It only needed a little bit of tweaking.

Sony W950B Calibration Settings 7
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Questions & Answers

I can't find "Game" for picture mode?
It is not a picture mode, but a scene to select. Picture modes on Sony TVs are subdivisions of the scene.
What are the settings that will get the most out of my TV for Call of Duty games on PS4? I know I have to use Game Mode, but if there is anything else I would like to know.
You'll probably want to enable Impulse mode. It reduces motion blur, which is great for gaming. The downsides are that Impulse mode dims the screen a bit and also adds some flickering. You can enable this feature by changing the Motionflow option (located in the 'Picture Adjustments' menu) to Impulse.
Will Impulse mode affect my input lag time? I want to get the best input lag time. Will adding backlight affect it as well?
Backlight will not affect your input lag time. Impulse mode will increase input lag by under 5 ms, but it shouldn't be noticeable. The input lag will still be very low.
Will you be testing the new line of Sony TVs coming out soon?
Yes. We'll start reviewing the new lineup once the TVs are available for purchase.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.