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Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless HEADPHONES REVIEW

Usage Ratings - Version 1.3.1
Mixed Usage
Neutral Sound
Wireless Gaming
Wired Gaming
Phone Call
Type : Over-ear
Enclosure : Closed-Back
Wireless : Yes
Noise Cancelling : Yes
Mic : Yes
Transducer : Dynamic

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 gaming headset are comfortable and have a lot of features. Unfortunately, they don't have a great sound quality and they don't block a lot of outside noise, even with its active noise cancellation feature. Note that we tested the PS4 variant of this headset, but we expect similar results for the Elite 800X Xbox One variant.

Test Results
Design 6.1
Isolation 6.6
Microphone 7.2
Active Features 6.6
Connectivity 8.9
  • Futuristic looking, sturdy design
  • Comfortable
  • Feature packed
  • Poor noise cancellation
  • Average sound quality
  • Overly sensitive controls
  1. Update 11/21/2019: Converted to Test Bench 1.3.1.
  2. Update 11/6/2019: Converted to Test Bench 1.3.
  3. Update 2/16/2018: Converted to Test Bench 1.2.
  4. Update 9/28/2017: The microphone has been tested with our new methodology, as explained here
  5. Update 8/10/2017: Converted to Test Bench 1.1. Learn more about our new versioned test bench system here.

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The design of the Turtle Beach Elite 800 is average overall. They are comfortable due to their thickly padded headband and ear cups, but they are heavy and they tend to fall off your head if you move too quickly. They also have a lot of buttons and controls, but they are too sensitive.


The Elite 800 look and feel futuristic. The matte, all-black finish is accentuated by blue highlights around the ear cups and headband. The glass-like finish on the ear cups cover the controls and add to the futuristic aesthetic. They look good for use as a gaming headset, but a little bulky for regular headphones.

7.0 Comfort
Weight : 0.82 lbs
Clamping Force
1.31 lbs

Despite being one of the heaviest headphones we have tested, they feel quite comfortable. The pads are a little bit stiff, but you'll probably get used to them after a short time.

7.4 Controls
OS Compatibility
Not OS specific
Ease Of Use : Poor
Feedback : Bad
Call/Music Control : Yes
Volume Control : Yes
Microphone Control : Yes
Channel Mixing
Noise Cancelling Control : Adjustable
Additional Buttons : No

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800 have a lot of controls, from call controls to noise cancelling. However, they are extremely sensitive to pressure, to the point that even placing them on the table (buttons facing down) could trigger them.

6.1 Breathability
Avg.Temp.Difference : 6.6 C

This Turtle Beach headset tends to run hot on your ears after using them for a long time since they are not breathable, which could be an issue on long gaming sessions on the Playstation 4.

5.5 Portability
L : 7.87 "
W : 7.09 "
H : 3.35 "
Volume : 186.78 Cu. Inches
Transmitter Required : N/A

The Elite 800 take up a lot of space and are not portable. They're bigger than your average over-ear headphone and don't fold flat or into a more compact format for easy transportation. This means you may need a relatively large bag to carry them around.

0 Case
Type : No case
L : N/A
W : N/A
H : N/A
Volume : N/A

They do not come with a case or a carrying pouch, but you can place them on the included base while charging.

6.5 Build Quality

The pads and the latex headband have a nice feel to them. The plastic parts are pretty good too, but seem a little cheaper. Although the headband makes a loud click while adjusting, the notches are too close to each other to be easily distinguishable. Also, the headband tends to shift pretty easily and is not always stable.

5.0 Stability

These headphones are not stable on the head. They are not designed for sports. They are bulky and heavy, and the large ear cups sway a lot when you move too quickly. They are somewhat stable during casual gaming sessions, as long as you have them on correctly. On the upside, they're wireless, so the cable won't pull on them.

Headshots 1
Headshots 2


The bass is great, but they lack mid and treble, which means they sound a bit too dark most of the time. The sound quality is fairly consistent no matter the shape of your head. They also distort the sound from time to time at high volume.

Sound Profile
Bass Amount
0.43 db
Treble Amount
-1.15 db
8.2 Frequency Response Consistency
Avg. Std. Deviation
0.35 dB

The frequency response of this gaming headset is consistent across our five measuring subjects. The sound quality is the same no matter your head shape or where you place them on your head.

8.8 Bass Accuracy
Std. Err.
1.74 dB
Low-Frequency Extension
10 Hz
1.17 dB
2.28 dB
1.96 dB

The bass is great and not overpowering. It extends quite low, so you will feel the rumbles in video games.

7.4 Mid Accuracy
Std. Err.
3.42 dB
-2.96 dB
-2.34 dB
2.39 dB

The mid frequencies are average. There is a dip at 400Hz - 500Hz which results in the loss of some content in the sound. This dip is fairly narrow, so it is not a deal breaker.

6.4 Treble Accuracy
Std. Err.
4.76 dB
3.06 dB
-0.99 dB
-6.38 dB

The treble is mediocre and muted. These headphones sound dark and are missing some details in the high frequencies.

6.4 Peaks/Dips
2.28 db
2.15 db
6.9 Imaging
Weighted Group Delay
Weighted Amplitude Mismatch
Weighted Frequency Mismatch
Weighted Phase Mismatch
5.9 Soundstage
PRTF Accuracy (Std. Dev.)
4.59 dB
PRTF Size (Avg.)
4.21 dB
PRTF Distance
13.98 dB
Acoustic Space Excitation
7.0 Weighted Harmonic Distortion
WHD @ 90
WHD @ 100


The Turtle Beach Elite 800 struggle at cancelling ambient noise effectively. The plush ear cups provide a good seal which helps with passive isolation and sound leakage, but the active noise cancellation is weak and cannot be recommended for use in noisy environments.

6.5 Noise Isolation
Isolation Audio
Overall Attenuation
-16.65 dB
-10.01 dB
-10.82 dB
-28.92 dB

The noise isolation is mediocre. The ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) seems to be generating artifacts at around 20Hz, which may be audible. Overall, it does block some noise and it will work at home, but it is not comparable to a real noise cancelling headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 35. There is also a noticeable and consistent white noise when you turn on the noise cancelling. It is possible to use the built-in microphone to open up the headphones to the surrounding sounds for having a conversation.

6.7 Leakage
Leakage Audio
Overall Leakage @ 1ft
41.04 dB

These headphones leak an average amount of sound. They start leaking at around 200Hz, but it doesn't become significant until 1.5KHz. From there and up to 5KHz (where sibilant sounds sit) the leakage increases noticeably. Someone sitting next to you will hear what you are listening at high volume.



Detachable Boom

The microphone quality is decent. The recording quality is below average due to the limited wireless bandwidth, but it does a great job at isolating the outside noise and picking up only your voice.

6.2 Recording Quality
Recorded Speech
269.09 Hz
FR Std. Dev.
4.11 dB
3368.2 Hz
Weighted THD
40.52 dB

The quality of the recording of the microphone of the Turtle Beach Elite 800 is below average. It doesn't have any bass or treble, which makes the voice sound thin.

8.2 Noise Handling
Speech + Pink Noise :
Speech + Subway Noise :
30.55 dB

The microphone does a great job at isolating the voice. It won't pick up too much the outside noise or your neighboring players. It is not as great like the headset with a boom microphone, but it is close.


Active Features

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 have a decent set of active features that deliver up to 10 hours of continuous playtime. They have both Bluetooth 4.0 and RF wireless connection and have an excellent wireless range even when the Bluetooth source was obstructed. Unfortunately, they have quite a lot of latency over bluetooth (but not with the base) and do not support aptX (LL) which is not great for gaming (see our recommendations for the best wireless gaming headsets).

6.5 Battery
Battery Type
Continuous Battery Life
10.8 hrs
Additional Charges
Total Battery Life
10.8 hrs
Charge Time
2.7 hrs
Power Saving Feature
Audio While Charging
Passive Playback
Charging Port : micro-USB

The Elite 800 have an average battery performance. They have a decent battery life for a gaming headset at 10.8 hours however they take quite a bit of time to charge and do not have an auto-off feature to save power. On the upside, they can stream audio while charging, so you can continuously game or play music if you have them plugged into a power outlet.

7.0 App Support
App Name : Turtle Beach Audio Hub
iOS : No
Android : Yes
macOS : Yes
Windows : Yes
ANC Control
Mic Control : Yes
Room effects
Playback Control
Button Mapping : No
Surround Sound : Yes

The Elite 800 supports the Turtle Beach audio Hub with even more features than the when paired with the Stealth 700 or Stealth 600. You have the option to choose between many different preloaded games and chat prests. You can also control the level of voice prompts and microphone monitoring options. It's a decent app with decent features, but it's not the most well-designed software. Also, updating the headset is a bit convoluted as you need to plug both the headset and the transmitter (in the program only port) to different USB slots on your PC.



8.9 Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version
Multi-Device Pairing
2 Devices
NFC Pairing
Line of Sight Range
133 ft
Default Latency
187 ms
aptX Latency
aptX(LL) Latency

Using the RF base, the latency is low, which is great for gaming when connected via the optical audio connection from either the PS4 or a PC. Using Bluetooth, the latency is quite high (187 ms) which will be noticeable to some gamers. Unfortunately, it doesn't support the lower latency aptX codec.

7.6 Non-Bluetooth Wireless
Non-BT Line of Sight Range
98 ft
Non-BT Latency
63 ms
9.5 Wired
Analog Audio
USB Audio
Detachable : Yes
Length : 4.08 ft
Connection : 1/8" TRRS
Wired Latency
0 ms
PC / PS4 Compatibility
PC / PS4 Analog
Audio Only
PC / PS4 Wired USB
PC / PS4 Non-BT Wireless
Audio + Microphone
Xbox One Compatibility
Xbox One Analog
Audio Only
Xbox One Wired USB
Xbox One Wireless
9.0 Base/Dock
Wireless Dock
USB Input
Line In
Line Out
Optical Input
RCA Input
Dock Charging
Power Supply

In the box

  • Turtle Beach Elite 800 Headset
  • Transmitter and charging stand
  • Audio cable
  • USB cable (x2)
  • Optical cable
  • Manual

Compared to other Headphones

See our recommendations for the best gaming headsets, the best PS4 headsets, and the best gaming headsets for PC.

Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless 2017

The Astro A50 Gen 3 Wireless 2017 are better gaming headphones than the Turtle Beach Elite 800. They have lower latency and their build quality is far superior. They feel sturdy and should feel way more comfortable for most people. Their sound quality is also better and more accurate. However, you can’t use them wired like the Elite 800, and you can’t stream music via Bluetooth while gaming. The Elite 800 are a more versatile headset due to this, and don’t have such a bulky and gaming-minded design; you could use these on the streets. They are also noise cancelling and block more ambient noise than the Astros. For gaming online with friends, the Astros have a better microphone.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 and Turtle Beach Elite 800 are very similar gaming headsets. Both have decent performance, but the recording quality of the Stealth 700’s mic is better but doesn’t handle noise as well as the Elite 800. Both control schemes offer plenty of options, but the Elite 800 are hard to use and the feedback is bad. Also, the Stealth 700 have very low latency with only 20ms, which is noticeably better than the 63ms of delay on the Elite 800. On the other hand, the Elite model has an ANC feature, but it doesn’t seem to perform that well. Overall, both headsets are fairly cheaply made and may not be worth the investment.

Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019

The Astro A50 Gen 4 Wireless 2019 are better gaming headphones than the Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless. The A50 have lower latency, which is great for wireless headphones, and they are noticeably more comfortable and better-built. Their audio quality is also quite better and the microphone is clearer. On the other hand, the Elite 800 are Bluetooth compatible and can also be used wired, so they are a bit more versatile than the A50 2019. They also have a noise cancelling feature, although mediocre, that isolates more against ambient noise than the fit of the A50.

6.9 Mixed Usage

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 headset are best used as gaming headphones although they do have enough features to be moderately versatile headphones. However, their size makes them a bit cumbersome and not suited for sports or physical activity.

7.3 Neutral Sound

Average for neutral listening. They're not designed to deliver the most balanced audio reproduction, and their poor soundstage won't be ideal for neutral listening. On the upside, they have multiple audio profiles and should sound sufficiently decent for most casual listeners.

6.8 Commute/Travel

Decent for commuting. They won't isolate well enough for the noise level of public transit. They're also a bit cumbersome to carry around.

6.3 Sports/Fitness

Not made for sports use. Although they have a good wireless range, they're too bulky cumbersome and unstable for sports. They will fall off your head if used while jogging or exercising and their control scheme is not very intuitive.

6.9 Office

Better-than-average for office use. They have a good wireless range so you won't be limited to your desk or office. However, they don't block noise well and will let the office chatter seep into your audio. They also leak at higher volumes.

7.3 Wireless Gaming

Average for playing video games. They are comfortable, but they have an average sound quality. The latency is low, but only when using the base, it is high via Bluetooth. Their poor imaging makes positioning sound harder in games.

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