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Reviewed on Sep 15, 2014

Vizio M Series

Usage Ratings - Version 0.9

Test Benches:

  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2015
  • 0.9: Winter 2014
  • 0.8: Winter 2013
Mixed Usage
Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
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This tv was replaced by the Vizio M Series 2015

The Vizio M Series LED TV is great, but depending on the size and your usage, you might prefer to get the cheaper E Series instead.

  • Great viewing angle. The colors stay the same even when viewed from the side (depends on size; see the Q&A section for details).
  • Low amount of reflection. The picture quality in bright rooms is great.
  • Low contrast ratio. In a dark room, the blacks are gray (depends on size; see the Q&A section for details).
  • Better gray uniformity than the E Series, but it still has some issues.
  • The full array local dimming feature works better than the E Series, but we don't recommend using it (see the Q&A section for details).

Test Results
Picture Quality 7.2
Motion 7.5
Inputs 8.1
Smart Features 5.5

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Vizio M Series Design

The design of the M Series is less bland than on the E Series. It is thinner, and the frame has a brushed metal finish.

Vizio M Series Stand

The stand feels flimsy. The TV moves a lot when you push it.

Vizio M Series Borders

0.63" (1.6 cm)

Vizio M Series Thickness

2.09" (5.3 cm)


Picture Quality

Score components:
4k : No
6.7 Contrast
Vizio M Series Contrast
Black : 0.090 cd/m2
White : 102.4 cd/m2
Contrast : 1138 : 1

The Vizio M552i-B2 that we tested had a low contrast ratio. If you have a dark room with only one light turned on, the black color will appear grayish. This depends on the size. See the Q&A section for details.

7.5 Black Uniformity
Vizio M Series Black Uniformity

The bottom right corner of the screen is noticeably brighter than the rest. Aside from this, there are no clouding issues.

5.5 Gray Uniformity
Vizio M Series Gray Uniformity

The gray uniformity of the M series is an improvement over the E Series. You can no longer see the individual LEDs behind the LCD layer. However, narrow darker bands create a dirty screen effect on panning shots.

7.8 Viewing Angle
Viewing Angle : 37 °

Our unit had an excellent viewing angle. The saturation of the colors stays great. This also depends on the size. See the Q&A section for details.

9.0 Average Room
Vizio M Series Average Room
Reflection : 1.8 %
Surface Type : Semi-gloss

It has a semi-gloss finish, but it does a good job of keeping the reflection under control.

9.1 Bright Room
Vizio M Series Bright Room
Max white : 352.5 cd/m2

The Vizio M Series LED TV can get very bright, almost more than any other TV that we tested.

0 3D
3D : No



Score components:
7.5 Motion Blur
Vizio M Series Motion Blur

The motion blur is average-good for an LED. Contrary to the E series, the 'Motion Blur Reduction' feature does not reduce the blur (see the Q&A section for details).

Motion Interpolation
Vizio M Series Motion Interpolation Picture
Motion Interpolation : Yes


Score components:
8.1 Input Lag
Vizio M Series Input Lag
Input Lag : 41.5 ms

The input lag is average-good. To achieve this number, make sure that you start off with either Game or Computer mode (which will get renamed to Custom X when you change one of the values). Otherwise, the input lag is 133 ms.

Side Inputs
Vizio M Series Side Inputs

1 Composite In
1 Component In

Rear Inputs
Vizio M Series Rear Inputs

1 Audio Out
1 Digital Optical Audio Out
1 Ethernet
1 RF In


Smart Features

Score components:
  • 100% Smart TV
5.5 Smart TV
Vizio M Series Smart TV

The smart features are limited. There is no web browser. The app store is powered by Yahoo.

Vizio M Series Remote

The remote is more advanced than the one available on the E Series. There is a full QWERTY keyboard on the back of the remote.


7.3Mixed Usage
Score components:
  • 74% Picture Quality
  • 19% Motion
  • 7% Inputs
The Vizio M Series has better uniformity than the cheaper E Series and more effective local dimming, too. It also adds the motion interpolation feature. However, depending on the size, it might have a significantly lower contrast ratio (but better viewing angle). If you don't plan on using either the motion interpolation or the local dimming, get the cheaper E Series instead.




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