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The 4 Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 - Spring 2024 Reviews

Best Gaming Monitors For PS4

Getting a monitor is a good alternative to spending more on a TV if you want to play your PS4, and can provide an excellent experience if you get the best gaming monitor for PS4. This is because monitors tend to have lower input lag, are smaller, and usually cost less. While virtually any monitor works with the PS4, there are some things you have to consider about the console before looking for a display. For example, the console doesn't support frame rates higher than 60 fps, meaning you don't need a high refresh rate monitor for gaming with it, but most gaming monitors have higher refresh rates anyway. That said, getting a monitor that performs well at 60Hz helps provide the best gaming experience.

In addition, only the PS4 Pro supports up to a 4k resolution, while the standard PS4 is limited to 1080p. While you don't need a high-resolution display, many great gaming monitors have at least a 1440p resolution, making them versatile for different uses or future-proof if you upgrade to the PS5. Options are available at different prices, so considering your budget and needs is a good place to start.

Some monitors don't come with audio outputs. If you're using headphones with your PS4, this isn't a problem, as you can connect them directly to the PS4's controller. However, if you want to use a monitor that doesn't have an audio output with speakers, you have a few options. First, you can plug the speakers into the PS4 controller's audio output. Additionally, you can use a USB audio device (including USB-enabled speakers), an HDMI audio extractor, or the optical audio output on the PS4.

We've bought and tested over 310 monitors, and below, you'll find our top picks for the best monitors for both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. See our recommendations for the best budget and cheap gaming monitors, the best PS5 monitors, and the best 4k gaming monitors.

  1. Best Gaming Monitor For PS4

    The best monitor for PS4 that we've tested is the Sony INZONE M9. It's a premium model that performs very well for gaming, and while it's designed with the PS5 in mind, it still works without issue with the PS4. It has a 4k resolution that delivers a ton of detail, which is great if you have a PS4 Pro, and it also upscales 1080p signals, which is beneficial if you have the standard PS4. Its input lag remains low even at 60Hz, and the monitor has a good response time at that refresh rate. There's a bit of motion blur, but overall, you won't have many issues with its motion handling.

    Its design shares elements with the PS5, and while that doesn't mean much if you have the PS4, it's at least a future-proof monitor if you want to eventually get the PS5. It also delivers good picture quality thanks to its okay local dimming feature and acceptable black uniformity, meaning it performs well if you want to game with it in a dark room. It even gets bright enough in HDR to make some highlights stand out, and colors look vivid.

    See our review

  2. Best Mid-Range Gaming Monitor For PS4

    If you don't need such a premium monitor for your PS4 and prefer saving money but still want excellent gaming performance, check out the Gigabyte M27U. It's a 4k, 27-inch display like the Sony INZONE M9, but the main trade-off for getting something cheaper is that it has worse picture quality, especially in dark scenes. This is because it has a terrible local dimming feature and doesn't get as bright in HDR.

    Besides that, it still has everything you'd want in a gaming monitor with a great response time with 60Hz signals, even better than the Sony, resulting in minimal blur trail behind fast-moving objects. It also has a few extra gaming features that give you a competitive advantage, like virtual crosshairs that you can use to see opponents better in games. If you have the PS4 Pro, you won't have issues displaying 4k content on this monitor, and the high resolution delivers sharp detail and crisp images. If you find the 27-inch screen too small, consider the 32-inch Gigabyte M32U, which costs more but isn't an upgrade in performance.

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  3. Best Lower Mid-Range Gaming Monitor For PS4

    If you're looking for a lower-resolution display in the lower mid-range price category, the Dell Alienware AW2724DM is a good option. It has a lower 1440p resolution than the Gigabyte M27U, which means that images aren't as detailed, but that doesn't make a difference if you have the standard PS4 that only supports up to a 1080p resolution anyways. Even if you have the PS4 Pro, it can still downscale 4k signals, which are more detailed than upscaled 1080p signals, and it supports VRR with the PS5 if you upgrade in the future.

    Overall, it's an excellent gaming monitor with very good motion handling at 60Hz, so there's minimal blur trail behind fast-moving objects. Its input lag doesn't increase at lower refresh rates, so gaming feels responsive. However, it doesn't have an audio output, so you can't plug your speakers directly into the monitor for sound. If you're looking for a monitor with an audio output, check out the LG 27GP850-B/27GP83B-B. However, the Dell gets much brighter than the LG in HDR.

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  4. Best Budget Gaming Monitor For PS4

    Current Deal: The Gigabyte GS27QC has dropped in price by $40 at

    If you're looking for a great gaming monitor for the PS4 on a tight budget, check out the Gigabyte GS27QC. It has a 1440p resolution like the Dell Alienware AW2724DM and offers great gaming performance. It has excellent contrast, so fairly deep blacks are visible next to bright highlights, and it has very low input lag for a responsive feel.

    However, the Gigabyte has worse motion handling than the Dell, and fast-moving objects are blurrier. It also doesn't get very bright, so it doesn't overcome glare in a bright room. Finally, it has disappointing viewing angles, so it's more difficult for someone else to see the screen during local co-op gaming, though it's fine if you're gaming on your own.

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Notable Mentions

  • Dell G2724D: The Dell G2724D is slightly more expensive than the Gigabyte GS27QC and has the same 1440p resolution. It's a great gaming monitor with better performance than the Gigabyte, though it's not available at as many retailers. See our review

Recent Updates

  1. Apr 15, 2024: Replaced the LG 27GP850-B/27GP83B-B with the Dell Alienware AW2724DM as 'Best Lower Mid-Range' as it has better performance. Replaced the Dell G2724D with the Gigabyte GS27QC as 'Best Budget,' as the Dell isn't available at as many retailers right now.

  2. Jan 30, 2024: Replaced the Dell S2721QS with the Gigabyte GS27QC in the Notable Mentions because it's a better gaming monitor.

  3. Nov 15, 2023: Added the Sony INZONE M9 as 'Best Gaming Monitor For PS4' to give another high-end option, and renamed the Gigabyte M27U and LG 27GP850-B/27GP83B-B accordingly; replaced the Gigabyte M27Q P with the Dell G2724D for consistency with other articles; moved the Acer Nitro XF243Y Pbmiiprx to Notable Mentions because it's hard to find.

  4. Sep 21, 2023: Replaced the Gigabyte M27Q with the Gigabyte M27Q P for consistency with other articles; added the Dell Alienware AW2724DM to Notable Mentions.

  5. Jul 27, 2023: Replaced the Gigabyte M28U and the LG 32GP850-B with the Gigabyte M27U and the LG 27GP850-B/27GP83B-B for consistency with other articles; added the ASUS ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM, Gigabyte G27Q, and Dell S2721QS to Notable Mentions.

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