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The 6 Best 120Hz Monitors - Fall 2022 Reviews

Best 120Hz Monitors

While gaming devices are becoming more powerful to deliver a smooth gameplay at high frame rates, there's still a lot of interest in 120Hz gaming. The latest Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles support 120Hz gaming at various resolutions. There are very few monitors that natively run at 120Hz, though, so most of the picks below default to a higher native refresh rate, but we've also tested their performance at 120Hz at their native resolution.

We've bought and tested more than 245 monitors, and below are our picks for the best monitors for gaming at 120Hz to buy. Also, check out our recommendations for the best monitors for PS5, the best monitors for Xbox Series X, and the best 120Hz TVs.

  1. Best 120Hz Monitor

    The best 120Hz monitor we've tested is the Dell G3223Q. It's an excellent gaming monitor that delivers a smooth gaming experience at 120Hz, with an excellent response time and low input lag, ensuring a responsive gaming experience with little blur behind fast-moving objects. It supports HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on both of its HDMI ports, making it the best 4k 120Hz monitor for console gamers. It's fully compatible with almost everything the PS5 and Xbox Series X offer, including variable refresh rate support to reduce tearing.

    It looks great in bright rooms thanks to its impressive peak brightness and good reflection handling, ensuring it can overcome glare even in a bright room. It supports HDR, and unlike most monitors on the market, it gets decently bright to bring out bright areas in some content. It has low contrast, though, so HDR still isn't as impactful as it should be.

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  2. Best Upper Mid-Range 120Hz Monitor

    If you want something a little bit cheaper, the Gigabyte M28U is the best upper mid-range 120Hz monitor we've tested, and you don't lose too much in stepping down to this model from the Dell G3223Q. The smaller 28-inch screen delivers a less immersive gaming experience, but the higher pixel density results in slightly better text clarity and a sharper image. It also has slightly worse motion handling than the Dell, with more overshoot. However, it also supports HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on both of its HDMI ports, making it one of the best 4k 120Hz monitors for console gamers.

    It has a few useful features for gamers, including a built-in USB hub, so you can easily charge your controllers between gaming sessions. It has wide viewing angles, making it a good choice for co-op gaming, and it looks great in bright rooms thanks to its high peak brightness and good reflection handling. It's also available in a larger size, the Gigabyte M32U, which delivers about the same performance but costs a lot more.

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  3. Best Mid-Range 120Hz Monitor

    The best mid-range 120Hz monitor we've tested is the Gigabyte M32Q. This monitor has a native resolution of 1440p, so images aren't as sharp and detailed as they are on the Gigabyte M28U and the Dell G3223Q. This lower resolution makes it easier to maintain high frame rates, especially on lower-end hardware, meaning it's a great choice for games that rely on fast-paced action. Many of the latest AAA games on the Xbox Series S|X and PS5 only support 120Hz gaming at a resolution lower than 4k.

    It's an excellent gaming monitor overall, with low input lag and an outstanding response time when gaming at 120Hz, with no overshoot and almost no noticeable motion blur with the best settings. It supports VRR, but sadly, it's not compatible with the PS5's VRR feature, so you'll see some tearing.

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  4. Best Budget 120Hz Monitor

    The best budget monitor for gaming at 120Hz we've tested is the ViewSonic XG2431. It's a great gaming monitor, and like all of the monitors on this list, it delivers incredibly clear motion, with little blur behind fast-moving objects and low input lag, for a responsive gaming experience. It's limited to a 1080p native resolution, though, and the 24" screen is quite a bit smaller than the Gigabyte M32Q and the Dell G3223Q. Its variable refresh rate feature isn't compatible with the PS5, either, so you'll see some tearing in games.

    It's still a great choice for gaming, though, as, like with the Gigabyte M32Q, most AAA games only support 120Hz gaming at a lower resolution, meaning it's best for competitive gamers looking for the best motion performance possible and who don't care as much about impressive visuals. It's also a good choice for older consoles like the Xbox One, which also supports 1080p @ 120Hz gaming. Despite being a budget model, it still has a few neat features for gamers, including a USB hub to charge your controllers, and it has an optional backlight strobing feature to improve the appearance of fast motion.

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  5. Best Cheap 120Hz Monitor

    If you want something even cheaper than the ViewSonic XG2431, the LG 24GL600F is the best cheap monitor for 120Hz gaming we've tested. It's a good monitor for gaming, but it has a slower response time, resulting in more noticeable blur behind fast-moving objects. It still has low input lag, ensuring you can respond quickly to the action on-screen, great for fast-paced games that rely on precise inputs.

    Unfortunately, by stepping down to a cheap monitor like this one, you lose a lot in picture quality. It has poor viewing angles, so it's best enjoyed from directly in front, as the image degrades rapidly at an angle, especially if it's not centered at eye level. It also has bad black uniformity, low contrast, and mediocre accuracy out of the box. While it delivers a smooth gaming performance, if you care about visual fidelity, you're better off getting a more expensive model.

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  6. Best Large 120Hz Monitor

    If you want something bigger than a traditional monitor, the LG 42 C2 OLED is the best large 120Hz display we've tested. It's a TV we tested as a monitor, as it's an incredible choice for console or PC gamers. It supports HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all four HDMI inputs, which is great if you want to game at 120Hz from the Xbox Series X and PS5. Of course, since it's a TV, it has a full smart interface built-in, including a huge selection of streaming apps, but this adds a significant price premium over the monitors on this list.

    It's amazing for gaming, as its nearly-instantaneous response time delivers crystal-clear motion, with no distracting motion blur behind fast-moving objects. It has a slightly higher input lag than the monitors on this list, but it's still low enough for most gamers. It's one of the best HDR displays you can get, too, as its nearly-infinite contrast ratio delivers deep blacks and bright highlights, with no distracting blooming in dark scenes.

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Notable Mentions

  • Dell Alienware AW3423DW: The Dell Alienware AW34234DW is one of the best monitors on the market for gaming at 120Hz. Most gamers targeting 120Hz are gaming on a console, though, and consoles don't support this monitor's ultrawide aspect ratio. Still, it's a great choice if you're a PC gamer and are looking for something that will work well for both PC and console gaming. See our review

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