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The price is not a factor in the scores.

Our score is automatically calculated based on a formula. We simply enter all our measurements and the score is generated. It is a weighted average.


03/12/2018: Test bench 1.2

08/10/2017: Test bench 1.1

07/21/2016: Test bench 1.0

How to interpret the scores

10 to 7.5

This TV is great for this usage or test. You will be satisfied with it.

7.4 to 6.0

It is good enough for most people, but if you care about this usage or test, it will bother you.

5.9 to 0.0

This TV is below average at this usage or test. It could be an issue even if you aren't particularly picky about this aspect.


Mixed Usage
TV Shows
Video Games
HDR Movies
HDR Gaming
PC Monitor

Test Results

Picture Quality
4k Input
720p Input
Local Dimming
Permanent Burn-In Risk
Permanent Burn-In Risk
Total Reflections
Indirect Reflections
Native Contrast
Contrast with local dimming
Pre Calibration
White Balance dE
Color dE
Color Temperature
Red (Std. Dev.)
Green (Std. Dev.)
Blue (Std. Dev.)
Gray (Std. Dev.)
Temporary Image Retention
IR after 0 min recovery
IR after 2 min recovery
IR after 4 min recovery
IR after 6 min recovery
IR after 8 min recovery
IR after 10 min recovery
SDR Peak Brightness
SDR Real Scene Peak Brightness
SDR Peak 2% Window
SDR Peak 10% Window
SDR Peak 25% Window
SDR Peak 50% Window
SDR Peak 100% Window
SDR Sustained 2% Window
SDR Sustained 10% Window
SDR Sustained 25% Window
SDR Sustained 50% Window
SDR Sustained 100% Window
1080p Input
480p Input
Color Volume
Normalized DCI P3 Coverage ITP
Normalized Rec 2020 Coverage ITP
Black Uniformity
Native Std. Dev.
Std. Dev. w/ L.D.
Post Calibration
White Balance dE
Color dE
Color Temperature
Viewing Angle
Color Shift
Black Level
Color Gamut
DCI P3 xy
DCI P3 uv
Rec 2020 xy
Rec 2020 uv
Gray Uniformity
50% Std. Dev.
50% DSE
5% Std. Dev.
5% DSE
HDR Peak Brightness
HDR Real Scene Peak Brightness
HDR Peak 2% Window
HDR Peak 10% Window
HDR Peak 25% Window
HDR Peak 50% Window
HDR Peak 100% Window
HDR Sustained 2% Window
HDR Sustained 10% Window
HDR Sustained 25% Window
HDR Sustained 50% Window
HDR Sustained 100% Window
Frame Hold Time @ 24 fps
Frame Hold Time @ 60 fps
Variable Refresh Rate
4k VRR Maximum
4k VRR Minimum
1080p VRR Maximum
1080p VRR Minimum
Black Frame Insertion (BFI)
Min Flicker for 60 fps
60 Hz for 60 fps
120 Hz for 120 fps
Min Flicker for 60 fps in Game Mode
PWM Dimming Frequency
Motion Interpolation
Motion Interpolation (30 fps)
Motion Interpolation (60 fps)
Response Time
80% Response Time
100% Response Time
24p Judder
Judder-Free 24p
Judder-Free 24p via 60p
Judder-Free 24p via 60i
Judder-Free 24p via Native Apps
Inputs Specifications
Dolby Vision
Input Lag
1080p @ 60Hz
1080p @ 60Hz + HDR
4k @ 60Hz
4k @ 60Hz + HDR
4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4
4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 + 8 bit HDR
Supported Resolutions
1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4
1080p @ 120Hz
1440p @ 60Hz
4k @ 30Hz @ 4:4:4
4k @ 60Hz
4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4
Sound Quality
Frequency Response
Low-Frequency Extension
Std. Dev. @ 70
Std. Dev. @ 80
Std. Dev. @ Max
Dynamic Range Compression
Weighted THD @ 80
Weighted THD @ Max
IMD @ 80
IMD @ Max
Smart Features
Remote App
Apps and Features

Additional information

Hover over any usage ratings in a review or recommendation page to see the components. Changes in scores due to firmware updates are noted in a yellow banner at the top of a review, and any changes to overall weightings or scoring are listed below. The test bench version each product was tested in is listed on the review, next to the ratings.




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