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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Intro
  3. Design
    1. Borders
    2. Thickness
  4. Picture Quality
    1. Dark scene
    2. Uniformity
    3. Dark scene in a bright room
    4. Bright scene in a bright room
    5. Viewing angle
    6. Pixels
  5. Motion
    1. Motion blur
  6. Inputs
    1. Input lag
    2. Side inputs
    3. Rear inputs
  7. Smart Features
    1. Remote
  8. Conclusion
  9. Q&A
Reviewed on Jul 14, 2013

Samsung F4500

Usage Ratings - Version 0.8
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Test Benches: test

  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
  • 1.0: Winter 2015
  • 0.9: Winter 2014
  • 0.8: Winter 2013
Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 70% Picture Quality
  • 20% Motion
  • 10% Inputs
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This tv has been discontinued.

The Samsung F4500 is a great entry-level plasma with beautiful blacks and shadows. If you are sitting close to the television, though, its low resolution (720p) will bother you. Also, the panel reflects a lot of ambient light, so this television is more suitable for a basement or for those who watch television at night.

Test Results
Picture Quality 7.2
Motion 7.5
Inputs 7.4
  • Good overall picture quality, especially considering the price.
  • The resolution is only 720 p. You will notice a screen door effect if you sit close to the TV.
  • Average input lag.
  • It reflects a lot of light.

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Samsung F4500 Borders

1.14" (2.9 cm)

Samsung F4500 Thickness

2.05" (5.2 cm)


Picture Quality

4k : No
8.9 Dark scene
Samsung F4500 Dark scene
Black : 0.018 cd/m2
White : 92.2 cd/m2
Contrast : 5122 : 1

The F4500 performs really well in a dark environment where you can benefit from its deep blacks.

10 Uniformity
Samsung F4500 Uniformity

The screen uniformity is perfect.

5.0 Dark scene in a bright room
Samsung F4500 Dark scene in a bright room
Reflection : 4.3 %

If you have a lot of windows, you won't be able to appreciate this TV during the day. It reflects too much light.

5.0 Bright scene in a bright room
Samsung F4500 Bright scene in a bright room
Max white : 92.2 cd/m2

The reflections are a problem even during bright scenes.

9.7 Viewing angle
Viewing angle : 70 °

There are no problems with the viewing angle.



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Score components:
7.5 Motion blur

The F4500 has very little motion blur.



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Score components:
7.4 Input lag
Samsung F4500 Input lag
Input lag : 50 ms

The input lag is average.

Side inputs
Samsung F4500 Side inputs


Rear inputs
Samsung F4500 Rear inputs

1 Component In
1 Composite In
1 RF In
1 Digital Audio Out (Optical)

Smart Features



7.3Mixed Usage
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Score components:
  • 70% Picture Quality
  • 20% Motion
  • 10% Inputs
If you are sitting closer than 8-10 feet, get the Samsung F5300 Plasma TV instead. Otherwise, this Samsung F4500 Plasma TV is a very good budget plasma TV, assuming you do not have a lot of lights in your room.
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Questions & Answers

Please share your settings for f4500 in this review.
Our calibration settings for the F4500:
Picture Mode: Cinema
Color Tone: Warm2
Cell Light: 20
Contrast: 85
Brightness: 44
Color: 50
Tint: G50/R50
Gamma: 0
White Balance:
Red: Offset: 31 Gain: 25
Green: Offset: 25 Gain: 25
Blue: Offset: 24 Gain: 25

All processing settings turned off.
We sit between four and eight feet away from the TV. So is sitting four feet away close enough that the 720 resolution will be a problem? How close is too close?
It depends which size you get. For the 51", you will definitely see the pixels at 4' and slightly even at 8'. For the 43", you will only start noticing it at about 6'. So overall, yes, you are sitting a bit too close for this TV. If you are wondering what too close will look like, check out our full resolution picture. Notice the screen door effect.
You measured the F4500 as having a white luminance of 92.2 cd/m2. I saw in a different review (from a fairly respected tech website) of the F4500 a luminance measure of 41.91 ftL with a 100% white window. A conversion of ftL to nits shows that number 41.9 as equal to 143.5 nit, or cd/m2. Do you think that site was measuring the same luminance as rtings was measuring? The PN43F4500, right now, is my TV of choice, but I will be watching some afternoon sports in a somewhat bright (but not overpowering) room. Majority of viewing is at night with dim lights. I like the picture quality of plasma, but want to make sure a plasma I get has the ability to get somewhat bright if needed. But as you can see, I'm not in the high budget category, thus looking at the F4500. I have a PG LN5300 in another room that does get bright, and it is fine there. This TV is mainly for viewing sports.

The different results can be explained by using a different picture for measurements and the Automatic Brightness Limiters (ABL) of plasma TVs. A 100% white window like they used means a true white (100%) displayed in a 'window', which is a square at the middle of the screen. Usually, that square covers between 10% and 15% of the total screen. In our tests however, we measure the brightness on a 100% white check board pattern, so the white portion covers about 50% of the screen. On a LED TV, we would get the same measurement as they did. However, things are different on a plasma TV. Plasma TVs change the brightness of their white depending on the total brightness of the picture (the ABL feature). The more white it needs to display, the darker it will be. Therefore, because our test picture has more white in it, it is darker than their number.

The reason we measure both the white and black luminance on a checkboard pattern is to not give an advantage to plasma TVs. If we used a 100% white window like them, the maximum white luminance of plasma TVs would have been the same as some LEDs. This is misleading, because in real scenarios plasmas clearly cannot get as bright as LEDs. If you are watching hockey (where the majority of the screen is white), this is a major issue.

Between the UN43F4500 plasma and UN40F6300 LED TV, which has overall better picture quality, especially while displaying 1080p movies? I sit around 7-10 ft from the screen and glare is not a problem, as the room is quite dark. I just want better full HD viewing.
Even though the F4500 is only 720p, you won't really notice it at your distance. Overall, it definitely has better picture quality than the F6300 in a dark room, so go for that one.
I looked at an F4500 at Best Buy. Compared to the other LED TVs, letters on the screen of the F4500 (for example, the Sony logo in white on a black background), don't look as smooth/crisp as they looked on the LEDs. For example, the letter S (of the white Sony logo against a black background) on an LED was perfect. On the plasma F4500, however, the edges of the S looked like steps. Is it a marker of poor quality? Was I standing too close? Is it related to the 720 pixels? I want a plasma because I think it would be nice to get the best picture quality, but I'm worried I'll regret having the 720p (because of the issue described and because I'm worried the plasma wouldn't be future-proof with only 720p).
This is indeed due to the 720p resolution. If you are far enough, like at a normal viewing distance, you won't notice this. If you will be sitting closer than 10 feet though, get a 1080p TV instead.
Any idea of when we might expect the next plasma TV models to come out, which might include 42 inch plasmas with 1080p?
Most likely never, or at least for a new 1080p 42". Samsung didn't refresh their plasma TV line for 2014 - they just carried the 2013 F series over. With Panasonic not producing them anymore, Samsung don't invest anymore in developing them. And because Samsung already didn't have a 1080p 42", it is unlikely to develop a new one.
Is there a way to adjust the Cell Light on the Samsung pn51f4500 plasma TV? It seems that because it's the 720p model you may not have that option. Can you advise?
The option should be there on your PN51f4500. It could be named differently, though. It should be one of the first options under picture settings.
Which Panasonic Plasma model of lifelike picture and deep blacks is currently available on the market?
Panasonic stopped producing plasma TVs at the end of last year, so they are out of stock almost everywhere and won't be available again.
With the Samsung PNxxF5500, does turning CinemaSmooth on overcome the defective 24p video processing?
I recently purchased a PN43F4500. It's been used for maybe 10 hours or so. On black screens (such as opening or closing credits), I notice a light cloudiness on the right side and a smaller bit in the middle. This seems consistent whenever I see a totally black or very dark image. Is this a defect and would you recommend that I exchange the unit? Or is this maybe part of the "breaking-in" process?
This is a defect and you should exchange it if it bothers you enough.
Was your input lag measured in Game mode or PC mode?
On that one, neither. The TV was left in Cinema mode.
Can you please post settings/calibration for the F4500 in the dynamic setting? This seems to look better to me in 1080i?
Unfortunately, we used the 'Cinema' picture mode when we tested this TV and we currently don't have the TV anymore.
We are not taking any more questions for this product because we no longer have it in our lab.