Test bench 1.3.1

See previous 1.3 changelog

Thanks again everyone for your feedback in this thread! The original changes in 1.3 were made because we received complaints by people wanting a sound different than neutral, but we shouldn’t have done those changes at the expense of people that want an objective sound score based on research. Here are our changes that should bring the best of both systems:


  • Bring back ‘Bass’, ‘Mid’, ‘Treble’ boxes, but renamed to ‘Bass Accuracy’, ‘Mid Accuracy’, ‘Treble Accuracy’ (some people got confused in the past about the old names).  
  • Remove ‘Neutral’, ‘Bass Heavy’, ‘Warm’, ‘Bright’ sound profile scores that are confusing, and instead add ‘Bass Amount’ and ‘Treble Amount’. 
  • Replace the ‘Sound Profile’ graph by the old ‘Frequency Response’ graph.

Usage Ratings

  • Change all ratings usages to use (33% bass + 33% mid + 33% treble) instead of (50% Neutral + 50% Peaks/Dips)
  • Bring back the original ‘Sound’ score, via a rating usage named ‘Neutral Sound’, which replaces ‘Neutral Listening’. This new usage score has no component besides sound elements and uses the Bass, Mid and Treble boxes. Also, worth noting that you can customize it to your liking via this tool: https://www.rtings.com/user/ratings






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