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Test Bench 1.4

See previous 1.3 changelog.

See next 1.5 changelog.

Test Changes

  • Created 8k Box to score upscaling performance of 8k TVs.
  • Calculated Direct Reflections are now shown.
  • Added tests for Freesync and HDMI Forum VRR

Score and Weight Changes

  • Changed reflection scoring to no longer “double count” the Indirect Reflections.
  • TVs with Burn-In Risk now scores a 2 instead of a 1.
  • Motion Interpolation is no longer scored. The previous score was based off which refresh rates it supported, which isn’t a good indicator for how well it interpolates motion. 
  • Category scores are no longer weighted in the usage scores.
  • Minor changes made to the usage scores, to account for motion interpolation and categories no longer being scored.

Review Changes

  • The Remote App box has been removed. Remote app is now in the Remote box.
  • The Temperature box has been removed.

81 TVs Updated

We have retested popular models. The test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.



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