Reviewed Aug 20, 2013 at 12:00 am

Samsung F6300 TV REVIEW

Usage Ratings - Version 0.8
Mixed Usage
Value for price beaten by
: Not at the latest test bench
This TV was replaced by the Samsung H6350

If you do not want 3D, the Samsung F6300 LED TV is a great choice. Besides its narrow viewing angle, it is a well-rounded LED TV. If you do not need the Smart TV interface though, you should opt for the FH6030 instead.

Test Results
Picture Quality 6.9
Motion 7.5
Inputs 6.4
  • Very good motion handling for an LED TV. You will see little amount of blur in video games.
  • Good contrast. The blacks are deep even in a dimmed room.
  • Limited amount of reflections. It can also get very bright, so it will work great in a living room during the day.
  • Average input lag, but it won't be noticeable for the majority of gamers.
  • Very narrow viewing angle. It is fine if you sit directly in axis. If you have some viewers on the side though, they will see a slight discoloration and lower contrast.

Check Price



0.95" (2.4 cm)


1.38" (3.5 cm)


Picture Quality

4k : No
7.8 Dark scene
Black : 0.040 cd/m2
White : 98.27 cd/m2
Contrast : 2456 : 1

As with most Samsung TVs, the F6300 has great blacks. It is a good choice for watching TV at night or in a dark room.

6.5 Uniformity

It has slightly better uniformity than the average LED TV.

9.2 Dark scene in a bright room
Reflection : 2.6 %

Its semi-matte display is great for daytime watching in rooms with windows.

7.9 Bright scene in a bright room
Max white : 278.7 cd/m2

It performs really well in brightly lit areas.

5.9 Viewing angle
Viewing angle : 20 °

Unfortunately, watching the F6300 from even a slight angle will cause it to lose a lot of its color uniformity. If you have viewers all around the TV, go for an LG TV instead, like the LA6200.



7.5 Motion blur

There is very little blur on the F6300. It is also equipped with motion interpolation and 24p playback, which is useful for movies.



6.4 Input lag
Input lag : 62.5 ms

The F6300 has average input lag.

Side inputs

1 RF In

Rear inputs

1 Ethernet
1 Component In
1 Composite In
1 Digital Audio Out (Optical)
1 Headphone Out

Smart Features

7.0 Mixed Usage

The picture quality of the Samsung F6300 LED TV is very good, no matter the amount of light in your room. It also has a lot of extra features, including a smart TV interface and motion interpolation. If you do not need those, you can save a bit of money by going for a lower-end model like the F5500 or the FH6030. This TV's only negative is its narrow viewing angle.



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