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Test Bench 1.0


See previous 0.8.1 changelog.

See next 1.1 changelog.



  • Added dimension measurements of when the printer is in a ready-to-be-used state
  • Added picture showing when the printer is in a ready-to-be-used state

Expected Maintenance

  • Added an expected maintenance subjective evaluation of the printer
  • Added mentions of ink-related maintenance
  • Moved Drum Unit test to the Expected Maintenance box


  • Added Ink Type test

Scanner features

  • Added Flatbed Extendable Hinges test
  • Removed Scan Sheetfed test
  • Added ADF Capacity test
  • Added Scan Speed test
  • Added OCR details

Scanning Resolution And Color Depth 

  • Added a sample of a scanned color document

Printing Size

  • Added Photo (8'' x 10'') test
  • Added Maximum Paper Weight test


  • Added Advertised Battery Life
  • Added Recharge Time test

Printing Speed

  • Added a video demonstrating the printing speed

Document Sample

  • Added a sample of a printed color document
  • Added a sample of a printed B&W document
  • Added Color Ink Needed For Black & White test

Photo Printing Quality

  • The subjective evaluation score is now rounded to the nearest 0.5 step
  • Added a large (8.5" x 11") printed picture sample
  • Added a printed portrait sample

Color Accuracy

  • Modified the tested color
  • Tested colors are now printed on photo paper instead of regular, plain paper
  • Added a graph showing the dE of each tested color

Color Gamut

  • Added a Granger chart picture
  • Added a subjective evaluation of the color gamut

OS Compatibility

  • Added a Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS compatibility test

Usage Ratings

  • Renamed the casual photo usage to Photo
  • Adjusted the weights of all usages to include expected maintenance
  • Adjusted the weight of the photo usage to include Color Gamut and Photo (8'' x 10'')

51 Printers Updated

We have retested popular models. The test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.