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Reviewed on Jul 14, 2013


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  • 1.2: Winter 2018
  • 1.1: Summer 2017
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  • 0.8: Winter 2013
Mixed Usage
Score components:
  • 70% Picture Quality
  • 20% Motion
  • 10% Inputs
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This tv was replaced by the LG LB5800

The LG 32LN530B has poor blacks and some motion blur. On the plus side, it has a good average viewing angle and low input lag. Its 720p resolution shouldn't bother you unless you sit very close to it.

Test Results
Picture Quality 6.3
Motion 6.0
Inputs 8.4
  • Wide viewing angle. There is no discoloration no matter where you sit.
  • Its resolution is only 720p. That won't be an issue if you sit at a normal distance.
  • Low contrast ratio. This could be an issue if you have a dimmed or dark room.

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LG LN530B Borders

0.79" (2 cm)

LG LN530B Thickness

3.07" (7.8 cm)


Picture Quality

4k : No
6.1 Dark scene
LG LN530B Dark scene
Black : 0.133 cd/m2
White : 101.2 cd/m2
Contrast : 761 : 1

When watching a dark scene, the 32LN530B's blacks appear gray.

6.0 Uniformity
LG LN530B Uniformity

It has average backlight uniformity.

8.3 Dark scene in a bright room
LG LN530B Dark scene in a bright room
Reflection : 3.3 %

While the screen's reflections will cause trouble in a room full of windows, they are manageable under controlled lightning.

6.4 Bright scene in a bright room
LG LN530B Bright scene in a bright room
Max white : 181.1 cd/m2

The screen's reflections are less of a bother when watching brighter videos.

7.2 Viewing angle
Viewing angle : 31 °

The 32LN530B has a good viewing angle. There is no discoloration when looking at it from the sides, but some contrast loss (50% contrast @ 31°).



Score components:
6.0 Motion blur

With fast-moving objects, there is a slightly visible blur (a little bit more than the average LED). Fortunately, it does support 24p playback for movies.



Score components:
8.4 Input lag
LG LN530B Input lag
Input lag : 37.5 ms

The input lag of the 32LN530B is very low. It is a good gaming TV.

Side inputs
LG LN530B Side inputs

1 USB (only for pictures and music)

Rear inputs
LG LN530B Rear inputs

1 RF In
1 Component In
1 Composite In
1 Digital Audio Out (Optical)

Smart Features



6.4Mixed Usage
Score components:
  • 70% Picture Quality
  • 20% Motion
  • 10% Inputs
Like most LG TVs, this LG 32LN530B has grayish blacks if you have the lights off. In a bright room, though, this TV is good, especially considering the price. Do not worry about its lower 720p resolution if you are sitting at a normal viewing distance.



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