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What it is: The sensor is one of the components that translate the mouse movement into a cursor movement.

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What it is: How long it takes for the mouse's input to be registered by the computer once the mouse click switch is pressed down.
When it matters: When gaming, every delay in your input could impact the outcome of an event in games. A low input latency is an important aspect of competitive gaming.
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What it is: The overall specification of the mouse, showing its performance and limitation.
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What it is: This includes every extra button and their special function.
When it matters: When you want vast customization options on your mouse.
Score components:
  • 30% Total Number Of Buttons
  • 25% Number Of Side Buttons
  • 35% Number Of Programmable Inputs
  • 5% Profile Switching Button
  • 5% CPI (DPI) Switching Button
Score distribution

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Mouse Wheel

What it is: Wheels that usually allow you to scroll through files or web pages.
When it matters: When scrolling through documents and web pages or playing games.

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