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Test Bench 1.1


See the previous 1.0 changelog.

See next 1.2 changelog.

Test Changes

Picture Quality

  • Overhauled the Viewing Angle test to be in line with TV test bench 1.3.
    • Data is now converted to the CIE LCh (ab) color space, which is more perceptually accurate.
    • Divided color scoring into Color Washout (chroma loss) and Color Shift (hue shift).
    • Added a Gamma Shift test by measuring how gray shades shift with viewing angle.
  • Local Dimming video is now taken at 45 degrees, to better show its implementation.
  • Reflection tests now show the total, direct, and indirect reflection measurements.
  • Gamma settings for pre and post calibration are now shown.
  • Added text clarity box.


  • Response times are now measured at 60Hz as well as at the maximum supported refresh rate (including factory overclock).
  • Motion blur photo is also taken at 60Hz and the maximum supported refresh rate.
  • “Motion Blur” boxes have been renamed to “Response Time”.
  • Response time tables have been added, to more clearly present the measurements.
  • Response time charts have been changed to more clearly show transitions.
  • Increased the number of transitions measured, from 12 to 30.
  • 80% response time measurement has been replaced by Rise / Fall Time (10% - 90%).
  • 100% response time has been renamed to Total Response Time.
  • Overshoot % is now measured.
  • Now factor in dark color transitions to evaluate the dark level smearing performance.
  • Black Frame Insertion is now a separate box from Image Flicker.


  • Variable Refresh Rate @ 60Hz input lag is now measured.
  • Non-Native Res @ Native Refresh Rate has been removed.

Additional Features

  • Added RGB Illumination.

Score and Weight Changes

Usage Ratings

  • Made slight changes to the scoring components for Office, Gaming, Multimedia, Media Creation, and HDR Gaming.

Picture Quality

  • Scores and weights have been adjusted to account for Text Clarity.


  • Added "Yes, Both Ways" to the switch portrait / landscape scoring.

Black Uniformity

  • Native Std. Dev weight is now 85% of the score, changed from 75%.
  • Std. Dev. w/ L.D. weight is now 15% of the score, changed from 25%.

Viewing Angles

  • Scoring components have been changed to match that of TV test bench 1.3.

Image Retention

  • Scores and weights have been adjusted to match those of TV test bench 1.3.


  • Now scored objectively as follows:
    • 66% Direct Reflections
    • 33% Indirect Reflections
  • This scoring favors monitors with matte coatings over glossy coatings.


  • Scores and weights have been adjusted to account for the new Response Time @ 60Hz and Black Frame Insertion boxes.

Response Time

  • Scores and weights have been adjusted to account for Overshoot Error and dark level transitions.

Refresh Rates

  • Max Refresh Rate is replacing Native Refresh Rate for scoring.
  • Removed VRR Maximum w/ OC.
  • Weights have been changed to the following:
    • 67% Max Refresh Rate
    • 17% Variable Refresh Rate
    • 8% VRR Maximum
    • 8% VRR Minimum

Input Lag

  • Scores and weights have been adjusted to the following:
    • 54% Native Resolution
    • 6% Native Resolution @ 60Hz
    • 27% Variable Refresh Rate
    • 3% Variable Refresh Rate @ 60Hz
    • 5% 10 Bit HDR
    • 5% Black Frame Insertion (BFI)

Resolution and Size

  • Added pixel density as part of the scoring.
  • Adjusted Megapixels and Screen Area weights to account for pixel density.

54 Monitors Updated

We have retested popular models. The test results for the following models have been converted to the new testing methodology. However, the text might be inconsistent with the new results.