Reviewed on Jul 12, 2018

Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset HEADPHONES REVIEW

Usage Ratings - Version 1.3
Mixed Usage
Neutral Listening
Wireless Gaming
Wired Gaming
Phone Call
Type : Over-ear
Enclosure : Closed-Back
Wireless : Yes
Noise-Cancelling : No
Mic : Yes
Transducer : Dynamic

The Logitech G933 deliver on all the essentials that make a great gaming headphone. They have very low latency, a great mic, decent sound quality, and lots of customization and connection options. They're comfortable, decently sturdy and come with a regular and an RCA cable, so they will work with your phone, console controllers, and home theater setup. Unfortunately, they won't be the most versatile headphones to use outdoors unlike some other gaming headsets.

Test Results
Design 6.8
Isolation 4.9
Microphone 7.8
Active Features 8.2
Connectivity 5.5
  • Good microphone quality.
  • Great customization options.
  • Low latency wireless and wired connection.
  • Bulky design.
  • Poor isolation.
  • Bass delivery varies significantly across users. Sensitive to glasses.
  1. Update 11/6/2019: Converted to Test Bench 1.3.
  2. Update 1/23/2019: We've updated the wired connectivity section of the review.

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The Logitech G933 look premium and well-made but have a slightly plasticky build quality. They look like a hybrid of the G930 and G533, which results in large square-ish ear cups that seal the ear fairly well and should be comfortable enough for most listeners. They're not too tight on the head and they're decently lightweight for their size although they are a bulky headset that won't be as practical to use outdoors. Their mic is not detachable and they won't be stable enough to use during more strenuous physical activity but overall they have a good design with neat little features like the USB dongle and battery compartments hidden behind removable backplates.


The Logitech G933 Artemis look somewhat like a cross between the G930 and the G533. Like the rest of the Logitech lineup and most gaming headphones, they're a little bulky and have large and slightly square-ish ear cups with a wide headband and a cool two-tone color scheme that looks great. However, they're not the most outdoor friendly headphones, since like most gaming focused headsets they have a bulky design and a retractable mic instead of a detachable one. So while they're one of the better-looking gaming headsets we've tested, they will not be the ideal option to use outside even if they do come with a standard audio cable that will work with your phone.

7.5 Comfort
Weight : 0.8 lbs
Clamping Force
1.1 lbs

The G933, like the G930, the G533 and the HyperX Cloud Flight, are decently comfortable headphones that come with removable and breathable pads. They have large and spacious ear cups and a relatively loose fit that doesn't clamp your head as much as some of the other gaming headphones we've tested. They're comfortable enough to wear for long gaming sessions. However, the padding on the ear cups is a bit stiff and doesn't feel as nice on the skin as the microfiber or pleather coating of some of the other gaming over-ears.

7.9 Controls
OS Compatibility
Ease of use : Decent
Feedback : Great
Call/Music Control : Yes
Volume Control : Yes
Microphone Control : Yes
Channel Mixing
Noise Canceling Control : N/A
Additional Buttons : Multi function

The Logitech G933 have great but slightly confusing controls. They provide two control schemes; one when wireless with the default button layout on the right ear cup, and another when wired with the 1/8" TRRS audio cable that has an in-line remote. The in-line remote has a typical button layout, with a play, pause and call management button, a small volume dial and a microphone mute switch. The wireless layout, however, provides a bit more control over the headphones functionalities. Here you have a volume dial with better feedback, a mute mic button, and the power switch. You also get 3 programmable buttons that you can set to different settings and functions via the Logitech gaming software. The default setup will cycle through different EQ modes, enable surround sound and switch between different light patterns for the LEDs. All the buttons feel well made and a bit reminiscent of console controller d-pads with excellent feedback. Unfortunately, since there are so many options on one ear cup, it can be a bit confusing at first, especially during a heated multiplayer game. You do get used to it eventually thanks to the slightly raised notches on the buttons, but it does take a bit of time.

6.6 Breathability
Avg.Temp.Difference : 5.2 C

These headphones have an average over-ear design with decently breathable ear cup pads. They create a fairly good seal around your ears so they will obstruct a good amount of airflow. But on the upside, the slightly breathable pads make them a bit cooler than typical over-ear headsets. They won't be the best headphones to use in hot and humid conditions and they will make your ears a bit warm after a couple hours of listening but on the upside, they should be fine for gaming and about average for other use cases.

5.8 Portability
L : 8 "
W : 8 "
H : 4 "
Volume : 257 Cu. Inches
Transmitter required : No

The Logitech G933, like most gaming headsets, are not very portable headphones you can carry around on your person. They're bulky, cumbersome, and do not fold into a more compact format. They're also limited by the range of the USB transmitter, if you want to use them wirelessly, but since they come with a good mobile-friendly audio cable, you do not have to. Unfortunately, they do not provide a case and a pouch in the box which is slightly disappointing even if you're not going to be carrying them around very often.

0 Case
Type : No case
L : N/A
W : N/A
H : N/A
Volume : N/A

These headphones do not come with a case or pouch.

7.5 Build Quality

The Logitech G933 feel more premium than the G930. They have a fairly similar mostly-plastic build quality but the subtle design tweaks of the G933 makes for a better built and more premium looking headset overall. They have a decently flexible headband that is reinforced with a metal frame. The ear cups feel dense and decently durable with removable backplates that cleverly hide the USB dongle and battery in each ear cup. The mic design is a relatively short plastic hinge with a retractable and flexible boom mic. It is sturdy and looks decent but won't be as durable as the mic designs of other gaming headphones we've tested. On the upside, the ear cup pads, the cables, and the battery are replaceable which makes them bit more durable than most headsets in the long run.

6.5 Stability

These headphones are not stable enough for running and doing physical activity but should be okay for more casual uses. They won't move much if you're just sitting on the couch gaming, or walking around your home listening to music. Unfortunately, they're not at all designed for exercising or working out. They have slightly larger and heavier ear cups than the G930 so they will easily fall off your head under strenuous physical conditions. They're not a suitable option for sports.

Headshots 1
Headshots 2


They have a well-extended and powerful bass, an even and flat mid-range and a well-balanced treble. However, their bass suffers from inconsistent delivery across multiple subjects and could sound a bit overpowering for some and too weak for others. Their mid-range is a little underemphasized, which weakens the vocals and instruments. They also lack a bit of detail in their treble range. Overall, these headphones are versatile and suitable for a variety of genres. However, the user could experience a drop in bass if the seal between the headphones and the ears are broken, by wearing glasses for example.

Sound Profile
7.4 Peaks/Dips
1.68 db
1.25 db
5.5 Frequency Response Consistency
Avg. Std. Deviation
1.23 dB

The frequency response consistency of the Logitech G933 is sub-par. These headphones are a bit inconsistent in their delivery across multiple subjects, especially in the lower frequencies. In the bass range, they show more than 6dB of variance below 100Hz across our five human subjects, especially on the subject who wears glasses. In the treble range they perform better since the inconsistencies occur in narrower bands.

7.5 Imaging
Weighted Group Delay
Weighted Amplitude Mismatch
Weighted Frequency Mismatch
Weighted Phase Mismatch

The imaging performance is about average. Weighted group delay is at 0.4, which is good, but the GD graph shows that the response crosses the audibility threshold around 60Hz. This could result in a bass that is a tad slow, but it's subtle enough that most people won't notice it. Additionally, the L/R drivers of our test unit were very well-matched in amplitude, frequency, and phase response. This is important for the accurate localization and placement of objects (like voice, instruments, and video game effects) in the stereo field.

6.4 Soundstage
PRTF Accuracy (Std. Dev.)
3.99 dB
PRTF Size (Avg.)
4.26 dB
PRTF Distance
12.34 dB
Acoustic Space Excitation

The soundstage is mediocre. The PRTF graph shows a decent amount of pinna interaction and activation, which is good, but it has low accuracy. There is not a notch present around the 10KHz region either. Therefore, their soundstage may be perceived as relatively large, but unnatural and located inside the head.

8.1 Weighted Harmonic Distortion
WHD @ 90
WHD @ 100


The Logitech G933 do not block a lot of noise so they won't be the ideal option if you game in a particularly loud environment. The slightly porous pads help with breathability but also let noise seep into your audio which may be bothersome if you're at a competitive event and need to focus on the multiplayer voice chat or in-game audio. Unfortunately, they're also a bit leaky at higher volumes, so they may be distracting to anyone next to you in quieter conditions. They won't be the ideal headphones to game at night without distracting your friend, roommate or partner. 

4.5 Noise Isolation
Isolation Audio
Overall Attenuation
-11.07 dB
0.26 dB
-7.21 dB
-26.81 dB

The isolation performance is sub-par. In the bass range, occupied by the rumble of airplane and bus engines, they achieve no isolation. In the mid-range, important for blocking out speech, they achieve about 7dB of isolation, which is about average. In the treble range, where sharp sounds like S and Ts sit, they isolate by 20dB, which is decent.

5.9 Leakage
Leakage Audio
Overall Leakage @ 1ft
45.61 dB

The Logitech G 933 have a sub-par leakage performance. The significant portion of their leakage sits between 300Hz and 4KHz, which is a broad range. The overall level of the leakage is a bit loud too. With the music at 100dB SPL, the leakage at 1 foot away averages at 46dB and peaks at around 58dB. This is a little above the noise floor of most offices.



Detachable Boom

The Logitech G933 gaming headset has a good boom mic. In quiet environments, speech recorded or transmitted with this microphone sounds natural and detailed, but it may be a bit thin and airless. In noisy situations, it is able to separate speech from background noise to a good degree even in loud environments, like a subway station or a game competition.

8.0 Recording Quality
Recorded Speech
281.0 Hz
FR Std. Dev.
1.28 dB
6267.15 Hz
Weighted THD
29.79 dB

The Logitech G933 has a very good microphone. The LFE (low-frequency extension) of 281Hz indicates a recorded/transmitted speech that sounds a little thin. The HFE (high-frequency extension) is at 6.3KHz, which results in a clear and detailed speech, but it may lack a bit of airiness. The response between the LFE and HFE points is quite flat, resulting in a natural voice capture.

7.6 Noise Handling
Speech + Pink Noise :
Speech + Subway Noise :
25.02 dB

The boom microphone of the Logitech G933 is excellent at noise handling. It achieved a speech-to-noise ratio of 25dB in our SpNR test. This indicates that they can separate speech from ambient noise to a good degree in most situations.


Active Features

The Logitech G933 have a decently long battery life and a great app that offers a lot of customization options and mappable settings. They will last up to 12.5 hours when the RGB lights are off and take roughly 3.8 hours to charge. It's quite long but about average for most gaming headsets. On the upside, they support the Logitech gaming software which gives them a wealth of customization options and settings that you can map to the programmable buttons on the ear cups. They provide an excellent parametric equalizer, mic and surround sounds settings as well as different profiles that you can quickly switch depending on the game.

8.1 Battery
Battery Type
Continuous Battery Life
12.5 hrs
Additional Charges
Total Battery Life
12.5 hrs
Charge Time
3.8 hrs
Power Saving Feature
Audio while charging
Passive Playback
Charging Port : micro-USB

The Logitech G933 headphones have a decent battery life that delivers up to 12 hours of continuous playtime. They take quite a bit of time to charge when compared to more recent Bluetooth headphones but compared to some gaming headsets, they are about average at 3.8hrs. They also automatically turn off if there's no audio playing after 5 minutes which saves a lot of power. Also, they can be used while charging which is great for gaming marathons if you're close to a power source, like when gaming on PC. If you want better battery life, take a look at the SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition with their 25 hours, or the dual battery system of the Arctis Pro Wireless.

9.0 App Support
App Name : Logitech G Hub
iOS : N/A
Android : N/A
Mac OS : Yes
Windows : Yes
Graphic + Presets
ANC control
Mic Control : Yes
Room effects
Playback control
Button Mapping : Yes
Surround Sound : DTS 7.1

Update 05/17/2019: The Logitech Gaming Software has been updated to G Hub. We've adjusted the scores and text accordingly.

The Logitech G Hub is highly customizable when paired with the G933 headset. You get access to a great equalizer and surround sound effects you can personalize, microphone and volume levels, as well as swappable profiles with saved personal settings and and an adjustable audio off timer you can set directly in the app. Also, the G933 like the G930, has 3 programmable buttons that you can map to trigger specific commands, which is great and sets them apart from most for most gaming headsets.



The Logitech G933 have a lot of connection options which set them apart from most gaming headphones. Their USB dongle also acts as an audio mixer and has a line input that will mix the in-game audio with an auxiliary source like your phone, console or TV, thanks to the regular 1/8" TRRS or RCA audio cable provided in the box. They also have a fairly good range so you will be able to comfortably game from your couch no matter your game/home-theater set up and they have low latency when used wired or wirelessly which makes them a suitable option for gaming and watching movies.

0 Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version
Multi-Device Pairing
NFC Pairing
Line of Sight Range
Default Latency
aptX Latency
aptX(LL) Latency

These headphones do not have Bluetooth connectivity. If you want a gaming headset that also supports Bluetooth, check out the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 or the Elite 800.

They have only about 22ms of latency which is great for gaming and watching movies.

8.8 Non-Bluetooth Wireless
Non-BT Line of Sight Range
125 ft
Non-BT Latency
22 ms
9.5 Wired
Analog Audio
USB Audio
Detachable : Yes
Length : 4.5 ft
Connection : 1/8" TRRS
Wired Latency
0 ms

Update: 23/01/2019: The Logitech G933 do not have audio over USB on PC or on consoles. The review has been updated to reflect this.

The Logitech G933 come with a 1/8" TRRS audio cable with an in-line remote and mic that will work with your phone, consoles and PC, although you're more than likely going to use their USB cable on PC to have access to their app. However, the 1/8" TTRS cable works best with iOS devices and only has partial support on older android

PC / PS4 Compatibility
PC / PS4 Analog
Audio + Microphone
PC / PS4 Wired USB
PC / PS4 Non-BT Wireless
Audio + Microphone
Xbox One Compatibility
Xbox Analog
Audio + Microphone
Xbox Wired USB
Xbox Wireless
Audio Only
6.8 Base/Dock
Wireless USB Dongle
USB Input
Line In
Line Out
Optical Input
RCA Input
Dock Charging
Power Supply

The base/dock is a small USB dongle transmitter with a line-in. It also act as an audio mixer that has a line input that will mix the in-game audio with an auxiliary source, like your phone, console or TV. It's compatible with the PS4 and PC but only provides audio for Xbox One. However, since it's just a simple USB stick, it will not provide dock charging which isn't as convenient as some of the other wireless headsets we've tested.

In the box

  • Logitech G933 Headphones
  • USB transmitter
  • 1/8 to 1/16 TRS adapter
  • Audio cable
  • USB Charging cable
  • RCA cable
  • Manual

Compared to other Headphones

The Logitech G933 are great gaming headsets with lots of customization options. They have an excellent mic, low latency and a well-balanced sound that you can EQ via the Logitech gaming software. They have a couple of connection options that make them a suitable choice for watching movies. They're also comfortable and sturdy enough to last you a while although their mostly plastic design isn't as durable as some of the gaming headsets. On the upside, they have programmable buttons that let you quickly switch between settings and modes which sets them apart from most of the other gaming headphones compared below. See our recommendations for the best gaming headsets for PC and the best PS4 headsets.

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

Both Logitech wireless models are great for gaming, but the Logitech G933 is slightly more customizable, has programmable buttons, and has a better microphone performance, which can be useful if you often play online or with friends. Also, you’ll be able to use it wired on consoles even if the battery is dead, which can’t be done with the Logitech G533. On the other hand, the G533 has a more low-profile look, and its sound quality is more accurate. You’ll also get a slightly longer battery life with the G533. It also offers channel mixing, which the G933 doesn’t.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless 2017

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 are better wireless headphones than the Logitech G933. Their build quality is better, they leak less sound, and their battery is much better. The Arctis 7 also sound much better than the G933 and have a superior microphone. That said, the Logitech G933 have three mappable buttons on the cups that can be programmed in the Logitech Gaming Software to trigger specific commands, which is a great feature. If you prefer gaming headphones that have better performance out-of-the-box, get the SteelSeries Arctis 7, but if you prefer to spend time deeply customizing your headset to perfection, consider the Logitech G933.

HyperX Cloud Flight

Both headsets are great for gaming, but the Logitech G933 offer a bit more customization and have a great companion software, while the HyperX Cloud Flight are a simple wireless headset without any app. The G933 also feel slightly better-built and more durable than the Cloud Flight. However, the HyperX have twice the battery life of the Logitech headset, and have a more accurate audio reproduction. It also have a great microphone that outperforms the G933. If you prefer great performance right out-of-the-box, get the Cloud Flight. If you like having gaming software to customize your sound, lighting, and programmable buttons, get the G933.

Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless 2017

The Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless 2017 are slightly better gaming headphones than the Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset, but they do have a few flaws. The Astro have a more neutral sound quality, are very well-built, and are comfortable. Unfortunately, they can’t be used wired like the G933 and their base is needed for the headset to work. The Logitech G933 have a better microphone recording quality but don’t have a channel mixing feature like the Astro. The Logitech G Hub also offers more features and customization options than the Astro Command Center software. Overall, the Logitech G933 might offer better value for most, but if you choose the Astro, remember to order the appropriate console variant for your needs.

Corsair HS70 Wireless

The Logitech G933 is a better gaming headset than the Corsair HS70 Wireless. It has programmable buttons, and the Logitech Gaming Software offers more options than Corsair iCUE. Also, the G933 microphone performs better and transmits a more accurate and full-bodied speech. You can also use the Logitech with a wired connection, even if the battery is dead, which you can’t do on the Corsair HS70. On the other hand, the Corsair has better sound quality and a slightly better battery life as well. Some may also find the Corsair to be better-built thanks to the metal grills and hinges and dense cups.

Logitech G635 Gaming Headset

The Logitech G933 and Logitech G635 are practically identical in design, other than the fact the G933 is wireless and the G635 is wired. Overall, the microphone of the G933 has a better recording quality. The G635 also have better sound quality, but won’t offer the freedom of the G933’s wireless design, although you won’t have to worry about a battery life with the G635.

Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Logitech G933 are a better gaming headset than the Logitech G930. The G933 have a better-balanced default sound, more customization options, and a longer battery life than the G930. The G933 also have a better, more stylish-looking build quality with better, more responsive controls. The 933 also have more connection options, which makes them a bit more versatile for watching movies or using them outdoors. On the other hand, the G930 have a slightly more understated design that some may prefer over the G933. They also come with a USB extension cord which may be a bit more practical for some users on PC.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless are much better gaming headphones than the Logitech G933. They sound better, have a better control scheme, a more stable fit, a better microphone, and a quicker charging battery. That said, the Logitech G933 are more breathable and are also compatible with the Logitech Gaming Software, which has more customization features than the SteelSeries Engine. Though the Pro Wireless are better headphones in general, fans of the Logitech Gaming Software should consider the G933 since it’s still a very good gaming headset at a fraction of the price of the Arctis Pro Wireless.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset

The Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Headset are better gaming headphones than the Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset. Their wireless design with minimal latency is great and their overall performance is slightly better when it comes to sound. They also have a great control scheme with mappable buttons, and they feel a bit better-built. The G933 are also compatible with the G Hub software, which allows tons of customization options, while the Pro doesn’t have any. On the other hand, the Pro have a much clearer and better performing microphone. Their wired connection also means no latency at all, and you won’t have to manage a battery life. However, you can also use the G933 wired.

Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset

The Logitech G935 and Logitech G933 are very similar in design, but the G935 is not necessarily an upgrade over the G933, especially if you already have the first model. Some features like the in-line remote controls or the inputs on the dongle are now gone on the newer model. On the other hand, the G935 have better sound quality, but you can EQ both headsets inside the G Hub app. The G935 have better wireless range and very minimal latency. The G933 also has a slightly better sounding microphone, which is better for online games.

Razer Nari Ultimate Wireless

The Logitech G933 is a slightly better gaming headset than the Razer Nari Ultimate. The G933’s control scheme provides much better feedback, is easier to use, and features 3 mappable buttons for great customizability. They have a better microphone, a longer-lasting battery, and less wireless latency. On the other hand, the Razer Nari have better isolation performance and greater wireless range.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition Wireless

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 2019 Edition are better gaming headphones than the Logitech G933. They have channel mixing, which can be useful when you need to mute game or chat audio. They also feel better-built and their microphone offers better recording quality. They also offer about twice the battery life of the Logitech. On the other hand, the G933 have more customization options in their app and also offer RGB lighting, which some may like. You also have more controls on the headset and have access to mappable buttons.

Audeze Mobius

The Audeze Mobius are a slightly better gaming headset than the Logitech G933. The Logitech have great connection options, a low latency wireless connection for PS4 and PC, and an excellent app that offers a lot of customizable settings. They also have programmable buttons, which comes in handy if you like to play a lot of different games since you can easily switch profiles to better fit what you are playing. The Audeze, on the other hand, offers a unique experience thanks to their 3D feature. They're also Bluetooth headphones with a more casual design that you can use outdoors with your phone. They have a better-balanced default sound but do not come with a proper EQ like the G933, which may be addressed in a future update.

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6.6 Mixed Usage

The Logitech G933 are a good gaming headset that's also suitable for home theater. They have a good sound, low latency, a great mic, and lots of connection options. They also have a few features and accessories that set them an apart from the competition, like programmable buttons and an RCA cable that makes them a bit more suitable for watching movies than other gaming headsets. Unfortunately, they are not the most practical to use outdoors, despite being packaged with a regular audio cable that will work with your phone. They do not block noise well they leak quite a bit, and they're bulky and cumbersome with a non-detachable mic.

7.2 Neutral Listening

Good for neutral listening. The Logitech G933 have a decently well-balanced sound with a good amount of bass. Their mid-range is a little recessed which may make some instruments and vocals sound a bit distant. But overall their audio reproduction will sound good to most. Unfortunately, they do not have the most spacious soundstage, and their bass range is quite inconsistent. So if you wear glasses, you may get a lot less bass than other listeners. On the upside, you can EQ their sound via the Logitech software and save the EQ to one of the programmable buttons.

6.1 Commute/Travel

Mediocre-at-best for commuting. They have to be within the range of the USB transmitter if you want to use them wirelessly. They also do not block much noise and they're bulky and cumbersome to carry around. Their mic is also not detachable, but on the upside, they have a cable that will work with your phone and has a good in-line remote.

6.2 Sports/Fitness

Not made for sports. The G933 are bulky, and not breathable or stable enough for sports. They also have to be in the range of their USB transmitter if you want to use them wirelessly but on the upside, they do come with a cable that will work with your phone.

6.4 Office

Decent for office use. The G933 do not isolate well in loud environments, and they're quite leaky at high volumes. On the upside they're comfortable to wear for hours, they have a long battery life, and a lot of connection options. They also have a well-balanced sound that you can EQ to your liking with the Logitech gaming software.

7.7 Wireless Gaming

Good for gaming. The G933 have a low latency, a good mic and sound quality and great customization options. They will work with your PS4 and PC wirelessly and you can use their regular audio cable with your Xbox controller or phone. They have a good range, a long battery life, and decently comfortable design. They alo have programmable buttons and a great software support but they won't be the most versatile gaming headphones to use outdoors.

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