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Test Bench 0.11


See previous 0.10 changelog.

See next 0.12 changelog.  


 Photo AF-C Tracking (New)

  • Added new continuous autofocus tracking scene test pictures
  • Added a perfect and usable focus hit rate evaluation

New Box: 


 Photo AF-C Center Point (New)


  • Added new continuous autofocus center point scene test pictures
  • Added a perfect and usable focus hit rate evaluation

New  Box:

Photo Autofocus (Removed)


  • Removed the photo autofocus tests and scores

Removed Box:

Built-In lEns (MODIFIED)

  • Renamed from Lens to Built-in Lens.
  • Removed information related to the lens we bought with the body in the case of an interchangeable lens.
  • Removed ''Lens Type'' and ''Tested Lens''.


Previous Box:

New Modified Box:

Portability (MODIFIED)

  • Removed the weight with lens test


Previous Box:

New Modified Box:


Usage Ratings

  • Updated Travel, Landscape, and Sport & Wildlife Photography usage scores with the new tests and changes.

48 Cameras Updated So Far

We are retesting popular models first. So far, the test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.

31 Cameras Planned To Be Updated

We are also planning to retest the following products over the course of the next few weeks: