Reviewed on Mar 30, 2015

Samsung JU7100 TV REVIEW

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This TV was replaced by the Samsung KU7000

Type : LED
Resolution : 4k
Refresh Rate : 120 Hz

The Samsung JU7100 is a great 4k LED TV. With the exception of the discoloration it gets when viewed at an angle, it has impressive picture quality. It is also a great gaming TV, with low input lag and minimal motion blur.

Test Results
Design 8.5
Picture Quality 7.6
Motion 8.2
Inputs 7.7
Sound Quality 6.6
Smart Features 8.5
  • Great gaming TV. Very low input lag and minimal motion blur.
  • Great picture quality in both dark and bright rooms.
  • Loss of color saturation at an angle.

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Curved : No

The bezel looks great on the Samsung JU7100, but the borders are slightly thicker than most 2014 models. They also slant towards the screen a little bit.

The stand is very stable, but it doesn't swivel.


Dimensions of 55" TV stand: 33.75" x 11".

Borders : 0.63" (1.6 cm)

Max Thickness : 1.9" (4.9 cm)


Picture Quality

This is a great TV for movies. The blacks are pretty deep, and the uniformity is good, too.

If you're only interested in watching TV and movies in a dark room, an even better choice is the Sony X850C.

8.0 Contrast
Native Contrast
3141 : 1

The contrast ratio is average. It's a little bit sub-par when compared to some other VA panels, but unless they are side to side, you won't really notice the difference between blacks of 0.032 cd/m2 and 0.020 cd/m2.

3.0 Local Dimming
Local Dimming

The local dimming feature is not effective. In this video, 'Smart LED' was set to high. You can see that the backlight adjusts for the moving dot, but it affects only about 50% of the screen at a time.

Additional Review Notes

6.2 SDR Peak Brightness
SDR Peak 2% Window
324 cd/m2
SDR Peak 50% Window
323 cd/m2

7.2 Gray Uniformity
50% Std. Dev.
2.934 %
50% DSE
0.195 %

The gray uniformity isn't great, but it's better than most of the TVs we have reviewed. The DSE is relatively minimal.

4.2 Viewing Angle
LCD Type
Color Shift
20 °
30 °
Black Level
19 °

All Samsung TVs lose color saturation when viewed at an angle. You can still see the picture, but it is nowhere near as good as when seen from directly in-axis.

Update 01/06/2017: We have changed the methodology of testing. Since this is an old TV which we don't have anymore, we extrapolated the results from 2016 TVs.

7.9 Black Uniformity
Native Std. Dev.
1.554 %

The uniformity of a black frame is sub-par on this TV. There is faint clouding on the left side that covers a large portion of the screen.

8.8 Pre Calibration
White Balance dE
Color dE

The colors pre calibration are quite good.

9.8 Post Calibration
White Balance dE
Color dE

We had no problem achieving an accurate calibration on this TV.

8.0 480p Input

For lower resolutions like DVDs, 'Digital Clean View' set to high does a great job of reducing compression artifacts and increasing the amount of detail, without softening the picture.

8.0 720p Input

Cable TV can also benefit from turning on 'Digital Clean View'.

9.0 1080p Input

Upscaled 1080p looks nearly as sharp as with native 1080p, which is great. In comparison, the Vizio P 2015 looks a lot softer/blurrier.

10 4k Input

4k content looks great.

7.1 Color Gamut
Wide Color Gamut
DCI P3 xy
81.91 %
DCI P3 uv
84.08 %
Rec 2020 xy
55.60 %
Rec 2020 uv
62.01 %

The colorspace set to 'Native' has a color gamut coverage of 55.5978%. The default 'Auto' has 55.4258%. If you want a wider color gamut, go for the pricier JS8500.

9.0 Reflections
0.7 %
Screen Finish

The Samsung JU7100 reflects very little ambient light due to its glossy screen, which is great for improving the perceived contrast ratio when a few lights are on. However, this type of finish has two downsides: direct light sources (like bulbs) get a rainbow around their reflection, and the eye tends to focus instead on reflected objects because they are well-defined. Therefore, this TV is ideal when you have the lights either overhead or behind the TV - not facing the TV.
It can get bright enough for a bright room. You're able to see the picture even through the reflection of the window we use for tests.

9.0 3D
3D Type

No noticeable crosstalk with 3D content. The JU7100 doesn't come with 3D glasses included.



This is quite a good TV for watching sports. It has little blur on fast movement, which is ideal for watching athletes taking off at full tilt across the screen.

It has a bit more of the smudginess on the screen than you get with higher-end TVs like the JS8500 and JS9000, but it's still better than most of the TVs we tested this year. You'll have no issues watching sports on this TV.

8.5 Motion Blur
Response Time
13.9 ms
0.7 ms

The amount of motion blur on this TV is pretty good.

4.8 Image Flicker
PWM Dimming Frequency
120 Hz
BFI Frequency
60 Hz
BFI In Game Mode

7.1 24p Playback
Judder-free 24p
Judder-free 24p via 60p
Judder-free 24p via 60i

Movies don't have any judder when you are watching via a Blu-ray player at 24p. Via 60p or 60i though (like when playing on a PC computer), it can't reliably do the reverse 3:2 pulldown. You can turn on 'Auto Motion Plus' to fix it, but at the cost of the soap opera effect.

10 Motion Interpolation
Motion Interpolation (30 fps)
Motion Interpolation (60 fps)



The minimal blur is also really important for gaming. Fast movement should look good and crisp on this TV, so you'll be all set to enjoy your favorite games.

There's a teensy bit more delay with this TV than you get with the JS9500 and JS9000, but not much. This is still one of the best TVs for people who play games requiring fast reflexes.

7.6 Input Lag
1080p @ 60Hz
26.1 ms
1080p With Interpolation
116.1 ms
1080p @ 60Hz Outside Game Mode
127.9 ms
1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4
44.3 ms

In game mode, this TV can achieve a low 26.1ms, which makes it a good gaming TV. In PC mode, the input lag is 44.3 ms.

8.0 Supported Resolutions
1080p @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4
1080p @ 120Hz
4k @ 30Hz @ 4:4:4
4k @ 60Hz
4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4

4k @ 60 fps worked at chroma 4:4:4. You need to turn on 'UHD Color' and also set the input to PC. If it doesn't work for you, try changing your cable. It didn't work with our Monoprice 18 Gbps 15ft Redmere cable, but it worked with a cheap 3 ft one.

Side Inputs
Rear Inputs

The TV comes with a One Connect Mini box. That's the only HDMI inputs it has, which means more clutter near your TV.

Total Inputs
HDMI : 4
USB : 3
Digital Optical Audio Out : 1
Analog Audio Out 3.5mm : 1
Analog Audio Out RCA : 0
Component In : 1
Composite In : 1
Tuner (Cable/Ant) : 1
Ethernet : 1
DisplayPort : 0
IR In : 0

Inputs Specifications
Dolby Vision
5.1 Passthrough ARC Dolby Digital
5.1 Passthrough ARC DTS
5.1 Passthrough Optical Dolby Digital
5.1 Passthrough Optical DTS
HDMI 2.0 Full Bandwidth : Yes
ARC : Yes (HDMI 4)
USB 3 : Yes (1)
HDCP 2.2 : Yes
CEC : Yes
MHL : Yes (HDMI 3)
Variable Analog Audio Out : No


Sound Quality

For a TV, the JU7100 has decent bass. It can also get pretty loud, though the louder the TV gets, the more distorted the sound.

The sound isn't all that accurate, so if you're looking for a good audio experience to go along with the really good picture quality you get with this TV, you should consider getting a separate speaker system.

Note: Sound Quality test for TVs reviewed before 2017 was performed at 75dB, 85dB, and Max SPL. Starting 2017, the target SPL levels have been changed to 70dB, 80dB, and Max dB SPL.

6.5 Frequency Response
Std. Dev. @ 70
5.55 dB SPL
Std. Dev. @ 80
5.70 dB SPL
Std. Dev. @ Max
6.86 dB SPL
91.5 dB SPL
Low-end Cutoff
95 Hz

Good low-end cut off and loudness. The frequency response however, is rather poor. There may be some pumping at higher volumes.

7.0 Total Harmonic Distortion
Distortion @ 70
Distortion @ 80
Distortion @ Max

Low distortion level at comfortable listening volumes with a slight increase as the volume increases.


Smart Features

Smart OS : Tizen

The included smart features work really well. The app selection is pretty good, and the remote has the handy motion and voice control features, so navigation and search are pretty smooth.

The HDMI inputs are all on the OneConnect Mini box, which may not be ideal for mounting purposes. The included cable that is used to connect the box to the TV is 7' long.

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Remote : Smart

Power Consumption : 85 W
Power Consumption (Max) : 188 W
Firmware : a0531000

Differences between Sizes and Variants

7.6 Mixed Usage

The Samsung JU7100 has great picture quality, assuming you don't sit at an angle. It is better than last year's Samsung 4k TVs for gaming, thanks to the lower input lag. Upscaling works better than the competition, so you don't need to worry about 1080p content looking soft on this TV.



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