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Test bench 1.1

See previous 1.0 changelog.


Picture Quality

  • Added new test for 'Automatic Brightness Limiter' (ABL)
  • Changed peak brightness scoring curve to expand range to 4000 nit TVs
  • Changed color volume to use ICtCp color space
  • Changed black uniformity scoring curve to reduce scores
  • Changed local dimming scoring curve to penalize poor local dimming
  • Added contrast ratio with local dimming in contrast ratio score
  • Added black uniformity with local dimming in black uniformity score
  • Changed color accuracy scoring curve
  • Changed HDR peak brightness to score 0 for SDR TVs
  • Changed gradient scoring


  • Changed the way Response Time is calculated to better align with perception
  • Changed image flicker scoring, to penalize TVs when the flicker frequency isn't a multiple of the content frequency
  • Added a test for backlight level at which PWM dimming appears
  • Changed weighting of motion interpolation box (70% 30 fps interpolation, 30% 60 fps interpolation)


  • Changed target frequency response from 'flat in-room' to Harman Reference Listening Room's response
  • Added test for Dynamic Range Compression
  • Renamed 'Low-end Cutoff' to 'Low-Frequency Extension'
  • Added test for Intermodulation Distortion
  • Renamed 'Total Harmonic Distortion' box to 'Distortion' (due to the addition of Intermodulation Distortion)
  • Renamed 'Distortion @' to 'Weighted THD @'
  • Changed Weighted THD's weighting filter
  • Increased the weight of Frequency Response box from 67% to 75% of 'Sound'
  • Reduced the weight of Distortion box from 33% to 25% of 'Sound'
  • Added dynamic graphs

Smart Features

  • Added 'Remote App' box with common capabilities as text fields
  • Added 'Interface' box with fields such as ease of use and smoothness
  • Added fields to other smart features boxes, containing things that were previously often mentioned in the box text
  • Added subjective scores to five smart features boxes
  • Changed the smart features score from subjective to calculated from its new sub-scores

Usage ratings

  • Reduced significance of low quality sources (480p and 720p)
  • Added 'curved' as a bonus to PC monitor score
  • Added 'Color Volume' to HDR scores
  • Changed other usage weightings to better align with experience and feedback

Notable changes

  • PC Monitor score of OLED TVs (LG C7, Sony A1E) reduced due to image retention
  • HDR Movies score of IPS TVs (such as UJ7700 and Sony X800E) reduced significantly due to poor native contrast
  • TV Shows rating of Samsung high-end TVs (MU9000, Q7F, Q9F) increased due to excellent reflection handling
  • Movies and HDR movies scores of some TVs (LG SJ8500, Samsung Q7F) reduced due to poor local dimming



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