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Sony X810C LED TV Calibration Settings

These are the results of the picture calibration of the Sony X810C that we did for our review. You can copy all of these settings, except the white balance values at the end.

Sony X810C Calibration Settings 1

For most usages, 'Custom' picture mode is great. The only exception is for gaming, where 'Game' mode has an advantage due to the lower input lag.

If you find our settings too dark, increase 'Brightness' as much as you want. It doesn't do the same thing as on other TVs, so it won't mess up your calibration.

Sony X810C Calibration Settings 2 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 3

On this TV, a sharpness setting of 50 means no added sharpness.

If you are primarily watching low-quality content (DVDs, SD channels, etc), turn on both noise reduction options.

Sony X810C Calibration Settings 4

'Motionflow' controls how the movement looks. Most people will prefer leaving it off. If you watch movies, set it to 'True Cinema'. If you want the soap opera effect, set it to 'Smooth'.

Sony X810C Calibration Settings 5

If you find our calibration too warm/red, change 'Color Temperature' to something you prefer.

We don't recommend you copy the rest of our settings, because they are unit-dependent. If you still want to try, you will need to enter everything, even the 10 different adjustments points (they are all active at the same time).

Sony X810C Calibration Settings 6 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 7 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 8 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 9 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 10 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 11 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 12 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 13 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 14 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 15 Sony X810C Calibration Settings 16
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Questions & Answers

What would a good tv calibration settings for game mode? Thanks.
Select game mode first and then copy the rest of the settings on this page. They will work well for gaming.
Do you think this is the best 4k TV (for gaming) for the price? I was really interested in the UN50JU7100, but it's just over my price range.
In 55", yes, easily. The picture quality is great for everything (including games), and the input lag is decently low. Definitely worth getting. This doesn't apply to the 65" though, because it has a different kind of panel.
I am having trouble getting my 55 inch X810C to look good on 720P and 1080i cable channels. It is hard to explain but the picture just seems blurrier than on my old 1080P Samsung led. Are there any tweaks I could try not mentioned in your review? Also, I can't tell much difference between the tv's built-in scaler and setting my Charter Arris box to 1080P besides the delay when changing channels.
Trying both scalers is a good idea. Since you cannot see a difference, try to turn On both 'Random noise reduction' and 'Digital noise reduction'. You might get a better picture with those settings. Also make sure your 'Sharpness' setting isn't lower than 50. If it is already, try to increase it some more.
I purchased a Samsung JS7000 3 days ago and have been happy for the most part. We watched one movie and found the blacks sketchy, so I'm considering returning it for the Sony 810c. The Sony would cost me an extra $100. I'm a hardcore gamer, but not "competitive" like MLG. I play a lot, but also watch a ton of movies. In your opinion, is it worth the extra $100 to go to the Sony from the Samsung? Cheers
Before taking a decision, make sure to watch another movie to make sure it wasn't a problem with the content you watched. If you can, try a blu-ray movie. The JS7000 55" has an IPS panel with low contrast and weak blacks so it may be a problem if this is the size you got. Other sizes of the same model should have comparable blacks to the 55" x810c (not the 65" that have the same problems). The input lag on the x810c is just slightly higher but you shouldn't notice the difference. Same with the motion blur. A little more, but still very good. On the plus side, chances are that you would get a better panel with better screen uniformity with the x810c. In the end, both are good TVs. It's a matter of picking the good size. For the JS7000, everything but the 55". For the x810c, avoid the 65".
Love this website. Thanks for your reviews. I recently purchased the XBRX810C. I noticed that when I watch TV via OTA, the picture is incredible! However, when I switch to ATT Uverse, picture looks less sharp and is slightly fuzzy. Thoughts?
OTA is often less compressed than cable/satellite, so what you're experiencing is not unusual. Make sure you're using the same picture settings for both, just in case the difference is caused by a mismatch, but if you are, there's nothing to worry about.
I bought a Sony 4k XBR55X810C just before few days. Out of curiosity, I implemented AIDA64 app on the Android TV. In its specifications it shows the Screen Resolution = 1920 x 1080 and that the Refresh rate is 60 hz. Is the app showing incorrect data? How can I make sure that my TV is 4k and its refresh rate is 120? Thanks!
It is showing the wrong data, likely because that is the maximum signal resolution and frequency of the app itself. To verify that your TV is 4k, connect a PC and have it output a 4k signal (3840 x 2160). Then, open a 1920 x 1080 image in MS paint. You should see the whole image fills only a quarter of the screen, which proves the TV is 4k.
For the refresh rate, there are a couple of ways to verify. If your PC can output a 1080p @ 120 hz signal, do so and then open this website. It will confirm that your TV is displaying 120 fps. Or, you can play a 60 fps video and then enable 'MotionFlow.' If the video looks smoother after doing so, it means the TV is 120 hz, as only 120 hz TVs (or higher) can smooth 60 hz video.
When using the Netflix app on the 55" X810C, is the MotionFlow or "soap opera effect" active, and if so, can it be disabled to restore the original filmic look? Thanks.
The MotionFlow setting can be turned off while watching Netflix.
I recently purchased a Sony 55x810c. What are the best picture settings for Netflix in 4k and watching a blu-ray movie? Thank you! Keep up the great work.
Make sure to set 'Motionflow' to 'TrueCinema' and 'Film Mode' to 'High' to remove any judder on streaming services like Netflix. 'Custom' picture mode with 'Expert 1' color temperature will give you a picture close to what the producers intended. For Netflix only, turn On 'Random noise reduction' and 'Digital noise reduction'. Leave alone the 'Adv. color temperature' settings and you will be all set.
I have a Sony xbr65x810c and I'm noticing small bits of judder while watching a movie. I tried adjusting the Motionflow to mid setting and TrueCinema, I tried high and lastly shutting it off and some was still noticeable. Could this be a defect on my TV? I haven't seen it do this on all movies just the most recent one, also can i use the calibration settings for the 55" model or are there better settings for my model? Thank you for your help.
To remove judder, 'Motionflow' has to be set to 'TrueCinema' and 'Film Mode' to 'High'. To smooth out the motion some more, you might want to try setting 'Motionflow' to 'Smooth'. This will add the soap opera effect though. Even then, it isn't possible to get totally smooth motion with content that are of low frame rate like 24p movies but the above settings should at least make a good difference in most content. The calibrated settings posted here for the 55" will work for the 65". Just don't copy the 'Advance color temperature' settings. They are unique to each TV.
After reading your review which was amazingly helpful I decided to buy one of these. My main use is gaming on a PC. I am just wondering what the difference is between game mode and graphic mode. Also, which would give me the least amount of input lag.
They're virtually identical. There may be slight differences between the two, but they're insignificant, and you'll get about the same input lag with both.
I own the 55" model, what is the difference between Expert 1 and Expert 2 color temperature? Also, which one is closer to the industry standard as far as color accuracy when in game mode?
'Expert 2' is slightly more warmer. Even if game mode appear more 'cold' at default, 'Expert 1' would still make it closer to the industry standard.
I play games, use my pc on the tv to watch 1080i broadcast tv shows with windows media center. Watch some bluray & dvd content on ps3/ps4 and really have difficulty with alot of tvs when the computer is on a webpage and the background is mostly white. It either flickers or is too dark. I purchased the vizio m series 55 inch but feel the backlight is really turning me away even when I turn it down. Is this Sony gonna be a better purchase for me overall than the vizio I currently own?
Sony TVs backlight can be adjusted to your liking. By default, it doesn't flash. But you can adjust it to flash if you want to, and adjust how it flashes. If you are sensible to how other TV flashes, this Sony TV should be better for you.
Hi. What are optimal settings if you plan on using the IPS based X810C 65" for high resolution jpeg image viewing? We run a DJ and Photography-based business, and plan to display photos we take at our events on these screens.
Having been spoiled by the accurate skin tones and deep blacks of the much weightier, with excellent side-viewing, Panasonic plasmas, we've been waiting for a much lighter LED-based display that at the very least has accurate skin tones and bright colors for displaying our photos at our events.
Side-viewing is a plus at our events, which is why this IPS-based Sony is very appealing to us based on your review. Thank you for any feedback you can provide.
I'm also considering the 4K 650C Panasonic, which you never seem to be reviewing and has also been receiving excellent reviews. You can only purchase their TVs on their website here in the states, so my only hesitation is that you can't see what you're getting, since they're not on display at our local vendors (Best Buy, BH Photo).
Our plasmas are Panasonic, which is why we've been on the fence between their new models vs. this new Sony X810C. Is the bezel on the 810c similar black matted aluminum finish as in the X850c and W850C? What are the improvements in the 65" XBR 810C vs. the W850C? We're not as into a shiny plastic bezel, as we'd like to have a more professional appearance when supporting these screens on our vertical Global Truss-based stands.
Thank you for your response and feedback.
The settings we recommend for the Sony X830C (also IPS) here should work well, and the 65" X810C should work well for what you want.
Because that Panasonic model isn't very popular, we haven't gotten a lot of requests for it, so it is low on our priority list.
The bezel is black plastic. It doesn't look and feel as high-end as what you get from the other X* series TVs, but it's not that bad. The W850C does have a nicer, metal bezel, though.
What's the difference between 'Black level' and 'Black adjust?' Is there any input lag if you use 'Black adjust?'
'Black level' is the equivalent of the 'Brightness' setting you can find on most other TVs, and controls the depth of blacks. You should just leave it set to default, as changing it will make the picture less accurate.
Black adjust is meant to enhance the depth of the blacks, though this will likely result in a loss of detail, so we recommend leaving it off. It shouldn't add input lag if you do use it, though.
Hi guys, first of all you're awesome! Thank you for doing an amazing job. Just have a few questions.

1) How bad is the 65810C? I do watch movies and I do game a ton (PC and ps4) especially since it has no judder and gives me 120fps at 1080p. I was at my local electronics store and honestly couldn't tell a big difference between the 55 and 65 inch models.

2) I did buy the 65 810c (waiting on delivery) for $1200. Is there a better tv then that in its price range? Should I return it?

3) A friend of mine bought the Samsung JS8500, although it's a great TV and has HDR and 3d (which I'll never use) I felt that the motion wasn't that great in games. Even with 'Auto Motion' turned on I felt there was blur. Is 810c better in that aspect?

4) Lastly, if I have Motionflow on and playing a FPS game (destiny) am I going to notice blur on the crosshair? I have a LG 55lm7600 (2012 model 1080p) currently and that clear motion drives me crazy with the blur. That's one of the main reasons I bought the Sony 810c for. Again, overall I don't know whether to keep the 810c or return it back. Please help?

The difference between the 65" and 55" of the x810c will mostly be seen when watching the TV in the dark. The 55" will have deeper blacks and overall better picture quality because of the higher contrast it produce. The 65" will have better viewing angle though and might be more suitable to use as a PC monitor if you sit very close to the screen. There is better 65" TV than the x810c but the later is well positioned between picture quality and price. If we take it as a wide viewing angle 65" TV, it is about the best. Consider another TV only if the black level bothers you. The JS8500 and x810c have comparable motion handling with maybe an edge for the Sony when it comes to image interpolation. The good thing about the x810c is that it doesn't add much input lag and remains playable with the feature on, something most TVs can't do. That crosshair in Destiny shouldn't be a problem.
Hi, thanks for this great website! I bought the 65X810C not long ago and overall very happy with the device. Two questions.

1. Are the calibration settings above good also for the 65"? (I know you used the 55" for your review and it's a different panel)

2. When I try to calibrate my TV it only allows me to calibrate Antenna/Cable. I watch only through Amazon Prime and Plex applications (don't have any cables connected to the TV) and hence need to calibrate this mode but don't know how to do it. Can you please suggest a solution?

Thanks a lot!

The settings will work for the x810c except for the 'Adv. color temperature'. To calibrate the picture for your Apps, use the 'Action Menu' button on the remote while you are watching an app instead of the Home button. You will have access to the picture settings on top of the screen.
I recently purchased this TV and I am having trouble with black colors and night scenes but only watching TV, not blu rays. The black colors and night scenes look washed out or gray but scenes with bright colors look great. Any settings I should try adjusting?
If you get good blacks watching blurays, then you should have good blacks watching TV too. Make sure the following settings are at default values:

Gamma: 0
Black level: 50 Black adjust: Off

And if you have made any changes in 'Adv. color temperature', reset all values to default.

Great review! I like the picture quality of this TV very much but I'm seeing an issue with the light sensor, at least on my unit. When set to ON, it seems to often aggressively and very noticeably cycle between dimming and brightening the picture in some indoor scenes. Therefore, I have set the light sensor setting to OFF, which I noticed was also the recommended calibration setting on Is this normal or could I have a defective unit? I am within the return period, so hoping for a quick response!
It is normal. This feature often changes the intensity of the backlight so can be annoying. It is best to leave it off. Your TV is working fine.
I just bought this TV to use as a monitor and am wondering if these settings would be the best option for it. All TV watching is done through streaming or video files on the computer and I can't seem to get it working as well as on my previous TV.
Set the picture mode to 'Game' or 'Graphics,' and set 'HDMI signal format' (in the 'External inputs' section of the menu) to 'Enhanced.' That combination will enable chroma 4:4:4, which is what you need for good picture when using a TV as a PC monitor. As for the rest of the settings, copy everything that you can, and ignore anything that is unavailable.
Please help! I LOVE the soap opera affect and I can't seem to get all the settings correct to turn it on. I want it for when watching Blu-rays on PS4 and YouTube and over the air HD channels. I have the X810C 55" model and was wondering if you can tell me all the settings to give it the strongest soap opera effect possible. Just using smooth doesn't seem to change it to anything noticeable. Do I need to change the noise or clarity settings? Thanks in advance! I love you guys!
Noise and clarity settings are not related to the soap opera effect. If you want the maximum of soap opera effect, set 'Motionflow' to custom, set the 'Smoothness' slider to max (5) and set 'CineMotion' to 'High'. This should procure the maximum of soap opera effect. Note that you may have to set this for all your different media, since Sony TV may have independent picture setting for each input (HDMI, antenna and apps).
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.