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Test bench 1.2

See previous 1.1 changelog.


Picture Quality

  • Added objective tests for 'Specular Included' reflections and 'Specular Excluded' reflections in the 'Reflections' box.
  • Added new reflection photos with screen off, to allow easier comparison.
  • Added new objective gradient test.
  • Updated all color gamut measurements for all TVs, due to bug with gamut calculation software causing incorrect results.
  • Moved 3D support to the 'Input Specifications' box due to declining availability.
  • Changed scoring curve and weightings for 'Temporary Image Retention' test
  • Added new 'Risk of Permanent Burn-in' test to penalize TVs susceptible to burn-in with static content.
  • Added 'Color Temperature' to 'Pre Calibration' and 'Post Calibration' tests.


  • Added new stutter test, to grade TVs on how smoothly they can display low frame rate content.
  • Added new variable refresh rate test, to support FreeSync, G-Sync and HDMI Forum Variable Refresh Rate.
  • Added new flicker free test, for those who are sensitive to flicker or want the smoothest motion.
  • Added new Judder-Free 24p via Native Apps test


  • Removed some rarely-used input lag tests (1080p @ 60Hz outside game mode, 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 + 8 bit HDR).
  • Added new test for 4k @ 120Hz input lag and Variable Refresh Rate input lag.
  • Added new supported resolutions test for 1440p @ 60Hz and 4k @ 120Hz.
  • Added new test for Wi-Fi support, including frequency band (2.4GHz and/or 5GHz).
  • Added new test for Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) support.
  • Added new test for HDMI 2.1 full-bandwidth support.


  • Improved sorting and table display of fields with multiple units (Borders, Thickness, Temperature)
  • New format for settings page includes recommendations for different room brightness's, and HDR and SDR.

Usage ratings

  • Added strikethrough for HDR usage ratings on TVs which don't support HDR.
  • Added 'Stutter' test to 'Movies' rating
  • Added 'Permanent Burn-In Risk' to 'TV Shows', 'Sports', 'Video Games', 'HDR Video Games' and 'PC Monitor' rating
  • Reduced weight of 'Curved' in 'PC Monitor' rating

Notable changes

  • OLED TVs (LG B7, LG C7, LG E7, Sony A1E) reduced in 'Movies' and 'Video Games' ratings due to stutter with low frame rate content
  • OLED TVs reduced in 'TV Shows', 'Sports', 'Video Games', 'HDR Gaming' and 'PC Monitor' ratings due to risk of permanent image retention
  • Sony TVs (Z9D, X940E, X930E, X900E) increased in 'PC Monitor' ratings due to 1440p support
  • Some TVs (most notably the LG SJ9500) changed 'HDR Movies' and 'HDR Gaming' ratings due to fixed 'Color Gamut' calculation




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